Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Child & the Warrior

The Warrior and me 
Even as I sit to write this, I am in amazement at the Warrior that is me, that is you, that is us.  In a time when we are often misguided into what bravery, courage and protection means I am here to tell you the Warrior Self does have a place, just nowhere near what we see everyday.

Mars rushes in
Okay, so at approximately 10:37am (EST) today, Mar. 22, 2012, the moon saunters into Aries and we begin again; another Lunar Cycle commences.  Aries, the total representation of the infant in all of us holds so much love, hope, and promise for us all.  Aries, seen as the Warrior is ruled by the planet Mars.  Another symbol we hear much misinterpreted information about. 

Turn that power around on you
Instead of flatly seeing Mars as a time to charge in all situations, let us step back and think about all of this one good time.  First, Warrior energy is totally up to design by its wielder.  Warrior can mean clearing of obstacles and a reinforcement of personal energy.  In plain language, instead of fighting or pillaging those outside of ourselves, we can internalize the power available to us and make change of a totally different kind when Mars rules the Moon.  Sound like a plan?  Hope so! So be about self direction this cycle.  Make it about you. And not you in a totally self involved, but rather self evolved way.  Lastly, and the reason I am so excited about all of this is that all of this is done in the most subtle of ways.  So, no large pronouncements or declarations, just be about the business of doing what you need to do.  That's all there is to it.

Subtlety speaking to the Self
Okay, so here is what I am working on this cycle.  I have put my emphasis on leadership in all aspects of my life and with the energy of Mars available to me I want to be that subtle Warrioress for Self.  So, not loud or brash, but definitely bold, brazen, and bountiful.  I am really putting one foot in front of the other on this one.  I have no desired destination other than more connected to self and farther along this path I am walking.  This works for me during the New Moon as I can count on the ability to Ground like no other time during the cycle. We will see...

What's it gonna be
Now it's your turn.  What would you like to focus on this cycle?  Listed below are areas that are good to work on at this time, but stretch out.  This knowing and setting of intentions can be as large or small as you need it to be.  Keep it honest, keep it simple, keep it what you need at this moment.

New Moon Works

Fasting & Clearing

Intuition & Divination

Grounding & Centering

Radical Severance

Aries Lunar Cycle Totem-Porcupine

Faith & Trust

Honor the Child Self

Engage Imagination & Fantasy

Make space for others to open to me

Herbs/Essences for Aries Lunar Cycle

Basil- Strength & Fertility

Dragon's Blood - Protection

Rose Geranium - Confidence

Aries Cycle Affirmation

I must activate my faith and trust this cycle,

Knowing that this child like wonderment will usher in power never known,

May I ground myself in subtlety and flow forward with my personal warrior just for me.




Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Think, Seed, Plant, Grow

Something new comes
At approximately 1:14am (EDT) Tuesday, March 20, 2012 we usher in another season and one of my favorites, I must say...Spring!  The Spring Equinox is a day that reminds us of the balance that light and dark can have in our lives.  Gone are the long dark days of Winter, now we will be blessed with the bountifulness of light.

And the question is
Spring, a time of rebirth and fertility can also stand as a personal tipping point for each of us.  What goals or dreams have we not yet dreamt?  Do we really have balance between the light and dark parts of our life paths?  And lastly, if we have exhausted all of our options are we worth the efforts to begin, yet again?  These questions can be amply answered and so much more this time of year.  As our agrarian ancestors knew it, now is the time to decide and plant those seeds: seeds of hope, seeds of courage, seeds of love, seeds of progress, seeds of life.

Within each of us is a seed
So, not one to mince words...know your seeds!  And not the ones found at your local nursery or a home improvement store.  These seeds are your deepest and most treasured inner realities.  And believe me sometimes we can hide our seeds quite well, even from ourselves.  Do yourself the favor.  Take the time, ask yourself this question.  What seeds will I plant this Spring? If I can not think of my seeds what is really going on?

Seeds that are to lead
My personal seed I will plant this Spring is one of leadership that is steeped in balance, intention, strength, and grace.  I am accepting my ability to respond to things knowing I have all that I need to lead myself and others into our next phase.  So my seeds are in my hand and I too will symbolically plant them.

Work your own brand of magic
Okay so you have your seed or seeds, now what? Well, mark your time and space by creating, introducing or embracing a ritual to help you celebrate this step in springtime.  Write some words, listen to a favorite song that grounds you, take a walk and visualize your seed being planted.  Do whatever you feel necessary to cement your seeds.  Here are some key concepts that can take root during spring and elements of springtime.

Spring Concepts

Equality of Light & Dark


New Life

Planting Time


Spring Elements




Hyacinth, Daffodil, Tulip

"Happy Spring Equinox"

Monday, March 12, 2012

Making nice with a Retrograde

 Welcome Dear Mercury

Yes, we have entered into another round of the planet Mercury going retrograde, it's official. And no doubt you may have already felt its affects.  The dates this time are March 12 through approximately April 4, however let's be proactive and give our selves a week on each side of that.  So, for those of you just coming to this point, when Mercury retrogrades it gives off the impression of moving backwards, so things controlled by Mercury will be askew, to say the least.

So, this is how it's gonna be

Mercury, the planet often mentioned third when speaking astrologically, after the Sun and the Moon, rules communication.  That's communication of all kind whether that's face to face, via email, via snail mail, Goddess bless you if you have a video conference or presentation during this time. Basically, anytime you may need to give information to another being or even yourself, communication can break down.  Oh, don't sign anything if you can avoid it, guaranteed misunderstandings for sure, put it off if you can until after the retrograde.  If not then dot "I's" and cross "T's" like there is no tomorrow.  Having said that, this is not a charge for all of us to run and hide, but rather to walk with awareness and just give information extra time to be passed along.  It's better than getting worked into a frenzy with out any results, right?

Discard that which is unwanted

This retrograde does happen to fall as the moon is waning, which means we have left the Full Moon, midpoint time and we are on the downside of this lunar cycle and now is the time to rid ourselves of unwanted energy, thoughts, things, and possibly people.  We are each preparing our personal gardens for growth and it's just time to pull some weeds.  Is this not a better time?  As we adhere to the whims of Mercury it is a perfect opportunity to focus more on ourselves, our goals, our dreams, our challenges and the like.   So, just do it, no need to stall.  It's almost as if one of the best gifts Mercury bestows upon us is that we are given time to really see ourselves, in all of our beautiful messes, LOL!!!

So, here's what you could do

Now, do I even zen or meditate my way through all of Mercury's madness? Uhhh....NO! So, I thought I  would give some quick and physical ways to try to reset when the madness is just too much during a retrograde.  Please try these, and even comment below and let us all know what works for you.   If you have something new share, I would love more tips on handling the retrograde myself!

Mercury Herbs

Anise, Clary Sage, Lavender, Lemongrass, Peppermint 
These are a few scents that are associated with Mercury and can be selected for the tools below.

Burn Incense
Although this seems small, incense permeates the air and can quickly and easily affect and effectively change where we are at any moment.  I have been known to walk around with a stick or two when necessary.

Make Mist Sprays
Water heals all, we know this and carrying that healing tool with you in a small spritz bottle, can give you just the necessary dose of reality, sanity, and energy.  Nothing is wrong with a little spray here and there, even others might need it.

Carry Aromatherapy Oils
Anyone who knows me knows I basically walk around with several bottles on me and it's because I never know when I am going to just need a dab here or there.  There are many companies and types, do the research find out which ones are right for you.  I know these scents have saved my life on more than one occasion.

Just Laugh it Off
Can't tell you how many times I have realized about two seconds into something, Oh, it's Mercury.  Gave me much more flexibility and less stress.  Sometimes it's not you or them, it's just Mercury!

I wish all of us nothing but the best this retrograde.  Feel free to come here and type in your screams or successes...Forewarned is forearmed!


Friday, March 9, 2012

Flying for a Full Moon

 Soaring in a full sky
As we look up into the dusk sky tonight we see a Full Moon that is still almost full.  As such we are fortunate to have two more full days of magic, power, and conjure time at our disposal.  For you see, Full Moon time is like no other during a lunar cycle.  Although saying Full Moon brings to mind stereotypical images of fools, wolves, and craziness what it truly is, is spiritual energy surges that are unknown and misdirected. I liken this Full Moon as a time when we can take flight in ways we never have before.  Let us soar to the highest of heights!

 Gifts of the vivacious one

The Full Moon this cycle dawned in Virgo, that beautifully precise and detailed oriented child of Mercury.   Okay, yes retrogrades are coming, but that's going to be another post, let's just focus now, while we still can, on harnessing all that the vivacious Virgo Full Moon has for us.  Virgo time is about getting organized so this might be a great time to plan a trip, go through a closet that's been stuffed for months or just sitting and thinking "What is my plan for making my dreams come true?"  Albeit energy and frequency for getting it together, Virgo also represents a wonderful time for compassion (self and others), domesticity, and believe it or not, friendships.  So lots of pots to choose from right? Make a choice then begin to place inside that pot what you will need to execute your goals.  The recipe is simple; you make it as you go along, LOL!

 My Eagle who is led

Okay my Full Moon focus is this; I must properly understand my inner Eagle totem.  I must add this is no easy medicine or dictate to complete, but I know that my ancestral mothers have prepared me so completely that all I must do is inhale the desire and exhale the reality.  As a part of my journey what I am most concentrated on now is doing as I am truly told to do, not as I think I must do and for a soul born under the Sun Sign Virgo that is an accomplishment!  All of y'all keep me rooted in this not only during this Full Moon, but whenever I need it.

 Make use of the magic

Below are other areas in life that are good to work on during the Full Moon.  Select from this list or make a hybrid of it and some Virgoan tasks.  During any lunar time go inside to figure out what you want to work on and DO IT! That's all there is.  Do not let the magic of this full moon pass you by.

Full Moon Work

Love, Attraction, Passion

Abundance & Prosperity

Space Blessing

Courage of Heart

Spirituality & Inner Awakening

Candle Power

At the Full Moon there is an awesome amount of power available and a way to cement that power and your works is by burning candles.  Below is information on the color Blue that is associated with Virgo.  Find Blue candles that are safe and burn them as long and as much as you like.  Fire is a tool of creation that can ignite you towards your goals this Full Moon. 




Barriers to Self Awareness

Teaching & Learning

Focus & Refine Energies