Saturday, December 31, 2011

Daughter of Waters sums up 2011...

I am at a sheer loss for words, but I am gonna muster up the courage to talk about what this year, 2011, has taught me.  In doing this it is my hope that we all can reflect on the last twelve months and see shared experiences, new outlooks, accept the gifts we were given and walk into this next calendar year, knowing we all are truly better for having lived this year.

The Top Things I Learned in 2011
  1. I learned to say thank you and be grateful especially when things were difficult
  2. Through the deaths of the young and old this year I gained a greater appreciation for my life and breath each day
  3. Sometimes silence is better than a rebuttal, it taught me so much more than talking ever did this year
  4. I must allow folks room for redemption because I never know who my next helper will be on this life path
  5. When things got hectic I laughed for the sake of laughter; Good Medicine
  6. Having intuition is not helpful if I don't put it to use
  7. Stepping into the sunlight (metaphorically speaking) will glean greater gifts for me
  8. My relationship with beauty evolved and was quite synergistic at times
  9. Many times I didn't have the answers and it was okay, sitting with things works as well
  10. Love was, is, and has to be at the center of everything I do, there is no other way for me to progress

Looking forward to more living, learning, loving, laughter, and liberation!!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Dance our beautiful dances

Yet another Lunar Cycle is here

Ahhhhh! Just when we possibly thought we could not take another moment of the last lunar cycle (that was in Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter), we get a reprieve, the next lunar cycle.  This cycle presses its energy out as the moon floats on into Capricorn, the sign that is ruled by Saturn.

Seeing ourselves through Saturn

The lessons from Saturn are often so important to us, but they are also some of the most difficult to process.  We can think of Saturn and the lessons it has for us as that high school teacher everyone dreaded having, but you knew you had to in order to graduate.  And true to form once you entered into the class and dropped your preconceived notions you realized the teacher was engaging, informative, and quite comical.

Ring in a dance of joy

So, now Saturn is here beckoning us to dance.  Dance our personal dances, dance our evolutionary dances, dance our beautiful dances.  Now this dance will not be the usual two-step or even a partner dance.  This dance is our personal dances, those movements, turns, dips, and swirls they are imperative if we are to learn those lessons we can be gifted with when Saturn takes center stage.

I shall dance regardless

My personal dance this lunar cycle is to seek and find the joy in all that I do.  Whether I am riding high on love and good feeling or seeping low in an obstacle or challenge, JOY is mine if I choose to seek it.  And seeking it is just what I'm gonna do this cycle.  So, you all are here to keep me on this joyous choreographed path.

Below are concepts and facets in the Capricorn Lunar Cycle that should help ground you in the dance you will choose.  Go forth and DANCE!!!

Work in Saturn

Lessons from Experience and Self Knowing

Time and Resolution

Ancestral Legacies (Physical & Spiritual)

Binding and Constricting

Capricorn Lunar Cycle Totem-Grouse

Concept-Sacred Spiral

Meditate on my movements

Dance as creation of selfless beauty

Herbs/Flowers for Capricorn Lunar Cycle

Eucalyptus - Healing

Lemongrass - Honesty

Patchouli - Grounding

Capricorn Cycle Affirmation

Do my magic dance in the physical & spiritual realms,

For this sacred spiral is giving me an opportunity to transcend my everyday,

I will openly experience my path as it is as I turn and turn knowing each corner reveals my true self to me,

I will dance my sacredness into my view

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

As we wane the Solstice saunters into our souls

Happy Winter Solstice! The 12:30am EST (12-22-11) dawn of Winter Solstice 2011 brings with it so much joy, beauty and possibility.  Firstly for those who may not know Winter Solstice is essentially the longest night and shortest day of the year.  On a more soulful level it represents the coming of the Winter Season and all the gifts that it will bring to us.  It also stands as another line of demarcation for us in our lunar year as we are leaving the Autumn and ushering in a new time of hibernation, snow (in some parts of the Northern Hemisphere), and stillness unlike any other time during the year.

We once again get a chance to change, redo, atone, change paths, and veer towards where we are truly supposed to be.  This year's Solstice peeks out while nestled between multi-layered Scorpio and the gifting Sagittarius, choose wisely your works this solstice these desires will be with you for this entire season, whether you may want them to or not.

Be sure in your own way to mark this event.  Whether it is alone or with someone or some group, do not let another natural spiritual occurrence pass you by without stopping to acknowledge, being grateful and drawing the gifts it has for you.  Below I provide a few elements to have around, but be moved to bring this solstice in the way you need to for only you truly know how to make that happen.  Notice these elements are awfully familiar, might be just an inkling of what we do for the Christian Christmas holiday celebration, LOL!

Below are some of the domains to focus on during this Winter Solstice, feel free to expand, contract or contort any of these to fit what you desire or need.

Work for the Winter Solstice

Connect to Ancestors

Deepen spiritual Renewal & Love

Strengthen Family Bonds & Rituals

Accept Joy & Fun

Attune to Nature's Cycles

Winter Solstice Elements

Wreaths (live)


Wood Logs


Evergreen Trees 


Winter Solstice Affirmation

I accept the joy that is for me and am grateful for it,

I am dropping judgment embracing the open heart that has been here all the time,

My sorrows are just a reflection of my love experiences turned upside down,

Great Winter fill my heart and soul with beautiful experiences all day and all night

Friday, December 9, 2011

The seed that becomes the Rose

As the winter draws near, as the light of day recedes and as the "hibernative" powers of this time of year begin to overtake us, I offer us this.  In all of this there can stand a Winter Rose, that beautifully brave and blossoming flora that opens up when all the other petals are closed or fallen.  Are you that winter rose? Am I? Well with the Mother like energy of a Full Moon at our doorsteps we all can become that Winter Rose.  The Full Moon gives us the opportunity to extend to ourselves, the nurturing, love, compassion, and tenderness we freely share with others, now it's our turn.  We should be taking advantage of this enormous amount of night light that the universe is giving to us over the next 2-3 days.

 A Mother Moon gives way to more of ourselves

This particular Full Moon (in Gemini & Mercury ruled-don't worry it's all good keep reading) is doubly powerful because it dawns just as a Lunar Eclipse has occurred.  The eclipse offers us more ability to manifest our wants and desires than other times of year.  This specific eclipse being Lunar means we must pay more attention to our inner, deeper self.  Now is not the time for conjuring up things outside ourselves, but totally the time to work on issues, wishes or purposes inside ourselves.  So take this olive branch the universe has offered us before the end of this calendar and do the work, plain and simple.

Being just who I am, un-apologetically

My personal meditation throughout this Full Moon and as the eclipse is available is to clearly be who I am and walk my path with my head held high even if others around me might not recognize my path or quite understand it.  It's one thing to boldly be one's self when all approve and cosign, but it's another matter altogether to be that same proud being when you are charting a new course for yourself and those around you.  In all of this I am asking for strength, courage, love, patience, and fun, LOL!

Time to get to down to work

Below are areas or domains that are good to work on during the Full Moon.  Select from this list or a derivative of it.  Also strike out on your own, its lunar time so go inside figure out what you want to work on and DO IT! There's nothing else to it.  Most times the difficulty we feel in life is what we have made situations, even before they start.

Work in Full Moon

Love, Attraction & Passion

Abundance & Prosperity

Blessing My Space

Courage of Heart

Herbs/Essences for Gemini Full Moon

Bergamot - (Success)

Cypress - (Protection)

Rosewood - (Connection to Higher Energy)

Candle Power

During this Full Moon time it can be awesomely powerful to burn candles to cement that which you are working towards. Below is information on candle color that can be associated with the properties of Mercury, the ruler of Gemini. Find safe candles, burn them as long and as much as you like. Fire is a creation tool use it to ignite yourself towards your goals this Full Moon.


Manifests Change


A New & Fresh World

Blog Birthday coming up!!!

Daughter of Waters blog is turning four years old this month! Please be a part of it.! In a post later this week I will ask for birthday greetings talking about what this blog has meant to you, please take part in our online "Blog Birthday Celebration".  Looking forward to hearing your greetings.  Thanks for all of your support, without you this blog would have a different impact.  I totally appreciate it and look forward to more in the future.


Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Contract or Release, what are you going to do?

Where are we now?

Although it seems like we were just at this place, we find ourselves here again. The dawning of yet another New Moon in this lunar year. Well 28.5 days can be so magical. Okay, let's get right to it. This cycle will be in Sagittarius a bold and brave fire sign that is often associated with determination, profit enhancing projects, and clarity. All of these attributes are great however they are just a scratch on the surface of the true power that can be invoked at this time of the year and that is by the planet Jupiter.

Coming across Kingly Jupiter...

Ruling planet for Sagittarius, Jupiter serves as the ultimate King archetype. And when I say King I mean it in the truest sense of the word, a ruler who is in service to all of us.  I suggest we see Jupiter as the Great Expander of our flexibility.  We have the opportunity to stretch ourselves farther so what are going to do-Contract or Release on into it.  I know releasing can be scary, but if we already know where we are and we may want to move further on our path, what have we got to lose and expanding during a Jupiter ruled New Moon is a "no-brainer".   So push our fears out of our heads, take in a deep fulfilling breath, and STRETCH IT OUT!!!!!

Take advantage of the Solar Eclipse

Before I forget, let me remind us all that right after the New Moon dawns, there will be a Solar Eclipse. When an eclipse occurs there is perfect alignment between the Sun, Moon, and Earth. In a solar eclipse the Moon falls in line between the Earth and the Sun and is a good time to focus on material circumstances such as financial prosperity, identity, or power. Eclipses are gateways for great change and it's a time to use energy to suit our purposes.  

Work in Jupiter  


Removal of Negativity 


Sagittarius Lunar Cycle Animal Totem-Fox 

Adaptability & Swiftness 

Recognize the patterns around me and learn to Predict 

Know what excites me and do just that 

Flower/Herb Essences for the Sagittarius Lunar Cycle 

Cinquefoil - Protection 

Maple - Money & Abundance 

Sage - Wisdom  


Sagittarius Lunar Cycle Affirmations 

Words to speak daily, intermittently or when needed

Fortify my flexibility this cycle in ways unknown to me,

When I am challenged kick my adaptability into action, 

Reveal the patterns of my life and all things around me so I am the best navigator of my path 

Monday, November 21, 2011

Thankful for this Harvest Retrograde

Feeling like emails are slow? Has your cell fone been acting a straight FOOL? Not to mention, have you been having a conversation and realized none of what you want is really coming out? Well that is because the planet Mercury is nearing its retrograde period. The official dates are Nov. 23 - Dec. 13 but some of us have felt the effects as early as Nov. 5th.

When Mercury retrogrades, all forms of communication are off kilter, to say the least. Snail mail, email, cell fone, home fone, speaking to others, speaking to yourself, and don't even think of signing a contract or wonder why negotiations are not going well. We can not put life off during the retrogrades, but forewarning will help ya navigate through it.

Some strategies are:

1) Have more patience, it will only help your stress levels

2) Take more time to work internally on yourself rather than pour out your energy on external things

3) Revisit some old relationships or folks from your past that you know truly have your interest at heart.

Basically focus on things that will not waver if the communication lines get muddled.

I personally see Mercury as that ever creative trickster that is out to have fun at my expense, but never intentionally mean spirited. I also wonder sometimes if mercury wasn't in retrograde would I take the time I need for myself.

So a retrograde so close to a holiday could be a challenge for us, but you know in advance so just prepare, sit back enjoy your folks, and LAUGH at all costs. Let me know how it goes, Happy Harvest Day!

Mercury in Retrograde 2012

Below are the upcoming Retrograde dates for 2012, just as a heads up, I will do my best to point them out in advance in the coming blog posts. The dates are the start date and end dates for each set.

Mer R Mar 11 2012 23:50 06°Ar48' R
Mer D Apr 4 2012 02:12 23°Pi52' D

Mer R Jul 14 2012 18:17 12°Le32' R
Mer D Aug 7 2012 21:41 01°Le26' D

Mer R Nov 6 2012 15:04 04°Sg18' R
Mer D Nov 26 2012 14:48 18°Sc11' D

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A spark of fire to fire US up!

So, where are we

So we come to that midpoint of a Lunar Cycle. Yep! We are at the Full Moon place yet again. For some of us this time has flown by like a supersonic jet, but for others of us its inched by like an old sea slug. Either way, we are here and we have such a beautiful moon up in the sky waiting for us to do good works over the next few days.

This Full Moon in Taurus

This particular Full Moon is in Taurus, that robust and grounded sign, but even more fascinating and to our benefit is the fact that Taurus is ruled by the Queen Supreme, Venus. Yes, this goddess of beauty, love, and prosperity is more than meets the eye. Take hold of Venus' spark of creativity and fertility to grow some untended part of yourself. Use the lovely and sensual aura that is available to turn all of that magical mojo right back on ourselves. So instead of looking for a love or get-rich-quick potion, how about we create some real, lasting self-centered, but also self-evolving energy for us and for the planet, which could use some good vibes these days.

Now Venus rules Taurus so

Not sure where to begin? Not sure how to begin? One thing that should be noted about Full Moon time in general is that spirit work of any type that you choose to do should be more ritualized. And folks, ritualized in a way that feels comfortable to you. So maybe you write out what you want and place it on a dresser, or maybe you speak daily what you want to manifest, or further still, maybe you write yourself a note and mail it yourself to be opened at the end of the entire cycle. Whatever creative and energized steps you need to take to make this self learning more real, do it! Hey, what have you got to lose?

Personally I want Venus to

My own work this Full Moon will be centered around my understanding of what love is, what love I think I have, what love I want, and where do I get in my own way of understanding love. Now, love for me is such a huge concept, but it also can be the smallest of impressions. So I am looking to balance that understanding and also how to pull on it when I need it. Summed up, I am ready to understand, know, give, and receive love on a different scale. Will let yall know how it goes at the New Moon in a few weeks.

And what about YOU

Listed below are just areas to think about exploring at this time. With the Venus ruled Full Moon you may have better results or find more to workable objectives. Try out these areas or any variation of them. As always I always love to hear how these things work for you, sometimes its just nice to know I am not talking to air, LOL!!!

Work in Venus

Manifesting Dreams

Inner Beauty & Joy


Breaking Unworthiness & Incapability

Herb/Essences for Taurus Full Moon

Lemon Verbena (Air) - Uplifting

Passion Flower - (Water) - Peace

Spearmint - (Air) - Transformation

Candle Power

During this Full Moon time it can be awesomely powerful to burn candles to cement that which you are working towards. Below is information on candles that can be associated with the properties of Venus, the ruler of Taurus. Find safe candles, burn them as long and as much as you like. Fire is a creation tool use it to ignite yourself towards your goals this Full Moon.


Passion on a Physical level

Love on a Spiritual & Emotional level


Expanding and Rejuvenating

Tapping Spiritual and Physical levels

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

This path of darkness is really lightness

I woke up this morning around 4am and try as I might, I could not get back to sleep. So, what did I do, I sat before my altar and heard these messages that I am typing at this very moment. Sometimes spirit is just that direct, glad I am listening and being obedient. This morning let us venture onto the path of the new moon that will peak in Scorpio, a Pluto ruled sign, in a few hours. Pluto represents many things for many people, but most of all Pluto stands as a reminder that yes, we can change. Now will that change be easy as apple pie, ahhhh NO! Will that change come through like a bright shining sunny day, well maybe but not at first. And lastly, will change always give a warm and fuzzy feeling inside, definitely not. For me Pluto means change is on my horizon, but it will cost and Pluto really tests me to see how much am I going to pay. Know what I say to that? I am worthy of paying a big price for transmutation and true life change.

So if I have spelled it out right we are on a hard edged place, but a place that is nonetheless available to us. Think of it this way, what great souls we must be in order that we are given these challenges, obstacles, barriers, and ultimately accomplishments. Our ability to surpass the darkness of ourselves leads to light unimaginable. So, I step forward and I hope you all step forward with me. Easiness may not be our friend at first, but we have a whole lunar cycle to get what we need so time is there for us. As the mountain flowers bloom in the winter, so shall we, but first we must undergo our deepest dive into ourselves. 1, 2, 3 DIVE!

As always my journey with you all is one I can take gladly because you all are with me. This lunar cycle I will pull on the Pluto energy, in particular, to be still in the darkness & stay longer than maybe I have in the past. And when I say darkness I truly just mean the unknown-the unknown environment, the unknown understanding, the unknown me. I have had many quick glances of my unknown self, now I want to know more.

Below is work that can be quite successful when done during a time when Pluto is prominent. Although our lunar cycle is in Scorpio, I say to us, let us know the power of Pluto and work within that source.

Work in Pluto




Scorpio Lunar Cycle Animal Totem-Black Panther
Concept-Embrace the Unknown

Darkness is a healing part of us that leads to ultimate Light

There is no need to figure out the future at this very moment

Release fears that are my personal shackles

Be still in my discomfort in order to experience great things that are for me

Allow myself to hear my truths in dreams

Herb/Flower Essences for Scorpio Lunar Cycle




Scorpio Lunar Cycle Affirmation

Words to keep in mind while resting, meditating, writing, or dreaming

As I enter darkness my inner light will always illuminate my way,

My fears are not welcomed on this portion of my journey,

Fearless dark walking is what I am doing and will take me where I need to be

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Dream the possible dream, you dreamer you....

Well on this auspiciously Autumn morn I want to bring a small token of thoughts, questions, and dictates to all of us. The moon, in her Waning Phase has just entered Gemini, which is ruled by none other than Mercury. Now this Waning time is best for ridding one's self of things we no longer need as we finish up this lunar cycle and prepare ourselves for the next cycle. So, this time is for endings, purgings, tying up loose ends, and being totally honest with ourselves about the "real deal" around certain situations. In essence, we are given one last stretch to really allow magic to happen in our lives.

What does all of this mean for us? I know some of you know who Mercury is and what power Mercury can wield. Keeping that in mind, also know that aside from being the ultimate Trickster, Mercury represents communication. Yes, that is right, our efforts to dialog, understand, transmit, and receive all may be in peril right now, but these things may also be on the upswing in our lives. Take this possibly stressful thought of miscommunication or noncommunication as a time to do something different and that is DREAM. Why yes, I said it. Our dream time also offers us communication with a part of ourselves we rarely reach on a waking level. Go the distance, take the leap, do the work. It is Autumn season, a time we work possibly harder than we do other times of the year, it's okay, it will pay off. Dream that dream you were afraid to dream, dream that dream that did not come true before, dream that dream that seemed impossible. No matter what you do, JUST DREAM!!!!!

Okay, so always willing to put my money where my mouth is, I too need this Dream mandate. I, just like you all, am susceptible to the curve balls and loops that life throws, I had to be reminded in a dream that DREAMS REALLY DO COME TRUE. But first I must believe. So my energy during this Waning Phase will be focused on understanding the power of my dreams and getting out of my own way and letting them unfold. Period!

I suggest, if you feel up to it, keep a dream journal by your bed, just for the remainder of this cycle (over the next 11 days), write down as much as you can remember. Then pull out the main things you remember, a person, a place, or even things, these are the motifs. Look the motifs up here and just see what you come up with. I must warn you its quite a revelation and can be habit forming, LOL.

Below are areas that we can make great strides in when the moon is moving through a sign that is Mercury ruled

Work in Mercury

Balancing an Imbalance

Journeying (spiritual/physical)


Waning Phase Herbs/Essences

Sweet Orange



Waning Messages & Meditations

Know my shadows and let them walk with me

Pay attention to all of my dreams, be it night or day

My life can be previewed in my dreams and manifested when I am awake

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

It's love, It's love, It's love.......OH IT"S LIBRA

Autumn has settled into our days, our nights, our weather and our spirits, whether we know it or not. With Autumn comes many changes and right this moment the moon has moved into the sign of Libra, that great equalizer, that great lover, and that great bringer of justice. At this time when the moon is dark or new it is time to clear, reset, commitment and charge ourselves. See the universe is so benevolent that each cycle we get to do it all over again from scratch. New scoreboard, new opportunity for success, a new set of information.

In a time of year when the earth is harvesting and preparing for the coming hibernation I too am doing my works daily, sometimes hour to hour in order to gleen the fruits of my labor soon. For those who read my blog last week many lessons have come up but the main one has been discipline. I know of all things to say, right. Well, I need reminders of this and the commitment that I have to myself, others and this planet that I be my best self because my best self is available to me. So, as mediocre as I would like to be and as complacent as I would like to venture towards, I can not. I will not. I must not. Wanna know why? Because I know better. I've experienced better. Basically, I am better. And, SO ARE YOU! Roads leading to self induced evolution are never easy or simple, but they are the best paths in life for us and they just make journeying so much more interesting in our lifetimes.

So gave a lot of where I am, here is where I let you determine where you are and what you want to focus on over the next 28.5 days where the moon will be in the sign of Venus ruled, Libra. Try some of these domains, make your own domains. Here's a thought, revisit domains that need tweeking yet again. Every cycle we get on more chance.....

Work in Venus
(Ruler of Libra)

Break Unworthiness or Incapability

Cultivate Beauty and Pleasure in my Life

Unify my Oppositions


Libra Cycle Totem-Weasel

Hear what is Really being Said

I know the Hidden Meaning of Anything

My Powers are available to Assist others

Never Doubt my Feelings

Herbs/Essences for a Libra Cycle

Bergamot - Success & Abundance

Geranium - Protection

Lavender - Long Life

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Equinox can turn my life upside down

Blessings this foggy and mythic morning. This crisp mixed summer and fall day brings to mind the image of birth, life and new beginnings. As we proceed into another season of the year, Autumn, I say to us all that this equinox is setting up to be quite a powerful one. Now why birth you say? Well as if an equinox is not enough we are also joined at this point by the planet Cancer and his magical mother the Moon. Quite a couple to usher in any event in life, but at a turning point in the seasons and on this planet it means we, yes you and me, have such an opportunity to turn things the way we want them. Yes it will take work, but these types of points are laid out for us because the Creators want us to be successful.

So, back to birth. Yes we all were born, but we all can also be reborn and that takes only us and our commitment to personal evolution. And, I am going to suggest we look at this rebirth as a release or a ridding of things that are not productive to who we really are in this lifetime. I am also not even surprised that all of this lines itself up during a Waning Phase. At first I felt some kind of way about not posting during the Full Moon, but ya know what, what I am charged to say is for a time such as this. Let me put it in plain English. As this Waning Phase of the moon is here it is totally fortuitous for us to use the Eternal Mother energy of the Moon to rebirth or put to death portions of ourselves that are no longer necessary.

For me, well, as always I am looking to better myself, but recently I hit a true low with myself and out of that rock bottom place has come clarity, appreciation for the fires of pain, and an ultimate spring board to where I am to be, making decisions I need to make and the knowledge that I am going where I am supposed to be; My Evolved Self.

Below are areas to explore when doing work during a time when the Moon is prominent. Feel free to take these areas and expand or contract them to be exactly what it is that you need to focus on during this Waning Phase.

Work in the Moon

Inner Healing

Welfare of Children

Connection to cycles

Casting off illusions

Waning Phase Totem-Bat

To rebirth I must break down all notions of my former self

If I resist changing the results could be painful

I entered the world upside down, so transformation will send me for loops, expect it

Herb/Essences for the Waning Phase

Try incorporating these as incense, essential oils, aromas, images into daily life during the remainder of the Waning Phase

Eucalyptus - Healing

Lemon - Love

Sandalwood - Spirituality

Autumnal Affirmation

In order to enter the next phase of me I must submit,

Knowing that this submission will bring about a magical rebirth,

If I resist or embrace fear challenges will abound

Sunday, September 11, 2011

I want the Divine, I need the Divine, I am the Divine

This morning as I woke to reports of all that transpired on September 11, 2001 I had to pause, turn off the media sources and go within to create a moment of perspective, light, and lesson. This day albeit worthy of note and remembrance should not be co-opted by ratings hungry media or celebrity. If we are to learn from our past, recognize where we are in the present and soar into the glorious future we create, then getting swept away by near sensationalist reflections will not be enough.

I say to me and you there is healing to be done. There is growth to acknowledge and yes there is emotion to be felt, however let us exalt ourselves and our existences to strive to be better. In being better we will not allow fear to manipulate us into corners of perspectives that we can not emerge from. Each one of us has the power to love, the power to understand, and the power to evolve. I suggest we all focus inwards toward when many views will be thrust upon us by externality.

Please see below ideas or concepts that might be of merit to meditate on today as so many images and ideas will be thrown our way.

Today's Meditation Concept

Self as the Inner Divinity

Finding my Inner Divinity is a part of walk in this life

My beauty is a reflection of the love and power in my soul

Knowing my divinity will wash away any petty life dramas

Monday, August 15, 2011

I move my magic or it moves me

Although the moon has stepped its way out of its full state, the power of what was just created will still be with us for a day or so or longer, depending on what we innervated during the full moon. So, let's recap! First off this full moon represents a mid point in this lunar year of the Hare. So now is an appropriate time to check back in, see if we are embracing or denying the intentions we may have set forth earlier in this year. Are we blocking or assisting in moving forward with our personal evolutions? Also, are we holding ourselves responsible or are we laying blame at the feet of other things or people. Really! We are powerful and intricate beings and we must not take for granted the gifts or paths we have in this lifetime.

As I am just stepping off my soapbox (LOL) I realized that I too need to understand the intense energy that is available to me which I have let sit by the wayside. Full Moon time is about ripeness, mid-pointing, a bit of reflection, use this time in this cycle and the entire lunar year to truthfully size up what's been going on. We should be looking back, restating our intentions, seeing where errors have been made and learning those lessons, hopefully for the last time. And how much more clemency can we be given than to do this during an Aquarius time, the sign of the true friend, the time when study, research, and intellect reign supreme. Even with its ruling planet being Uranus, curiosity and investigations are best done during this time. If we are challenged, like I know I frequently am, now would be a good time to ask Uranus for assistance on things unknown to us, whatever those things may be.

Personally, as I look back and see what this year is about, yeah, facing my fears and transmuting them, wow, tall orders and yes in some ways I believe I have been doing that, but in some other ways I have been playing it safe, now the kid gloves are coming off and I am into my second phase of the year of the Hare, so its now or never. Do or Die. I must embrace my true self and deal with each pain, delight, skepticism, fear, pleasure, joy, and unknown equally and faithfully knowing I am, I can, and I will. Really, I am not pulling punches with myself or with you. We have to do this, NOW!!

Below is a singular concept that can be given extra introspection with mantras or words to guide, but feel free to adapt, edit and devise your own focus for the moon's full energy.

Full Moon Concept-My Personal Magic

I am a creative being that conjures up the world around me

When energy shifts, its because I somehow allowed it, I must recognize that

Either I move or things are moved around for me, I make that choice

Friday, July 29, 2011

The Lion, the way, and the retrograde

Well the beginning has begun again. How wonderful and fortunate are we! This time the lunar cycle will move into Leo a fabulous and favorable sign, ruled by none other than the Sun. And might I say the Sun is shining a bit bright, at least on the eastern coast of the U.S. And just to keep us on our toes, at the genesis of this Leo lunar cycle is the magical mayhem of Mercury, IN RETROGRADE. So let's take a look at these things one at a time.

Leo and the Sun

The Sun, the ruler of Leo is the power of the light, that's right, exposure. Exposure can carry many meanings but for all of us this lunar cycle why don't we think of it as paparazzi, the ever encroaching flash of lights that exist to bring forth to us and the world who we are, not just who we are in our heads. Use this revealing and illuminative time to extract any negativity, self doubt or self degradation, for all of us have some of it somewhere, tucked away. Sun time should be beautiful and a complete PR spin, but before we go there, we must know exactly who we are and what about ourselves we want to evolve, that's right its all about our journey in this lifetime.

Mercury in Retrograde

Now doing all of this is good and grand and dandy but in a mercurial retrograde, it can be tricky. Let's get some clarity on that. Mercury in retrograde is when Mercury, the ruler of communication, shifts all forms of communication as we know it. So, snail mail, email, cell phones, home phones, contracts, speaking with family and friends, speaking with strangers, and even speaking with yourself all are going to be askew from Aug. 2nd until Aug. 26th. Don't give up or feel frustrated take the opportunities to embrace silence, see nature or just chill. It's gonna happen whether we are ready or not, so ya might as well get ready.

My Work this Cycle

My personal journey this Leo lunar cycle is to find any blockages (whatever they may be), own them, do whatever work that needs to be done around them, then keep it moving. Wanna know why? Cause I got lots of love, success, and evolution to be about. My time away from home has once again reminded me, WOW, I have seen and done some things. So no false modesty, no comparison to others, its about to be straight knowledge of self (the Whole self).

Below are areas that may be good places to start when working with the power of Leo and the Sun.

Work in Leo Lunar Cycle

Drive away Inner Darkness

Face Inner Uncertainties

Attraction, Renewal, Success

Leo Lunar Cycle Totem-Bear "Introspection"

Allow myself to be introspective

Regain my own Authority

Embrace Receptive Energy

Use my Strengths to overcome my Weaknesses

Flower/Essences for Leo Lunar Cycle




Leo Cycle Affirmation

I am committed to giving myself the necessary time this cycle to know my inner most questions and answers

With these answers I will illuminate and provide clarity on things in my life that are lacking focus or direction

I will also be open to change in whatever form that may be

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The powering of my power; is it overpowering?

Power is settling all around us at this very moment. We are near to the fullness of the moon, but before that magic we will be blessed with a lunar eclipse that is surely already doing somersaults in our lives. Let me try to lay things out so we all can "get our houses in order"-so to speak :)

Lunar Eclipse

Full Moon lunar eclipse is a perfect time to just dialogue with the inner self. Unlike the solar eclipse, the power of the moon naturally beckons us to make changes to our inner world, our emotions and our self state. Not only can you check in during this lunar cycle, but really check in on yourself over the last half year, year, half decade or decades. Are you really the person you want to be? If not how can you make that a reality? Answers to these and any other thought provoking questions come from taking the time to ask. That is all it takes. That and a willingness to honestly see who you are.

Full Moon

A Full Moon is a peak time to work power, and not power in an external sense, but power internally, a place we shy away from for various reasons. Full Moons can be seen as Ripeness. During Full Moons there is increase in all sorts of energies and things occurring. We have often heard folklore tell of the “wildness” of Full Moons, well I propose it is the climaxing of the cycle, so get ready.... And what a beautiful climax it should be for us all this time. As we make our way to the midpoint of this Gemini Lunar Cycle, we must pause to recognize the royalty, omnipotence, and force of this Sagittarius Full Moon. And since Jupiter rules Sagittarius, the regal theme is throughout this full moon. Know that balancing solutions, purification, abundance, and broadening our vision are all available to us at this very moment. Below are some starting points of what to address with the Jupiter-Sagittarius energy available at this moment in cycle.

Full Moon Work

Love, Attraction, Passion


Blessing of Space

Courage of Heart

Inner Awakenings

Full Moon Concept-Reputation

During this time of gifting and blessings I think it may do us all some good to think of our relationship with our reputation. Not reputation in the high school popularity way, but rather the deeper understanding of how and why we project what we project to the outside world. Is there a disconnect in who we are and who we are perceived as? Do we need to boost up our "self-love" image? I know, who really wants to deal with this, but reputation is perfect for a time such as this. Below are some thoughts we can ask ourselves about our reputations. I know when I saw these questions, some of them did make me squirm. Remember squirming is a good thing, its shows us where the discomfort is and then allows us to address it.

Be sure to walk my talk

I can attract or repel on demand

My energy is so powerful it can seep out

Do I project negativity onto others that I need to address with myself

Be aware of what I am attracting

Monday, June 6, 2011

Sign on the road says "My journey has a guide"

So, all of us are on our individual and collective journeys right? Well the universe and all the spirits are granting us a pit stop during this Gemini Lunar Cycle. At this pit stop we all can find our own guide books for ourselves courtesy of Mercury, the ruling planet of Gemini. This guide book is the road map, the large and small scale models of our journey thus far, and the all important legends of what things truly are in our lives. Let us use the powerful, yet often times misunderstood magic of Mercury to alter, re-direct, and swerve onto the path that we need at this moment. One of the biggest gifts from Mercury is inner knowing and true self knowledge. Okay, the stage is set for us, let's make it happen.

My focus this cycle will be on freeing myself from expectations of all kinds. I intend to be that diversity and change that I expect from the world, knowing full well I have all the tools at my disposal to morph and tweak myself when necessary. Self knowledge is a journey and I am grateful that Mercury is my always there to tap or pound me into remembering I do possess the power to know my journey, inside and out.

How about you? What will your focus be for the remainder of this fabulous cycle, which will include a full moon eclipse and the summer solstice? Below are things to work on during Mercurial times,

Work in Mercury

Journey Assistance

Inner Knowledge

Reflection of imbalance

Head Clearing

Gemini Lunar Cycle Totem-Black Panther

Enter darkness willingly

Darkness holds acceptance, access to hidden truths, and healing

Ability to free myself from expectations

Flower/Herb Essence

Clary Sage-Inner Wisdom

Lavender-Love of self and others

Lemongrass-Passion of all kinds

Gemini Cycle Affirmation

Please allow my inner wisdom to float to the top of my understandings each and every moment of this cycle,

With this wisdom I will ask for assistance knowing full well that receiving is an important part of life's cycle, and

That the love and the light that I have for myself will be reflected for all that I come in contact with until the moon is dark again

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Charging your charge for the Bull

BLAM! POW! KABOOM! These verbs reminiscent of the shows of the 60's are just the kind of energy we can expect from dear, dear Taurus this Lunar Cycle. That's right, all of us who were trying so hard to make it through that Aries cycle, well now we have another chance. This time we will all be blessed with an overflow of many things, thanks to Taurus and the ruling planet of Venus.

Being someone born with bull like energy from Chinese Astrology, I am always so excited about this time of year when folks graduate, we celebrate mothers and it's just generally a good time to be outside. Don't take these gifts from Venus, by way of Taurus without knowing that to those whom much is given, much will be required. Taurus is a time for abundance (in all forms) and love work. Stay open to be anointed with an influx of creativity, realization of highest dreams, and the awesome power we have to attract.

For me I am charging myself with making rituals, large and small a part of the many moments that will exist in this cycle. I get up, ritualize it, I am unsure, ritualize it too. Basically I am putting my proverbial money where my mouth is. This cycle it's about hardcore work to access and flourish in the abundance and prosperity that is and always will be available to me.

So below are some tools, that's all they are, use them as you see necessary and hey challenge yourself to create tools too. Again this being the beginning of the Lunar Cycle set out what you want to work on this cycle and make it a reality. POINT BLANK, PERIOD!

Work in Taurus

Material Well Being

Love Magic

Increase Business and Employment

Taurus Animal Totem-Eagle

Look higher to illuminate my next levels

Heal myself with love

Remember my Power

Acknowledge my connection to divinity

Flower and Herb Essences




Taurus Cycle Revelations

I am the agent of action in everything I want

I do have all the funds I need for things, I just need to tap the universe to access that abundance

I must embrace the ease and grace that is for me

I have assets and they can be used wisely or not, I make that choice

Monday, April 4, 2011

Me and my mind Marching with Mars!

Well, I am sure that you are recognizing the moon is new and energy has dramatically changed; welcome to the Aries Lunar Cycle. This beginning zodiac sign, Aries, is full of the passion, sparks, and warrior-ness, but one fact about Aries that is often missed is that it can represent the head. That's right the brain, the face, the ears and all the other parts of our original proper topper. Having set all of this up, let's now look at what drives Aries, Mars.

Mars, the ruling planet of Aries is about creation and "lion" strength, so yes there will be lots of over the top emotional roller coasters, but I charge all of us to hanker down and ride out the storms that are sure to come, knowing that we have the tools, courage and blessings sitting right alongside us.

Although it has taken me longer to post I believe the first few days of this cycle has taught me that personally set boundaries and knowing how much I have evolved are going to be key points for me this cycle. Whether its what I speak to someone, a reflection I might have, or even the messages that are coming up in my dreams--which have been SUPER vivid this moon already.

My wish for all of us is to let things go to our heads. Don't be afraid to know that we know what we know. Lots of RAH RAH times ahead, yes, but do we need to oscillate like a fan on a hot southern porch in August, NO! Use the beautiful brains, minds, souls and spirits that we all were gifted with in this life. And of course, onward towards evolution.

Below are the areas that can do well during an Aries Lunar Cycle:

Aries Lunar Cycle Foci

Breaking Personal Barriers

New Territory

Fire Medicine

Aries Cycle Animal Totem-Armadillo


Define my space

Take my protection with me everywhere

Flower & Herb Essences


Rose Geranium


New Moon Messages

Open to vulnerability to strengthen

Rid myself of doubt

Free from self created "jails"

Don't hide, deflect negativity

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Brazen, bold, and blasting like a Badger?

Dear ones we are back again to the lunar time of Pisces, that luscious time when we have all kinds of opportunities for growth, expansion, and new directions. For Pisces, which is Neptune ruled beckons us to be the best we can, step up to the plate, and make that move to the evolved human and spirit that we all carry inside of us. Now, this will not be a walk in the park, let me just say that.

Since Pisces is Neptune ruled, we can all expect some of the highest highs and potentially some of the lowest lows. For Neptune is the King of revealing things that have been hidden. Not to mention an overall symbol of deep, dark waters. So, how to proceed? Well, proceed as we always do, one foot in front of the other, one breath after the other. Knowing this lunation will be challenging in ways we never expected is a heads up and having that warning should at least give a few more seconds to cope when things get turned upside down suddenly. And they will, believe me, they will. Accept our roles as evolving, karmic beings and know that what we get from the cycle can be like a slingshot, propelling us forward.

Personally I am trying to harness all of this illuminative energy and just move forward, full steam ahead in all that I am doing. I must remove and sever myself from things or people who are not for me, in the best way possible. I am setting hard deadlines for myself and sticking to them. This cycle for me is about knowing what is best for me, my path, my works, my love and then removing anything that is outside of those things. There is no turning back and I must move forward knowing that I have all that I need already, its a matter of recognizing this and acting accordingly.

So below are some of the realms of life that might be good to take on during this Pisces Moon time.

Inner Psyche




Pisces Cycle Animal Totem - Badger

Be willing to fight for what I want

Aggressive healing and self-healing

Grounded and centered in the removal of barriers

Herbs and Roots for healing


Flower/Herb Essences


Pisces Lunar Cycle Messages

Be open to tell others my story

I've got tools, now use them

To teach is to know

Use what has been given or risk loosing what has been given

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Now introducing...the Hare, here she is!

Converge, push forward, fight!! This Lunar New Year is a call to all of us. In this Year ruled by the Rabbit or the Hare, we are challenged to face fears in order to yield fruits. Hare, a symbol of great fertility and new life, can be a neon warning sign at times. If we are all unable to take courage and progress, just remember Hare is there to guide us. When we need to, we can ask ourselves am I using "what if"? And we must write down the things we think we are afraid of in order to usher those feelings in, only to over come them. Warriors get weepy, get tired, get scared, but they overcome these things in order to move forward and that is what we can thank dear Hare for. Now, if Hare is your Chinese Astro sign, well I suggest you look into this totem more for messages and signs especially for you.

Hare or Rabbit Totem Medicine

Discarding "what if"

Writing down fears to release them

Breathing Fears into Mother Earth

New Life and Fertility

Having said all of that, let us not forget or be unmindful of the fact that this Lunar New Year falls in the sign of Aquarius, the great Friend. Aquarius is always wielded by the planet Uranus, which is the Master of surprises, so we can imagine the great highs and lows that might appear somewhat manic this time of the year. We have the tools we need to break unimaginable bonds and forge ahead. Now will this come easily? Of course not. Are there going to be times when we want to throw in the towel? You better know it! But, the gift of energy at this time of the Lunar Year is it is a fresh start, we can redesign, we can reset, so to speak.

I know I am excited about these moments, hours, and times ahead. My personal journey that begins again is embracing my personal fears, transmuting them, and remembering the valiant warrior I have within, that although she does slumber from time to time, she is an active agent for change in my life and the life of this universe. For the first fifteen days leading into this Lunar New Year I am going to charge myself with the task of detoxing my body, mind, and spirit and journaling about that experience, hopefully this sacred time will bring up messages and knowledge I would otherwise miss.

Below are messages heard during meditation. Please hear them for yourself, allow these messages to spark others, and use this wonderful time of the year to be the warrior you are, no matter what.

Aquarius Medicine

Remembering Dreams and Visions

Make Dreams into Reality

Focus on Plans/Projects

Herb or Flower Essences


Copal (resin)


New Moon Messages

Messages from the Past

Seek strength from my past self

Get only what I need from the past but do not stay there

Messages from the Present

Multitasking may divide my focus

Messages from the Future

See Love with clarity

Open myself to receive that which is for me