Saturday, September 23, 2017

True Equality

Balance before Us
The Autumnal Equinox has debuted at approximately 4:02pm on Friday Sep. 22nd in the Northern Hemisphere and we are still within our first 24 hours. The significance of this is that there are only two times a year (autumn and spring equinoxes) where day and night are equal lengths. Meaning that on these days balance is possible in ways unimaginable. On this Autumn Equinox I want us all to grab equality and hold on to it with fierceness. If ever a time existed to give us an opportunity to look balance and harmony in the face and say yes it is this moment. Of course there will be antics (mine have already started), but all I need to say is this season is my season of balance.

Growing darkness
As our days grow shorter and our nights grow longer we need to capture the power of dark time and rest more, savor time in the house, and approach each day with a gentleness that will ease into our everyday activity. On the horizon this Autumn are festivals, holidays, and weather change but on the inside we must prepare ourselves to gain from this time or else all potential can be squandered.

Making it so
Many transitions physically, geographically, and financially are upon my horizon this Autumn and in the midst of all of that I am focused on staying my course and not being distracted by the curve balls life will throw me. Although I can be quite focused I can also let things pop into my psyche that are none of my concern. This time of year I will lean towards mine own understanding. And this season I will be supported by meditation, routine exercise, cleaner eating, lots of rest and plenty of good hydration. All of this seems formulaic but making these prescriptions my mission instead of my default is something all together different.

Standing with Me
Now that you know what is it I want to share ways you to can benefit from not only the equinox by the entire season of Autumn. Listed below are suggestions, information, and tools that can help you find your way this season when things get rough, and they will get rough it's the nature of life.  See them as an introduction to whatever you will decide will guide you this season. Lastly I challenge us all to keep some sort of journal or written account of our life this fall so when it ends and winter comes we have something to reflect upon and see just how far we have come.

Autumn Concept - 
Hearing the Divine Feminine Within


Listen and trust to Myself

Stay true to my Thoughts

Stand my Ground

Take time to Listen to the Divine Feminine

My Strength is my Shield

Autumn Foods


Root Vegetables

Cold Weather Greens

Raw Seeds/Nuts


Sweet and Heavy Fruits

Autumn Elements


Air Element - incense, fans, breeze

Fire Element - candle, fire pit, chimney fire

Water Element - bowl of water, mist, spray

Earth Element - Stone, figurine, flowers

Spirit Element - Written intentions

Autumn Ritual


                           Make time in the first few days of Autumn 
                           Gather your autumn elements 
                           Find quiet and undisturbed time
                           Listen for Autumn intentions 
                           Write down your Autumn intentions 
                           Meditate, pray, or focus on these intentions
                           Know you have the power to manifest all things
                           Revisit these intentions as needed this Autumn

Autumn Affirmation

Divine Feminine within bless me in ways I think impossible, open my heart to the power of who you are that lies with in me,

This season transform my world view and my place in it and make sure I am working for the greatest and best good for all,

When I am doubtful remind me of my wisdom, strength, courage, compassion, love, and joy


Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Think a New Thought

Begin again
In just an hour or so the moon will enter into a new lunar cycle and this one will be in the sign Virgo. More than just a time of efficiency and a critical eye Virgo has blessings to bestow upon us all.  When Virgo rules know all things can live up to a higher standard and with this high achievement comes an earthly level of compassion that most people don't see. Take time during this cycle to "get your house in order" in all aspects of your life. And just how is that done? Well knowing that Virgo is ruled by Mercury is a start.

Go for the gut
Mercury lays out for us newness is the most amazing way. This planet offers new thinking, learning from our flaws, and personal balance. At its core Mercury is the manifestation of "trusting your gut" or rather your Solar Plexus Chakra region. Not often accentuated or epitomized our inner voice, intuition or guts are here to lead us, steer us, and help us stay clear of trouble. Ask yourself "how do I fair with my guts?"

Being destiny
My path this Virgo cycle will be about being silent, hearing my intuition and actually doing as I am told. I know, novel idea, right? For me ideas abound always but I falter when it comes to letting things play themselves out. I will challenge myself this lunar cycle to feel my way through and just be with the manifestation of things. Although I am the Queen of planning I do realize that things that are destined just occur. Likewise I will not lean towards whims without action. I am working to find that balance of being my solutions, not looking or finding them.

Centering self
This lunar cycle take time to focus on being intentional, being honest with yourself, and being open to the possibilities that are waiting just for you. Below are nudges as to when or how or even where you can find your own center this cycle. Be free to try these and other sources of guidance.

Virgo Lunar Cycle Concept - New Thinking

credit: CEB

New Ideas are Brewing

Allow Newness to Grow

Open my Heart and Mind 

My Intuition gives Insight

Virgo Lunar Cycle Totem - Jaguar
Totem Meaning - Reclaiming Power

credit: pinterest

Patience is Rewarded

Trust my Instincts

Be Stealth 

Do the Unbelievable

Go Beyond What I Imagine


Monday, August 21, 2017

Eyes on a Prize

Seen Alignment
On this day in in may places around the globe we will be blessed with a Solar Eclipse (check your areas for viewing times). Meaning that the Moon will move between the Earth and the Sun, casting a shadow and blocking out the Sun's light. Simple enough explanation, right? Well the spiritual implications could not be more fortuitous for us. Eclipses hold great power and knowing what is possible makes room for such great progress and evolution on just this one day.

Sun seeker
The Sun, ruler of Leo and the new moon we will be entering just after the Solar Eclipse is known for many gifts, such as performance, recognition, and openly seeking pleasure. But, most of all, the Sun illuminates that which we have hid from ourselves and others. So while this Solar Eclipse provides opportunities to view the power of these celestial bodies (Sun, Earth, Moon), be very clear that asking for light and truth at this time will bring just that. And it won't be filtered.

To see or not to see
Illumination can be a double edged sword that we can properly wield if we are ready and prepared. Upending our shadow side can bring pain, guilt, hurt and regret, know it and don't be surprised if it shows up. In these last hours before the Solar Eclipse take time to ready yourself. Think about what you want to reveal to yourself. Think about how loved and connected you are all things and everyone. Focus on the compassion and kindness that you have for yourself. And know that during this Solar Eclipse and at least two weeks from now things will come to the surface and it is okay.

Sea of emotions
My journey this Solar Eclipse is to take stock of my emotions on a whole list of things and to prepare myself for rejuvenation and moving forward. There have been many things that have been swirling and moving in my spirit these last few months (the reason for my less frequent blogging), but I am clear now that sharing is a must and that I must locate and reconnect with my inner self to move through this place. While I am not expecting miracles, I sure will take them as they come.

Watch & see
Please take seriously this gift of a visible Solar Eclipse.  Right now in the world we can all use some universal wig snatching (colloquial for truth revealing) and if we are all focused on truth, illumination and breaking of smoking mirrors, then it will be so. What I know about humanity is that our greatest power lies in our ability to love, our capacity to be kind, and our connection to those who have come before us. I hope you get all you need from this Solar Eclipse.

Work in Solar Eclipse

Time of Great Change
During this brief time know that each second holds great possibility and if we use it then we have evolved just a bit more

Power Portal
Eclipses hold great spiritual power that we can access at this time, be ready to accept that which is for you and only you

Meditation & Reflection
Take moments to reflect and listen following this Solar Eclipse, take the next 2 to 3 weeks to see what manifests and reflect daily

Past Life/Soul Retrieval
An eclipse can reveal portions of ourselves that have been disconnected, use this time to welcome back portions of yourself that left due to trauma or pain, if need be seek professional assistance

Solar Eclipse Herbs/Flower Essences


Bay - Fire Element - Overcome Opposition

Honey - Earth Element - Calming

Marigold - Fire Element - Renewal

Solar Eclipse Affirmation


On this day allow all the shadows to appear so I may confront them, see them for what they are and move beyond them,

Blessed am I to encounter the power of the eclipse, I am open, I am clear, I am love,

May my ancestors and guides lead me to the truth that has been here all along.