Saturday, October 17, 2009

A cycle, re-cycle, or no cycle?

In these chilling autumn days, take the time to truly appreciate the lessons we can all learn from nature. On a recent drive through the park I was humbled at the beauty, the continuity, the insistence of cycling. Nothing grandiose or brazen, just plain and simple; its time. During this Scorpio Lunar Cycle that is upon us, ruled by the mystical powers of Pluto, use our energies to think of ourselves as the proverbial leaf, waiting, entering, or leaving that eventual cycle that goes from bud on a branch, to delectably green shaped vegetation, to boldly Fall color, and finally a decomposed and reusable portion of the earth. As we know Pluto is a planet full of power and mystery, but let’s de-mystify for ourselves. Decide where you are at? Do you need to change to another spot on the branch? Do you need to maybe sit this cycle of growth out for transmutative work, another gift Pluto offers, transmutation that is.

We couldn’t ask for a better set of circumstances, the beginning of a lunar cycle, the ability to question our personal cycle, and the beauty of fall’s foliage to remind us daily of the cycles all around us. My own focus this cycle will be on clearing for what is to come, physically, spiritually, Goddess-ly. I have a feeling big things will be expected of me soon and well, I must be ready when the shining light comes. In order to do that, my *ish needs to be in order. So my intent this cycle is to clear, whether that means fasting, giving things away, or deep replenishing breaths. To all, I must clear.

Below are areas to consider to work towards in this Scorpio lunar cycle which is ultimately ruled by Pluto....

Work in Pluto

Clearing for a new cycle

Forces of destiny


Flower/Herb Essences




Scorpio Lunar Cycle Animal Totem

Beaver-The Dream Builder

Act on my dreams to make them reality

Do not neglect my dental care

Teamwork as a concept

Dreams are easier to build with a team helping

Scorpio Lunar Cycle Messages

North Messages

Be true to my desires

Allow for explosive changes

South Message

Keep an out of the box perspective

East Messages

The young are the way, the truth, and the light

Helping children, helps me

West Messages

Time is right on time

Do everything with ease