Monday, January 23, 2017

Set your Lunar Year

credit: MTA
The 13 moons
Preparing for a new lunar year can be daunting or tiring, but having a self made guide book for yourself will allow you to navigate the coming Lunar Year in unparalleled fashion. The significance of the Lunar New Year is that there will be 13 new moon cycles with which to dream, learn, give, receive, and hope all over again.

Give it time
One of the most potent steps I have taken in the last decade or so is to really give time, spirit, and space to what I want to manifest. There are roughly four days remaining where we get the opportunity to ask questions, hear answers, listen for indicators, and conjure up the future that is upon us. Please do not take lightly that we are the masters of our destinies, we are just that. And the other very practical note is that if we don't have a clear plan of where we'd like to go, how do we know when we have reached.

Inch by inch
Set time aside today or even each day (same or different times isn't relevant) and make sure you are making note of what issues, ideas, concepts. or hardships come up.  Often times people want to make large proclamations and stands on what their year will be about and yes that is one way to set your Lunar Year off, but I have more recently subscribed to the notion that my guides will give me a skeletal idea of the year and then it's up to me to see the specifics as they come. It is a bit more risky, but I find that I am able to harness and utilize my spiritual connection/powers better that way.

credit: AThompson
You make the call
I want each of you to decide how best to set out the year for yourself. Ritual and ceremony only heightens our link to the spirit realm so whether with ourselves or with others we must bring in this Lunar New Year in a way that makes us comfortable (food, music, gathering, elemental objects, etc). The power lies not in what we have around us, but rather the energy we activate.

Decisions, decisions
Below are general areas that often help as a spring board for portions of our life that we want to emphasize in a given Lunar Year.  Figure out the who, what, when, why, and how and have it ready with you when you begin doing work for the Lunar New Year. Also intuit and mantra for the year, either from a guidance card pull or an overarching theme for your path this Lunar Year.  I have found that manifestation springs forth from the ability to conceive it, write it, speak it, and share it.  All of this together makes up for some powerful mojo that will help us navigate through the next 13 moons and beyond. Please check back midweek when the blog for the Lunar New Year will be posted. I look forward to hearing what this has sparked. Remember caring is sharing!

Lunar New Year Intention Areas




Health/Well Being