Thursday, October 15, 2015

A jewel in the wind

Autumn, again
Blessed are we to live in a world where the change of seasons exist. I hope you are feeling the shift that occurred some weeks ago. We have now entered the Autumn season of the year in the Northern Hemisphere.

Color me wonderful
Although the sun shines brightly in the summer, the winds of winter blow on us, and the newness of spring is a spark, the Autumn is a time of great harvest and therefore a space for us to leap forward more than possibly any of the other times of year.  Autumn sprinkles our minds with orange, burgundy, yellow, and red, not to mention all kinds of warm and cozy foods, but the one thing I want us to consider this Autumn is the life of the pearl.

Pearls of wisdom
Pearls you say, what is that and how is it connected to the Autumn season? Well this season I urge you to think of the life cycle of a pearl and how it comes to be. First there is discomfort of some kind that leads to the small glimmer of change that over time becomes the beautiful pearl. For the duration of this season I ask us to see the discomfort as an opportunity to unearth blessings and beauties like no other time of year.

All up for change
My life this Autumn is surrounded by change, transition and shifts, but even so I think movement is such an appropriate vortex for re-examination and re-definition. I am charging myself with looking, agreeing, disagreeing, changing, accepting, and discarding all that makes up me. Now, no this will not be a big, public production, but rather in the quietest, stillest way. I am once again morphing, as I should.

Just a bit of help
So even though we are in this season there is always time to set forth what you will work on, so...Below are tools to take your steps, to make your intentions, and to basically get you to think about what you want this Autumn. See how these resonate with you and if other things spring up, ALL THE BETTER.  My wish for you this season is self actualization and action.

Autumn Totem - Ant
Meaning - Discipline


Am I designing my Life?

Am I expanded enough?

True Efforts = Real Rewards


Autumn Concept - Be Willing to Grow my Greatness


Comforting my Discomfort

Reveal the Ugly to see the Beautiful

I am the One who can Grow my Light

Autumn Mantra


Open my heart and mind this season to see the power I wield that is allowing me to architect my life,

Although there will be highs and lows I will stay my focus on turning all into my greatest good,

For this is my time and I will access love, compassion, and joy in all I experience


Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Don't have a Fall of follies

The planet mercury will go into a retrograde period tomorrow, September 17th.  A retrograde is when the planet is supposed to move and what we see moving are different actions.  When this happens, all forms of communication are off kilter.  To say the least. snail mail, email, cell phone, home phone, speaking to others, speaking to yourself, and don't even think of signing a contract or wonder why negotiations are not going well...

For me, a person who's ruling planet is Mercury, I can only hope that my connection to the planet links me in ways that allow me to embrace it's energy, albeit contrary sometimes.  I will mark these dates and heed it's presence.  This last retrograde of the year sits right up on the edge of the Fall season, meaning all of our harvesting and transitions could have the potential to go a bit helter skelter. My hope is that by knowing ahead of time it may glean some positively beautiful experiences.  

So if things seemed to be going oh so right, sit back, relax and let things ride over the next few weeks. Don't take things or people personally (especially yourself).  Most importantly remain open to the communication you have with yourself.  This relationship has the potential to grow at leaps and bounds during the retrograde.

Even as that God of Communication does his usual trickery, we can move forward, albeit at a totally different speed.  Take a look below at the days and times when the retrograde turns and when it goes direct again.  Also be sure to notice the planets and remember retrogrades can be felt up to seven days before its onset and sometimes seven days after it goes direct.  Good Luck! We can do this!!!

September 17, 2015
18:09 GMT
2:09 PM EDT
11:09 AM PDT
0°5' ↔ 15°55'
October 9, 2015
14:57 GMT
10:57 AM EDT
  7:57 AM PDT

Saturday, September 12, 2015

See the you that you are

She shines on Sunday
Welcome to your next chance to keep your growth going! On Sunday Sep. 13th at approx. 2:41am EST we enter our newest lunar cycle (new moon time) and it is in the zodiac sign of Virgo.  New moon time is a starting point to see yourself with clear vision, listen for purpose and then set intentions that can be focused on for the entire lunar cycle (around 28.5 days).

Set up for activity
This particular time of the year is always full of activity with schools beginning/returning, the change of seasons and not to mention in a few days Mercury will retrograde again (but let's discuss that more in another post). So set yourself up for success by thinking of how to utilize the power a Virgo lunar cycle brings to you.

Know the sign
Virgo, the actual mid point in the zodiac cosmology, is often represented as a young maiden. I suggest we remake Virgo to be that strong, independent, teenage self that most of us still carry around with us and that hard working, detailed oriented, gonna push through spirit that is associated with this sign will help immensely. If you subscribe to nothing else this cycle be committed, patient and open to seeing what spirit has for you to learn.

Be my own master
Wow! Where do I begin? I am grateful to see another Virgo lunar cycle which is my marker for another year of life and I can tell you being a woman born under the sign of Virgo can be quite a challenge, but I have settled into seeing the gifts this sign brings to me and subsequently the rest of the world.  Just yesterday the message descended upon me that it is time to stop apprentice-ing my life and begin Mastering it.  I have paid my dues and now I must step up, step out, and be the total, public, charged me that was meant for this lifetime. Yes, I am moving up and on, but most importantly I am getting closer to aligning the inside and outside me.

Chronicle your path
Below are thoughts, ideas and ways to contact your inner self. Make the connection, hear the messages, take action, and know you are loved throughout this process.  I highly suggest you journal with what you want, how you progress and where you end up.  Most times what we think is less than what we are able to do in the end, but rarely do we document it for ourselves.  Do it this cycle.  A journal, a file, note cards to yourself, whatever method, chart your evolution.

Work in Virgo


High Standards

Purpose's Precision

Building Foundations


Virgo Lunar Cycle Concept - Reflection


 Take a true look at myself

Observe all I see without judgement

Commit, be disciplined, stay focused

Looking will take time

Virgo Lunar Cycle Herbs/Essences


Anise - Air Element - Clairvoyance

Lavender - Air Element - Retention

Valerian - Earth Element - Balance

Virgo Cycle Stone - Turquoise

credit :

Earth and Sky connection



Virgo Lunar Cycle Affirmation

During this cycle I commit to taking time to truly see me without comment or question,

As I glaze upon myself I am open to all that I see and feel,

For this time will be a catalyst for great change, forward movement, and my continued evolution


Saturday, August 29, 2015

Can Super-ness be framed?

Head to the sky
Up in the sky you among the clouds and the blueness, even in daytime you will see a moon that is full, strong, and super. At approximately 2:35pm EST today our lunar inspiration will become full in the sign of Pisces.

Super is not full
A Super Full Moon or "Super Moon" as it is usually called is larger in form, seems closer to us and ultimately lays more lunar power at our feet. So when spending time with the full moon, just know your thoughts and power can catapult things.  Don't take lightly the energy you can utilize. If in doubt think about it this way, Super is not Average. Take the time this cycle and go beyond.

Framing fullness
With this Full Moon being in Pisces, let's continue framing this opportunity.  Pisces does speak to our understanding of journeys (physical and metaphysical), enlightenment, and psychic development, but underneath all of that is the core of what Pisces' time gives to us: a closer relationship with the planetary powers of Neptune.  A portal of great depth and intuition, Neptune time assists us in accessing things we seldom feel strong enough to touch. Reach out your had to touch the greatness that is within and without. When Neptune is around things beyond what we can fathom have a way of showing up and taking place. Be brave, be bold, be yourself!

Truly ask yourself
Prepared below are the questions that can be a springboard during this Super Moon time. Allow the questions and answers to guide you to information that is vital, self affirming, and guiding.

Full Moon in Pisces Questions

  1. Have I asked for what I want?
  2. Can I visualize receiving what I want?  
  3. Do I know what I want?
  4. Do I need to give myself permission to receive?
  5. Am I overcoming my fears and trying anyway?


Thursday, August 13, 2015

I am certain that I am

Newness Upon Us
Time is shifting quickly and we are about to enter into another lunar cycle. The new moon comes into our lives tomorrow at approximately 10:53 am EST. So get your houses in order. Use this one day to collect your thoughts around what will be your focus and to also allow spirit to give you the necessary messages to move forward and enter this Leo Season.

Put on Your Public Face
Leo is definitely a time of showmanship, display and beauty, but there are other things that Leo time brings to us.  If you are looking for recognition or public accolades, well this is a time for it. And if you have a social cause that you wish to bring more attention to now would be an excellent time to begin that campaign.  And lest we forget that Leo time is perfect for performance as well.  Over these next 28.5 days really stretch what you think of Leo and it's ruling planet, the Sun.

 Nothing To Loose
The Sun, a celestial body quite like the moon (the ruler of our ending Cancer cycle), holds so much energy and power that just knowing a small bit about it will catapult your endeavors this lunar cycle.  Illumination of all kinds is the greatest gift the Sun bestows upon us all.  And beware what you ask for because sometimes light shedding can be a double edged sword if we are not really ready for the truth.  The Sun also amplifies our courage and confidence levels, so let's take that risk this cycle, what have we got to loose.

Changing It Up
As I think about what I want my focus to be the word that has come to mind this week is chameleon, that's right just a small lizard like creature that changes color, but upon further understanding of its totem power I know that this message for me is about knowing my ability to see and utilize both my past and my future. Now mix that knowledge into a Leo Cycle and I have got an equation for great things for me and others. So, putting my nose to the grindstone and making *sh happen this cycle, how about you?

Finding Focus
What will your focus be about? Will you take on a large meta task or will your intention be more micro and internal. Whatever you chose, be about it. The Sun is a strong tool that lightens everything it touches.  Below are concepts and ideas to help you focus this cycle. This is the starting point, not ending point.  Be creative, be open, be receptive and your messages will come through, if you are listening.

Work in The Sun


Illuminate the Darkened

Belly Chakra Work

Finding Courage


Leo Lunar Cycle Concept - Certainty


Know I am transformed

Let my past stay behind

I am grateful for my progress

The world is at my feet

Leo Lunar Cycle Herbs/Essences


Acacia - Fire - Anointing

Honey - Earth - Prosperity

Rosewood - Water  Protection

Leo Cycle Affirmation

This cycle I embrace all that I have been able to transform,

I know within that my courage feeds my soul, but not my ego,

I share the joy of achievement with all and know that 
courage, success, and confidence is contagious


Saturday, August 1, 2015

Lammas - Midpoint of the Summer

Good Morning! I hope you smell the sweet scent of the air. On today August 1st we have the opportunity to celebrate, again. This time the day is called Lammas and it is the true mid point of the summer season. It is nice to take a moment in the midst of new moons, blue moons, planets, and signs to just say thank you. And thank you in a way perhaps you hadn't said it before.

Often times we build up what our gratitude should look like rather than just simply having it. So today, when earth based religions will celebrate the harvests of the season thus far as well as the collaboration between the Earth and the Sun, stop and say thank you for that which you have manifested already this summer.

I also suggest we take a look at our lens of how we view what our abundance looks like. Many of us (myself included) will overlook or sometimes even ignore that which is a gift because it doesn't quite look like what we thought. Let's not make that mistake today.  See everything in our lives that give it meaning, purpose, challenge, form, and depth. Keep in mind all of these may not always seem like a walk in the park, but ultimately that give our lives dimension and uniqueness.  On today, our summer check in day, revisit what you may have wanted to work on this summer and evaluate.

To make this time more focused I propose we select a focus for today; Manifestation and Abundance.  Both really simple concepts right? Well, as always, the most basic things are really quite layered when we really dig deeper.  Listed below are questions I am venturing to ask myself today and I am committed to giving myself honest answers back, not what I think should be the answer, but what really IS the answer. Feel free to ask yourself these as well or make up your own questions surrounding manifesting, mid point, or abundance.

Manifestation and Abundance Questions:

  1. What have I manifested thus far in the summer season?
  2. Am I truly aware of the abundance that surrounds me?
  3. What are things I still want to focus on for the remainder of the summer?
  4. In all that I do is there an aspect of gratitude that I keep at my core?
  5. What are the ways I show my gratitude?
  6. How do I share my abundance and gratitude with others? 


Lammas Symbols


Grain/Harvest Deities




Lammas Colors

Green (all shades)

Golden Yellows

Deep Oranges

Lammas Herbs/Essences

credit: orchidflowers.wordpress






Thursday, July 30, 2015

Once upon a moon so Blue

Take a look
Up, up in the sky the full moon is on high and this full moon brings such great boons, for the color blue imbues on you. These few words together express now the ecstatic feeling I have inside and out.  At approximately 6:42am EST we will officially be blessed with our Blue Moon or rather full moon.  A Blue Moon is simply put the second full moon in a single calendar month.  Although much lore and allegory comes from the Blue Moon very few of us harness this power and use it constructively.  Let's change that RIGHT NOW!

The cosmic keys
This Blue Moon in the summer of much unrest comes as a golden opportunity for us to collectively and individually move mountains. Dear Blue Moon peaks during the time of Aquarius, our truest friend. Aquarius makes room for supernatural power and bursting through the barriers we have accepted thus far in life.  With thoughts of cosmic energy and celestial bodies, this Aquarian time can be the game changer we need.

A father's gift
Now, having said all of that the real trigger for this Blue Moon lies in knowing that the power source behind Aquarius is the great and mysterious planet Uranus. Uranus, the archetypical Father Sky provides for us sight beyond the surface and allows for us to pull on inventive juices like no other time.  The concept of electricity and lighting things that are darkened is also another focus to take on during this Blue Moon.  What Aquarius has in store for us, Uranus will show us how to manifest it.

Simply dream
This Blue Moon for me is about entering the dream time voluntarily and listening. Seems simple right? Well there is consistency of entering dream time. Oh and yes the recording/writing of dream time messages. And lastly, the extension of these dream time lessons into my everyday. Although I know there are changes up ahead for me, I will only be as great as my connection to my dream time will allow. My charge has been set!

Take time to see
Please take time over the next 48 hours to authentically hear, listen, dream, see, smell and know the gifts this Blue Moon has for you. As you spend time alone, with family/friends, or even in public, see the messages that are right in front of you. When the veil is removed what can you see?  Below are a set of questions related to the work in the sign Aquarius.

Blue Moon in Aquarius questions

Do I connect with dream time?
If yes why? If no, why not?

Are there portions of my artistic self that needs a makeover?
What steps can I take now to begin that process?

Do I believe in idealism? Why or why not?
What can I do to attribute to more idealism in the world?

Candle Power

At the Full Moon there is an awesome amount of power available and a way to cement that power and your works is by burning candles.  Below is information on the color white (close to opalescence) associated with Uranus.  Find White candles that are safe and burn them as long and as much as you like.  Fire is a tool of creation that can ignite you towards your goals this Full Moon.








Thursday, July 16, 2015

Mother Moon makes a way

New Moon time
Last night we entered the Cancer lunar cycle.  This new cycle gives us about 28.5 days to set an intention and work on fulfilling it.  Now before we get out the gate good let's reflect on what we can expect when Cancer rules. Cancer may bring to mind images of a crab, a connection to our feminine power or even a heightened sense of emotional sensitivity, but it must be remembered that Cancer is ruled by the great celestial body, the Moon.

Going beyond
Mother Moon is more than nurturing and caring for our happiness is so much a part of what she brings to us.  The Moon helps us all go way beyond what we know to be true about ourselves.  We are given not only a mirror to see ourselves but a looking glass of sorts where our reflection teams up with our hopes and dreams.  At the core of what the Moon offers is knowing life's rhythms and cycles, you see there is a method to that madness that is our life.  Knowing how we ebb and flow is a road map to having a life sprinkled with success.  This cycle go farther, dream bigger, see beyond regular sight.

Showing it
My personal emphasis will be about knowing my balance and then living it.  No longer do I find a need to say I am balanced, but rather I will show I am balance/d (the noun and the verb form of the word).  My focus is about being rather than doing.  Although there will be temptations to speak or pontificate about true balance, the best thing I can do for me is to just know, sit with, and exude balance.

Design your intentions
What will you word towards? It is important to give some thought to your intention for this cycle and try writing it down so you can physically see what you want to work towards.  Also feel free to jot down notes in a journal or note cards, all ways you choose to mark this lunar cycle are going to support you.

Work in Cancer



Love Magic

Inner Child

Bring Order to Life

Cancer Lunar Cycle Concept - Harmony through Balance


Accept all about myself

I transform by accepting

I am empowered to balance my life

There is no good or bad

Cancer Lunar Cycle Herbs/Essences


Lemon - Water Element - Clarity

Lotus - Water Element - Higher Awareness

Sandalwood - Water Element - Calming

Cancer Lunar Cycle Stone - Coral






Cancer Lunar Cycle Affirmation

Open me this cycle to understand all that I am and all that I have at this moment,

And for things I would like to see in my life I accept they will come after I reach and maintain my balance,

True harmony is a gift I am grateful to receive


Monday, June 29, 2015

Set your strength to strong

Fullness ahead
Within a couple of days (July 1st) we will enter into full moon time. This time is right for checking in on intentions set during the new moon, but also it stands as a time to reflect on things to keep and discard before the rest of the lunar cycle continues.  Also know the most powerful time to do more ritualistic work is the three day period during the full moon (day before - day of - day after).

The first layer
This full moon peaks when the sign of Capricorn is reigning supreme in the skies and well, although this sign can be challenging it can also be a gateway to some of the largest leaps we will take.  Capricorn is a time to cleanse and purge things that no longer serve us. As well, we have the power at our beck and call to limit and even break habits that are counter productive in our lives.  Not to mention if you have some things to set straight with Karma, a Capricorn time is the best for results.

Delve further
Now with all of this talk of Capricorn and its boons let's not forget that all of this is brought to you by the planet Saturn. More than just its rings, Saturn is energy and motion that is always about pushing us forward in this lifetime.  At its core Saturn seems to task us to know exactly who we are and when we do not it can seem to cause us to falter.  I disagree with this to a degree. I believe that the crux of what Saturn offers us is the ability to TRULY know where we come from (ancestral and familial), to TRULY know where we are at this very moment (the good and the bad), and to empower us to soar to heights that are both out of this world and the deepest within ourselves.  So this full moon time may make us cringe, but we will be better for it if we know how to take it and use it.

The strong me
With all of this talk about knowing my focus this full moon is on my strengths, both physical and spiritual. Yes, I know some of what I am able to do, but I want to expand my understanding of just how much I am. In other words I am doing capacity recognition work on myself this full moon and absorbing all that I learn about myself in order to move from this point forth, tasked and stronger for having experienced this full moon

Be about your path
So what's it gonna be? You ready to accept the gifts waiting for you?  Below is guidance and a starting point. Also know that dreams, thoughts, and knowings of all kinds can guide you as well.  Be about the business of accepting what Saturn has for you this full moon and it will come to you. From this moment forth all things can change, if we want and accept it.

Full Moon in Capricorn Goddess - Sekhmet


See my Strength

When I see my success I guarantee my success

Tap into my power source

Accept my emotions then soar into my greatest

Candle Power

During this Full Moon time it is powerful to burn candles to cement that which you are working towards.  Below is information on the candle color that can be associated with the properties of Saturn, the ruler of Capricorn.  Find safe candles, burn them as long and as much as you like.  Fire is a creation tool, use it to ignite yourself towards your goals this Full Moon. 

Intention Setting

Breaking down barriers

The Teacher & Student role

Open to Higher Consciousness



Monday, June 22, 2015

Excited to incite my WILD!!!!

Summer kissed
This morning I wake with joy in my heart for Father Summer has made his entrance in the Northern Hemisphere. It's official, the Sun has returned once again. And yes, the days may be warmer and we will perspire, but the trade off of sun, warmth, and blue skies is all worth the bit of sweat that may come my way.  Most importantly, we have entered yet another season during this year and that means another opportunity to set longer more structured spiritual goals for ourselves.

Let light lead
The Summer Solstice represents the time of year when all things are growing, blooming, and stretching out in its own way.  With the extra light we will have access to, stretch and grow yourself.  I believe summer comes to illuminate (with all of that extra light) the unseen, help us focus on the harder aspects of ourselves, and celebrate the milestones we have reached unknowingly. The fires of summer awaits us all.

Running with the wild
With all of this added uumph I suggest we harness that sun kissed energy and boldly burst through our own barriers by accepting our WILD.  Wild in the sense of being closer to who we are within, wild in the sense of expanding our talents and interests further than before, and lastly wild in the sense of bringing to the surface that rarely seen or heard part of ourselves that also needs to see the light of the summer.  This task during summer will be easier for some than others, but it's not a competition, it's a chance for true change. Take the time, find your WILD!

Me, me, and oh me
Personally, there are things I have been saying I will focus on for months and well I just haven't made the time. For me, this Wild will be about being so evolutionary that the ONLY focus I will have this summer is on me. My health, my art, my spirit, my path, my love, my finances, my healing, and yes, my WILD.  Rarely in my life have I even thought of giving myself this much unabridged time, but this is what my spirits have said are necessary and who am I to disagree!

Jump from here
Below are a few tools that can help in accessing and processing your Wild this summer.  Take this totem, this concept and this affirmation and use them as a jumping off point for your works.  Often times we wonder how do we start, well this is one.  Take time over the next few days meditate, write, dream and ponder. As always answers are there we just have to recognize them.

Summer Animal Totem - Snake

Concept - Healing through Wisdom

credit: pinterest


Experience all without Resistance

Transitions are afoot

Wisdom, Understanding, Wholeness

Summer Concept - Capturing my Wild

credit: michelleshealthrevolutionblog

Know there is Wild in Me

Value Solitude

Know your Wild, Unprotected Spaces

Healing even through Fear

Summer Mantra

credit: healthandyoga

I am open to my wildness knowing, it leads straight to my healing


Saturday, June 20, 2015

Do you know you?

Another new one
We've recently entered into the Gemini Lunar Cycle. I wonder if you can already feel it. There should be something bubbling or just starting to show its head. The new moon or dark moon as it is referred to, is the beginning of an entirely new lunar cycle. So our time has come to goal set and if not that at least lean in the direction of introspection. These days should be quieter and when in doubt listen to that small, barely audible inner voice that probably has wisdom for you.

Make nice with Mercury
This particular Gemini cycle is Mercury ruled, a planet we just met in that harrowing retrograde that is finally gone.  Have no fear our current dance with Mercury is all good, but just know that ways are being opened for us and our inner balance, growth, and learning can increase during the Gemini cycle.

Seeing both sides
And speaking of Gemini, yes I am sure we all know folks in our lives ruled by the twins, right? Well the gift that Gemini does bring to all (not just those born under that sign) is duality. We all have good and bad, light and shadow, positive and negative versions of ourselves.  During this time explore those within you and don't be quick to judge, just observe.  I believe that our inner duality when balanced produces our purest forms of genius, compassion, and divinity.  Unleash yourself unto yourself.

Knowing it
My own walk this cycle is knowing what I know. Not a maybe, not almost, but a serious, definitive, I do understand.  In fact I overstand.  Although there are things that I wear like a courage badge from Girl Scouts, I too have to remind myself, there are things that I do know and processing that knowing is a part of being obedient to spirit.  And self acknowledgement of knowing or even noticing what I know is such a big part of taking other steps forward.  So this cycle I take time to give a little nod to what they have given to me.

Your answers are there
See what Gemini has for you. Really seek that answer that is probably right in front of your face. Finding an intention to set is not arduous or stressful, it is what naturally comes to mind when you think of a goal.  Still yourself between now and the next few days, see what surfaces. You may be surprised.

Work in the Sign of Gemini


Diversity & Change

New Ventures


Mental Health

Gemini Lunar Cycle Concept - Gaia/Earth


Spiritual Understanding

Gently Share Wisdom

Love is Always the best Addition

All is as it should Be

Gemini Lunar Cycle Herbs/Essences

Clary Sage - Earth Element - Harmony & Balance

Marjoram - Air Element - Uplifting

Peppermint - Air Element - Release

Gemini Lunar Cycle Stone - Honey Calcite


Amplifies Energy

Change a Scarcity Mentality

Physical Strengthening

Gemini Lunar Cycle Affirmation

Spirits, open me to the truths that lie within that I am to see, hear, and know,

Root me in my link to the source and that link will heal me, those around me, and this planet,

All of these are possible, but my spirit must be humble, my ears must listen, and my heart must be full of love and compassion