Sunday, May 8, 2011

Charging your charge for the Bull

BLAM! POW! KABOOM! These verbs reminiscent of the shows of the 60's are just the kind of energy we can expect from dear, dear Taurus this Lunar Cycle. That's right, all of us who were trying so hard to make it through that Aries cycle, well now we have another chance. This time we will all be blessed with an overflow of many things, thanks to Taurus and the ruling planet of Venus.

Being someone born with bull like energy from Chinese Astrology, I am always so excited about this time of year when folks graduate, we celebrate mothers and it's just generally a good time to be outside. Don't take these gifts from Venus, by way of Taurus without knowing that to those whom much is given, much will be required. Taurus is a time for abundance (in all forms) and love work. Stay open to be anointed with an influx of creativity, realization of highest dreams, and the awesome power we have to attract.

For me I am charging myself with making rituals, large and small a part of the many moments that will exist in this cycle. I get up, ritualize it, I am unsure, ritualize it too. Basically I am putting my proverbial money where my mouth is. This cycle it's about hardcore work to access and flourish in the abundance and prosperity that is and always will be available to me.

So below are some tools, that's all they are, use them as you see necessary and hey challenge yourself to create tools too. Again this being the beginning of the Lunar Cycle set out what you want to work on this cycle and make it a reality. POINT BLANK, PERIOD!

Work in Taurus

Material Well Being

Love Magic

Increase Business and Employment

Taurus Animal Totem-Eagle

Look higher to illuminate my next levels

Heal myself with love

Remember my Power

Acknowledge my connection to divinity

Flower and Herb Essences




Taurus Cycle Revelations

I am the agent of action in everything I want

I do have all the funds I need for things, I just need to tap the universe to access that abundance

I must embrace the ease and grace that is for me

I have assets and they can be used wisely or not, I make that choice