Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The powering of my power; is it overpowering?

Power is settling all around us at this very moment. We are near to the fullness of the moon, but before that magic we will be blessed with a lunar eclipse that is surely already doing somersaults in our lives. Let me try to lay things out so we all can "get our houses in order"-so to speak :)

Lunar Eclipse

Full Moon lunar eclipse is a perfect time to just dialogue with the inner self. Unlike the solar eclipse, the power of the moon naturally beckons us to make changes to our inner world, our emotions and our self state. Not only can you check in during this lunar cycle, but really check in on yourself over the last half year, year, half decade or decades. Are you really the person you want to be? If not how can you make that a reality? Answers to these and any other thought provoking questions come from taking the time to ask. That is all it takes. That and a willingness to honestly see who you are.

Full Moon

A Full Moon is a peak time to work power, and not power in an external sense, but power internally, a place we shy away from for various reasons. Full Moons can be seen as Ripeness. During Full Moons there is increase in all sorts of energies and things occurring. We have often heard folklore tell of the “wildness” of Full Moons, well I propose it is the climaxing of the cycle, so get ready.... And what a beautiful climax it should be for us all this time. As we make our way to the midpoint of this Gemini Lunar Cycle, we must pause to recognize the royalty, omnipotence, and force of this Sagittarius Full Moon. And since Jupiter rules Sagittarius, the regal theme is throughout this full moon. Know that balancing solutions, purification, abundance, and broadening our vision are all available to us at this very moment. Below are some starting points of what to address with the Jupiter-Sagittarius energy available at this moment in cycle.

Full Moon Work

Love, Attraction, Passion


Blessing of Space

Courage of Heart

Inner Awakenings

Full Moon Concept-Reputation

During this time of gifting and blessings I think it may do us all some good to think of our relationship with our reputation. Not reputation in the high school popularity way, but rather the deeper understanding of how and why we project what we project to the outside world. Is there a disconnect in who we are and who we are perceived as? Do we need to boost up our "self-love" image? I know, who really wants to deal with this, but reputation is perfect for a time such as this. Below are some thoughts we can ask ourselves about our reputations. I know when I saw these questions, some of them did make me squirm. Remember squirming is a good thing, its shows us where the discomfort is and then allows us to address it.

Be sure to walk my talk

I can attract or repel on demand

My energy is so powerful it can seep out

Do I project negativity onto others that I need to address with myself

Be aware of what I am attracting

Monday, June 6, 2011

Sign on the road says "My journey has a guide"

So, all of us are on our individual and collective journeys right? Well the universe and all the spirits are granting us a pit stop during this Gemini Lunar Cycle. At this pit stop we all can find our own guide books for ourselves courtesy of Mercury, the ruling planet of Gemini. This guide book is the road map, the large and small scale models of our journey thus far, and the all important legends of what things truly are in our lives. Let us use the powerful, yet often times misunderstood magic of Mercury to alter, re-direct, and swerve onto the path that we need at this moment. One of the biggest gifts from Mercury is inner knowing and true self knowledge. Okay, the stage is set for us, let's make it happen.

My focus this cycle will be on freeing myself from expectations of all kinds. I intend to be that diversity and change that I expect from the world, knowing full well I have all the tools at my disposal to morph and tweak myself when necessary. Self knowledge is a journey and I am grateful that Mercury is my always there to tap or pound me into remembering I do possess the power to know my journey, inside and out.

How about you? What will your focus be for the remainder of this fabulous cycle, which will include a full moon eclipse and the summer solstice? Below are things to work on during Mercurial times,

Work in Mercury

Journey Assistance

Inner Knowledge

Reflection of imbalance

Head Clearing

Gemini Lunar Cycle Totem-Black Panther

Enter darkness willingly

Darkness holds acceptance, access to hidden truths, and healing

Ability to free myself from expectations

Flower/Herb Essence

Clary Sage-Inner Wisdom

Lavender-Love of self and others

Lemongrass-Passion of all kinds

Gemini Cycle Affirmation

Please allow my inner wisdom to float to the top of my understandings each and every moment of this cycle,

With this wisdom I will ask for assistance knowing full well that receiving is an important part of life's cycle, and

That the love and the light that I have for myself will be reflected for all that I come in contact with until the moon is dark again