Friday, April 13, 2012

Dragon Times Three

Well as we all wake this morning, we should sort of be aware of some things on this a truly AUSPICIOUS day.

Where are we?
First, in our Aries Lunar Cycle we are in a waning phase.  Meaning, this is the most appropriate time to discard that which is just not for you anymore.  That's right, toss it away, let it go, give it walking papers!  Secondly, the moon right now, at this very moment is in Capricorn, a sign so strongly connected to Saturn and the Teacher-Student relationship we have with our lives.  Again, use this time to self teach, self correct, and learn.  Really we don't have to make the same mistakes twice, we choose that road.

The Dragon that we rode in on
Lastly and most importantly, today April 13, 2012 is a Triple Dragon Day! What is that you may ask, well the 13th is a Dragon day, April is a Dragon month, and 2012 is a Dragon year.  What exactly does that mean? It means this...we all have triple the impact of the energy we can use, we have triple the impact of the connection we carry to each other and ancestors, and we have triple the impact of the great things we can conjure into being today.  Can you feel my excitement? I am overjoyed we have one day to really knock many things out the box. 

Demarcating this time
So we have all of this information, now what you ask? Well my strongest intuition is telling me to mark this day not only with a ritual of some sort, but just be open.  Open to lessons, open to change, open to the goodness that has possibly been waiting on the sidelines of our lives for a moment such as this.

Seeing what I can not see
My personal goal today is to accept wholeheartedly the shifts and altering that life is gifting to me.  There is greatness in change for me and I will use it and go to heights I have never seen before.  Today I am challenging my sight to see way beyond what is visible through my eyes.  Tall challenge, but one I know I can surmount with all of the Dragoness around me!

What informs your dragon?
Below is a possible totem and concept to keep in mind.  See if it helps and opens you to new possibilities.  Or hey, strike out with any symbol that is meaningful for you today whether it be deity, totem, natural element or self.  See what the dragon roars into your path today.

Triple Dragon Totem


Winds of Change

Break Barriers

Nothing is as it Seems

Wisdom & Enlightenment