Sunday, May 20, 2012

Mercury making magic in our messages

Gemini Gratitude
Okay where to begin. At the beginning right! Well first off, let me say it's great to be back sharing with you all one more time.  I am thankful to the ancestors for providing me with the things I am about to share.  Now, so much is brewing at this very moment.  We are on the cusp of the Gemini lunar cycle which dawns at 7:47pm EST today! We should be feeling quite interesting. Why, you ask.  Well Gemini, a Mercury ruled planet, is an air sign and of all the air signs it is definitely a manifestation of the shapeshifter.  That's right y'all we can morph, contort, and alter ourselves and our surroundings.

What is Mercury gifting us with?
 Even though most of us think of Gemini as the sign of duality or a chatty/flaky persona, being ruled by Mercury gives Gemini and times that it rules something else; communication.  Mercury, a symbol for life's junctions and crossroads, is the greatest planetary helper for our communication skills, internally and externally.  So, feeling like no one is understanding you, then call upon that Mercurial Gemini power during this lunar cycle.  Likewise, got to have those "I can't believe this here" talks with yourself and not sure where or how to begin, again, defer to Mercury/Gemini during this cycle and follow the guidance that you are given.  Lastly, one concept to keep in mind during this lunar cycle is the NOISE we allow to enter into our communication with ourselves and others.  That noise diminishes and in some cases fully obstructs us from really receiving information, messages and sometimes energy we need.  So, we all need to check the noise meters in our communication this cycle.

Celebrate the Solar Eclipse
Oh and that's not all.  We are most fortunate to be privy to an Annular Solar Eclipse right after this moon enters into Gemini today.  When an eclipse occurs there is perfect alignment between the Sun, Moon, and Earth. In a solar eclipse the Moon falls in line between the Earth and the Sun and is a good time to focus on material circumstances such as financial prosperity, identity, or power. Eclipses are gateways for great change and it's a time to use energy to suit our purposes.  Okay, hit the reset button, we all have the power to do it, right now!

Quietly knowing
My mission this lunar cycle is to consistently have the knowing of my gifts and messages without always having to share or speak on things. I am focusing my energy on the wisdom of silence.  Many things do not have to spoken to be understood and that unspoken power is what I am actively trying to tap.  I am holding yall responsible for helping me to stay in my lanes AT ALL TIMES, LOL!

Make it a reality
Below are domains that would greatly benefit from energy during a Mercury ruled lunar cycle.  Pick one, pick more than one, or pick none.  But one thing is for sure if you do not knowingly select a focus for this cycle one will be selected for you and it may be one you may not be ready to handle.

New Moon Work

 Messengers and Messages

Knowing your Crossroads

New ways of Thinking

Gemini Lunar Cycle Totem-Moose
Concept-Self Esteem

What, When, and Whom to speak to

Appreciation of Gifts (spiritual & physical)

Acknowledging assistance in my accomplishments  

Herbs/Essences for Gemini Lunar Cycle

Bergamot - Success

Lemon Verbena - Purification

Mint - Protection