Tuesday, February 23, 2016

When within Rises

credit: in5d.com
The first full moon
Happy Full Moon in Virgo. Today marks the first full day of this first full moon of our Year of the Red Fire Monkey.  True to form this full moon is something different which I suspect will happen most of this lunar new year.

Things for a full moon
When the moon grows to her fullest point it is advisable for us to do our personal check ins. A bit of time to reflect, reorder and recommit to our intentions set for this lunar cycle just a few short weeks ago. 

 Prescription of being
With all the fanfare and motion that is associated with full moons (increased sexuality, werewolves, or fools even) the idea this particular full moon may seem antithetical. The message that was given for this full moon is for us to take our energy and set it on OURSELVES. Our progress lies in our ability to go within, draw upon the great power source and gently absorb. This process of absorption will heal us, make us stronger, help us love more and eventually evolve beyond where we are right now. 

You can be too
We gain traction when we turn our energies inward.  The largest leaps will come from emanation, that state of being, not doing. So, are you ready to be and not do? Well, start with quiet time, maybe add a bit of soothing sounds, then be there, present and without wandering of the mind. Doing just that will definitely take us more than just this full moon, but starting it will have the most amazing outcomes.

More of my being
My practice of emanation will revolve around a daily practice of quiet time, journaling, and listening.  Being actively present is a challenge for me, but i know with practice I can master it.  My hope is when I reach the next new lunar cycle I am more grounded in being!

Be who you be
You are so ready for being. Ask yourself the questions that you never had time to answer before.  Take time in your busy day to be and see how you fare.  Most importantly, get in there, jump in, and see where the beautiful road takes you. There are no cliff notes or short cuts, in order to be you just have to BE! Below are mantras and some candle power suggestions to start you on this being journey.

Full Moon Mantras

I Emanate Within

I can just Be

I focus my Power inside of Me

Being is an Active state for Me 

Candle Power

At the Full Moon there is an awesome amount of power available an a way to cement that power and your works is by burning candles.  Below is information on the color yellow associated with Virgo (yellow is for Mercury, the ruling planet). Find yellow candles that are safe and burn them as long and as much as you like over the next 2-3 days. Fire is a tool of creation and stands in the direction of the South.  Ignite your soul towards its power this Full Moon.


credit: teiko.dornor.blogspot.com

Mental Agility

Manifesting Change

See my World as New

Be Who I Want to Be


Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Monkeying Around

credit: fonalizer.ocm
We begin, again
Yesterday morning or even the days leading up to yesterday should have had some spark, a bit of edge to it, and maybe even some damage control needed. All of this could be because as of 9:38am yesterday morning we have stepped across the threshold and entered into a new lunar year.  That's right before us is another 13 new moons to bless, teach, care for, and challenge us.  So whatever was not done yesterday or last week, move on. The next thing is here and it's really what we do from this point on that truly matters.  This new lunar year (in the ninth sign of the Chinese Zodiac) is represented as the Year of the Red Fire Monkey. Think you know the traits of the monkey, think again.

What it will be
The monkey, usually represented as jovial, jestering, and joyous has so much more to offer us this lunar new year.  I believe the power for the Monkey lies in our ability to tap all of our senses through the lens of the monkey.  Yes, the five senses: hearing, sight, taste, touch, and smell all can be re-imagined thanks to the monkey.  When conflict arises, tap into the monkey to hear your way to a solution with out an altercation. Likewise when health (mental, physical, and spiritual) is questioned be sure to know and use the power of touch (whether that be you or someone else). To navigate the ups and downs of life see beyond what your eyes show you for the sight of the monkey.  And when there is a wiff of something off this year, trust that olfactory(related to smell) intuition and proceed accordingly. Lastly, the ability to taste the sweetness of life in every situation will bring much more joy into our lives daily.  Hopefully this is a recipe we can all use as a base to create a year full of beautiful experiences.

credit: openfacefengshui.com
The burning
The significance of the words Red and Fire mean that much of our focus will be on energy and our physical body.   There will be concepts of our innocence, com/passion, trust, and intensity. Learn to harness all of these together to build the best lunar year yet. Knowing is only half of the job, doing is the other (often missed) part that catapults our power.  With this Red Fire Monkey, know and do!

My monkey year
My year is going to be about tasting the magic that is here for me to live my greatest year. In living this it will also allow me to reach out and share that with others around me. I look to the monkey for courage, balance, and foresight. I accept all of the loveliness that awaits. I will swing through the branches of my life this year to the next level. I hope all of you will as well.

Make it your own
Below is more information on this Lunar New Year and a starting point on developing your own path for this year. Take a few moments over the next 7-14 days to really hear from within the messages that the Sheep has for you. Feel free to comment here or email if you want to share.

Lunar Year Totem - Monkey

Communication must be Clear & Concise

Retool for efficiency in each situation

This is my best health year yet

Creativity and Life Force is key

Balance will move me forward

Lunar New Year Elements

Please use these objects and let them guide you towards what is in store for you this lunar New Year. Other things may in fact appear for you and that is the point. Marking the Lunar New Year sets the bar for you and helps you take ownership of the power you have within. Happy New Year!!!

  • Journal
  • Sacred Space (altar, ritual space, a place in nature)
  • Sage/Cedarwood smudges or dried herbs to burn
  • Written intentions for the year
  • Red candles (all shades)
  • Spiritual tools or books that are guiding