Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 Recap, Daughter of Waters style

Andrea circa 1976

So initially I thought my posts for the year were done, but then I began to think,  much has been learned this year.  Here are 10 important things that came to me this year in the form of people, experiences, lessons (oh, you know I love those, LOL), and just plain old blessings. I find it more than cathartic to actually see written out some of my best understandings.

10 Things that made the year 2012 for me

  1. Elders have gifts for me, even if initially I resist it, I've learned to take them
  2. My personal spiritual medicine is real and strong, especially when I believe in it
  3. My love of self is really the source of anyone loving me
  4. Gauging my point on my path is infinitely what I need in order to take another step
  5. I learned that I was waiting to give myself permission to be happy, not anymore :)
  6. Being obedient to the Mothers (guides) wishes will take me out of my comfort zone, but so what
  7. When I am eager to manifest more in my life I must first fully embrace gratitude
  8. At all times I have the ability to push reset, nothing is cemented
  9. My motivation this year was on: my health, my art, my love, my money, my success
  10. When I am consistently silent I hear the universe as she speaks to me, it's rarely a roar but often a whisper

I hope you too can remember the things that made this year memorable and a wonderful stepping stone on your life path!


Sunday, December 30, 2012

New Year's Evolutions

Okay, so as we close this calendar year I thought it'd be appropriate to share one of my strategies that really manifested for me this year.  At the urgings of my mother I wrote out my Goals for 2012 and I can not tell you the almost instantaneous results I saw.  And this from a relegated non-writer of goals or even plans.  Something deep within knew that if my mother was open enough to give me this message that I had to at least be open enough to accept it and I did JUST THAT!

So as the moon moves from the maternal like sign of Cancer and into the pretty faced sign of Leo, I say shine that light upon what will assist us all in evolving to that other level in 2013.  The New Year will dawn during the beginning of the Waning Phase of the moon, which is a time when we can make space for what we want to manifest.  So instead of coming up with trumped up surface goals, sit, meditate, and listen to that inner you.  What do you want to change? What do you want to keep the same? Any out of your league goals you been thinking about recently, go ahead, dare to decide to make them come true.

Once you have devised what you want in 2013, then cement these goals by writing them down.  And when you write these out, go for it, make a ritual or ceremony of it.  Sit comfortably, wear something that inspires you, possibly play music that is aligned with where you want to go next year.  Online and written out goals are probably our best tool for true completion.  Whatever you choose to do be sure it is from the heart, you are not constructing anyone else's goals but your own.

For clarity, focus and direction below are just four areas I choose to categorize my own goals of the new year.  I suggest you try to be as specific as possible when planning.  A wise woman once told me that often times when we ask the universe for something we are too general and when that generality gets delivered we are often disappointed.  GO FOR IT, all the way, all you can do is be successful!

New Year's Evolutionary Goals

My personal goals are the things are me, the spirit.  All of my issues or lessons that need re-learning or positive reinforcing were written in this section.  And believe me I spared no areas, just plain old self truths. Shatter any preconceived notions of who you are in this section and allow yourself to spread those royal wings for their is a flight of unparalleled proportions on its way.

As a person with many interests this area seeks to organize and increase that which I am doing.  It's not enough for me to have a gift, what am I doing to share it, develop it, and take it to that next level.  This area for me probably is the place where I will take the most risks, but it's worth it!

This area is one of the biggest struggles for all of us, but it is also an area where we can see the most amazing transformations, once we have decided we are worth it and concentrated our efforts.  I know in the last year I had to realize, from my goals, that I was giving myself permission to earn quite a bit more for those earnings would allow for me to manifest in ways I would never have thought.

Health and Well Being
And yes finally, how many of us have our well being in the forefront of our minds? Probably not many, me included.  I wrote and spoke into existence a me that is constantly checking, assessing, and balancing my health and well being.  In our world where we have pushed our environments to the limits none of us can afford to take our health for granted.  My mission this year is to make my well being my #1 priority and keep it there.

I say thanks for reading through this, but more importantly I say CONGRATULATIONS to all of us for taking the time to develop these goals, write them, speak to ourselves or others and then the courage to post them where we see them daily or almost daily.  What power we all are invoking and once we see these goals materialize just think of the other magic we will conjure up for humanity and this planet.  The Age we are entering is one full of strides, make sure you know which direction you are headed NOW!



Saturday, December 29, 2012

Mercury Retrogrades 2013
The posted sign to the left is how most of us feel during Mercurial Retrogrades right?  Well, with the coming year of 2013, here are the Mercury Retrograde periods for the calendar year.  My wish is that understanding when these periods onset will hopefully empower all of us to utilize the blessings that this often times tricky planet can bring us.

The planet mercury will go into a retrograde period three times because the way the planet is supposed to move and what we see moving are different actions.   When this happens, all forms of communication are off kilter.  To say the least. snail mail, email, cell phone, home phone, speaking to others, speaking to yourself, and don't even think of signing a contract or wonder why negotiations are not going well.  See the map below for a better idea of how all this takes place.  


For me, a person who's ruling planet is Mercury, I can only hope that my connection to the planet links me in ways that allow me to embrace it's energy, albeit contrary sometimes.  I will mark these dates and heed it's presence in my calendar year.  Hoping that you doing the same will glean some positively beautiful experiences. 

Take a look at the dates below, check out the net for more info, a general internet search will bring up many articles and blog posts, didn't want to overload, just spark a fire of your interest.  These are the dates that the retrograde starts and stop and the sun sign it is in.

Turns Retrograde    ← Mercury travels between
→    Turns Direct
February 23, 2013
9:41 GMT  
4:41 AM EST
1:41 AM PST
Pisces March 17, 2013
20:03 GMT
  4:03 PM EDT
  1:03 PM PDT
June 26, 2013
13:07 GMT  
9:07 AM EDT
6:07 AM PDT
Cancer July 20, 2013
18:22 GMT
  2:22 PM EDT
11:22 AM PDT
October 21, 2013
10:29 GMT  
6:29 AM EDT
3:29 AM PDT

November 10, 2013
21:12 GMT
  4:12 PM EST
  1:12 PM PST 

Friday, December 28, 2012

From the moon, to the moon, over the moon!

Dawning of Fullness

With this early morning post I am grateful for breath, for love, for family, for life.  At approximately 5:21am the moon flowed her way into being full under the sign of Cancer.  So as I looked up at the hazy, beacon like moon this morning, all I could think to say was "Hello, Mama Moon".  Acknowledgement is a good thing, but surely we do not have to leave it at that.

And what does Full mean?

Full Moon time is quite powerful, as it allows each and every one of us the opportunity to fully see the growing capabilities of our wants, dreams, desires, and goals.  Think of Full Moon time as that attainment phase, you know that time when we really get to see what it is that we have put out into the universe.  Not what we have said or professed, but rather that which we really gave energy to.

The Moon is the Mother

This last Full Moon of this calendar year happens to be in the caring, loving sign of Cancer,  a sign that can bring long term rewards, love magic or order to life.  If there are any Cancers reading this let me know if you feel any of what I've written about here.  See the sign of Cancer is ultimately ruled by the Moon, so right now we have all kinds of power awaiting.  The Moon is the Mother of the Inner Self.  When the Moon rules the sky we have a gift upon us for we can really get to the heart of who and what we are and make real, positive, and tangible change and share those energies with the universe.  Aside from the Self, Moon time is a good time to do work on family, home, self healing and that Triple Goddess energy that all of us (male or female) possess.  So, decide right now, what's it gonna be? Grab the reigns of the Full Moon and harness the extremely strong emotions that may be swarming around inside you right now.  Be bold enough to take a stab at that thing you just have not had enough courage to face.  And most importantly dare to put yourself and your progress first, even at this time of year.

Shatter that which is unneeded 

My personal Full Moon journey is about breaking illusions.  I think I often get caught up in the wondrously iridescent colors of an illusion and forget that OH, I have all the power I need to break through illusions.  My power is here and now, there is no next year, when I am more evolved or anything, it's simply knowing I am all I will ever need, as are you. So, here's to breaking all illusions!

Below is a Full Moon affirmation to think about during this auspicious time of the lunar cycle.  Feel free to devise one that best suits the work you need to complete.

Full Moon Affirmation

Gracious mothers allow me to change what I find,

I am to embrace the light of this Full Moon and illuminate,

any darkness on my path of self understanding

Full Moon Herbs/Essences




Candle Power

At the Full Moon there is an awesome amount of power available and a way to cement that power and your works is by burning candles.  Below is information on the color White that is associated with the Moon.  Find White candles that are safe and burn them as long and as much as you like.  Fire is a tool of creation that can ignite you towards your goals this Full Moon.



Concentrated Life Force