Tuesday, September 22, 2020

The Healing of Harvest

The time has come at 9:30am EST we entered into the Autumn Equinox: meaning day and night are equal lengths and provide for us balance that occurs only twice a year. Use the weeks near it to bring about acceptance beyond belief. 

The time is harvest. In the agrarian life autumn is a time of harvest. And yes when we think of this time of year there comes to mind pumpkins, apples. straw, and everything orange, red and yellow. But these are not the true boons of autumn, but rather a mere commercialization of a larger more powerful time. To me harvest is one of the best times to clear out completely. No stalk, stem, or leaf shall remain. It is also a time to really view what work has been done. So, no we don't need false congratulatory ceremonies for ourselves, but more of a deep quiet understanding of our individual and collective big pictures in life. See the growth, see the maturation, and see where perhaps things did not manifest. Let autumn's balance reveal the enormity of who we are, where we are, and pull back any veils we've been using on ourselves.

The time is fearless. For me this autumn is my opportunity to see my contracted and expanded selves. I am using this time to hone in on fears or doubts, face them head on, move past them and then watch them in my rearview mirror. There has been a need for some of my gifts and frankly I have shirked them for many reasons (all seem like a good idea, but not legitimate), but no longer will I give into the shadow side of myself. This is my season of yes and I accept. Also I want to make sure I too am not ghosting myself spiritually and really standing in my power to accept what the ancestresses/ancestors have for me. If COVID has taught me anything it's tomorrows are all gifts.

The time is intentional. On a cross quarter day like the Autumn Equinox I say to us all take advantage of the great power and thinning veil between spirit and physical worlds. Today is the start of something amazingly beautiful and we all have the chance to begin again. Set forth intentions (big or small) and see how they manifest over the season. And none of these have to be large or internet posts. I find my deepest self understandings come in the quietest of whispers that are fleeting and I often can not repeat their true meaning. Be good to yourself this season and also to others. Wishing us all a most fruitful Fall season.

Autumn Totem - Wild Boar

Totem Meaning - Confrontation


Move through conflict with speed and power

Thicken my skin

My strength will reveal my treasures

Face the unfaceable

Protect and uphold Family

Autumn Concept - Loss


Loss is not loss if I find the gift beneath it

An ending is just before a beginning

Acknowledge my losses to be empowered from them

I have oneness with all that there is

Embrace equanimity

Autumn Foods


Root Vegetables

Cold Weather Greens

Raw Seeds/Nuts


Sweet and Heavy Fruits

Autumn Flower - Sunflower





--Shamanic Drea

Sunday, August 23, 2020

Balance beyond belief

What we lived
2020 has already been one for the books, but we are all charged with completing this mammoth year. I know we have a bit of trepidation with elections, a second virus wave, and possible shut downs ahead. I felt like it only makes sense to try to decipher what is ahead. Of course this is not looking into a crystal ball trickery, but rather ancestral wisdom looms over my head just as it does over yours. In this post I will lay out one way to view all of this and suggest a way to decode what lies ahead.

What we do
Navigating the remainder of this year is about knowing what type of energy has already been put out into the world with COVID, injustice and large amounts of global deaths. Once we know we must accept all that transpired thus far and digest it in order to transmute this surge of negative and positive experiences. Even as I write this I too struggle with parts of this prescriptive plan of moving from this moment.

What we need
Ok let's chunk this into smaller parts. Simply stated the pandemic has changed our lives in an instant and spiritually this has been a huge undertaking to pivot, adjust, protect, root and ground ourselves. Having said that I personally felt that leaning into my ancestors and their experiences and ways of living is one of the things that really got me through the darkest days (since I live in North New Jersey which was a part of the eye of the virus initially). Once I was able to identify that this wasn't new and that there was a blueprint of some sort acceptance became an option for me. Now digestion, well that one was a bit more difficult.

What we know
Digesting all of this comes with such grave aspects of knowing that there really is meaning in ignorance is bliss, but since I lean towards learning every time, I had to just take whatever came with the knowing. Again my ancestors provided me with insight that what we are experiencing is not new and is a pattern of human behavior when there is lack, inferiority, and emptiness in their souls. Also the ancestors taught me that there was nothing anyone did to deserve this fate and that somehow calmed me in the harshest of the storm.

What we will
Lastly, (and where I currently find myself) is the place of transmutation. The phenomenon associated with taking the horrible and making it useable is a tall order on any given day, but during or after a pandemic is quite heroic humanity and spiritual might. So I will say this, ancestrally speaking, this is where our greatest and best good lives dwell and if we swim through all of our spiritual muck to reach the point of peace, understanding and balance what we access is much like that of walking a tight rope with a monkey on our heads. PURE BALANCE.

What we are
Now many of you may ask how do I lean into, reach out to, or even access my ancestors. Well it is much simpler than you think. For me, a practitioner of an earth based spirituality, I believe our ancestors are always around us we just block ourselves from seeing them.

But for a beginner or even a naysayer here are a few things that help me access them.

Ancestor Connection

Make their favorite food and eat it, you can even have a small spirit plate that you leave for them while eating

Set up an ancestral altar with pictures, objects they like and candles to light the way for them (be careful, use safe candles or faux candles)

Do a meditation on them and really concentrate on connecting to them in order to receive messages they have for you

Engage a family member in a conversation about the ancestor so you can remember their personality, traits, wit, and wisdom

Go to a favorite place of theirs and spend some time there just being there and staying open to any understanding that you may receive

Celebrate a holiday or favorite time of the year that your ancestor liked, you can do it like they did it or add something new to it that is your own flavor

Saturday, May 23, 2020

Staging for my Success

Beginning begins
To begin again, that is what we have. No matter how fracking wrong a lunar cycle can go (and we have all had some really bad ones) have deep wisdom in the fact that there is the opportunity to do it all over again. At 1:38pm EST yesterday the moon made its way into the new moon in Gemini. Now both of those will be explored, but first let's see what all the hype is over a new moon.

Newness renewed
So, a new moon is also called the dark moon cause when we look in the sky we see no moon at all, but it just means where we are is far from the moon and it is not visible. She is still there, trust me. When this time is upon us there is a natural contraction of energy and a journey inward for unabridged introspection is one of the best things we can do for ourselves. Do work at this time that is about cleansing, clearing, removal and grounding. All of these are things we can benefit from at this time, but I suggest you try just one of them. Sometimes our overzealousness gets the best of us and we are not as productive as we think. And the last thing that the new moon represents is a time for intention setting for the entire lunar cycle (the next 28.5 days).

Mercury manifests
Gemini, that sign of duality, diversity and change, its power is derived from its ruling planet Mercury (which will be retrograding during this cycle, but we'll dish about that in another post). Mercury, that great communicator and also trickster, is the planet to ask for help on your journey. It has the power of efficiency and superior articulatory skills (whether audible or not). Use this time to accept weakness in order to move beyond (and weakness can be large or small), push yourself as I intend to push me.

Check myself
Now my intentions this lunar cycle is to work to better communicate what I have been given with others. Often times I hesitate to share, for one reason or another, but this new moon will be about accepting what I have and have not done in order to be open to where I will be going. Although all of this is not tangible, I am so encouraged to do this work because I am finally at a stage where I know I am mastering my spiritual path, rather than apprenticing it. For me there will be stillness, reflection, lots of writing and practicing (with myself and others). I will continue to say YES to new roads.

Rituals created
For those out here who have never done new moon work it is not formulaic or set. Allow yourself to be guided in how and when to ritualize and mark this new moon. One thing to keep in my, try to get your initial work in within the next couple of days. Then you have the rest of the lunar cycle to tweak, change and notice. A couple of ways to use the info below is to use post it notes to surround yourself with messages. Or you can keep a new moon journal where you can write and reflect about this cycle and the cycles to come. I offer the guidance tools below to you, me, and all of this this new moon.

Work in the New Moon

Fasting and Cleansing

Removal and Clearing

Preparing for the New

Acceptance of Introspection

Lunar Cycle Animal Totem - Deer

Animal Totem Meaning - Gentleness

credit: nd.gov

Return to my Wilderness

Cherish Family & Ancestry

Hear the Inaudible

Embrace the power of Gentleness

Lunar Cycle Bird Totem - Cardinal

Bird Totem Meaning - Upholding the Self 

credit: nps.gov

Renew Vitality

Listen to message from the Wind

Uplift Creativity and Intuition

Watch My Diet

New Moon "Grounding" Oil Blend

credit: homemadelovely.com

Utilize the new moon to harness the power of aromatherapy. Creating an oil blend that is used during the cycle will give you a way to reconnect and remember. A small and quick gesture can last a long time. Find a small glass bottle to store in a cool and dry place in your home. Use a base oil (grapeseed, sunflower, safflower). Use as often as needed and feel free to refill if you must. 

5 parts Patchouli (Grounding - Earth Element)

3 parts Orange (Happiness - Fire Element)

3 parts Lavender (Centering - Air Element)

New Moon's Magic

These are short and quick ideas to keep in mind when doing the work to set for this lunar cycle and beyond. On those days this cycle when everything is falling apart, take time to come back to this post and see these few words. Magic is in the power we allow to inhabit us for it is and always was inside of us.

Be Committed, Patient, and Open

I am creating a Roadmap for my Life's Success

I Transform by Accepting

--Shamanic Drea

Sunday, April 12, 2020

The sparkle is Spring

Credit: HartlepoolMail.com
Change has come
For most of us overnight the world has seemingly changed. Especially in the midst of all of this I want us to take a moment, lean into the realities the ancestors have for us, and go within to find our power and be guided into the next iteration of who we are in these times.  And trust, it is not lost on me that all of this is occurring in the season of Spring.

Season's blessings

Spring, a season associated with color, the return of the Sun and many beginnings must always be acknowledged as a time for growth. This growth has to be from the inside out or else we miss the things that are truly for us.  During this time of worldwide coping purposely align yourself with like minded persons and tap into that action of renewal. The regenerative force that is Spring does NOT happen by osmosis, we must be willing to accept the gifts this season has for us. Are you ready? 

Silence seeker
For me this time has been full of embracing stillness. Although many of us are urged and even sometimes pressured to feel like we need to engage in projects, new skills and outreach to new audiences I simply have not been moved. To actually complete this blog and contemplate future ones has been a task because on most days I just want some stillness. My balance this spring will be about how to seek silence then emerge and create. Then take time to complete that cycle all over again. As much as I am hampered to be in I know that my guides are giving me this time as a gift and I hope I am open enough to accept and utilize it.

Surfing this Change
Since many of us have been ordered to stay at home take the time to think about what you already have as a resource that can help you navigate for today and tomorrow. Marking the beginning of a shift in energy is to your benefit. By saying to the spirit world I recognize the changes that are around me you open so much to you and others. Below are spiritual and guiding tools to use this Spring. They are sketches of a blueprint, please feel free to use them, not use them or spring board from them. Most importantly, be intentional about what you want this Spring. That intent will take you farther than you know.

Spring Animal Totem - Turtle
Meaning - Ancient Wisdom & Grounding

Credit: SpiritAnminals.com

Longevity & Rootedness is a choice in my Life

Seek my inner counsel in turbulent times

Slow & See Opportunities

Go Within to mature my Ideas

Nature has the perfect Tempo

Spring Concept - Create Harmony through Balance

Credit: WalkingBalance.com

I Own, Accept and Love all of Me

There is never positive or negative, just what is

I can Balance my life in the midst of Storms

Spring Foods

Credit: Hip&Healthy.com

Spices (Ginger, Lemon, Tumeric)

Dry Grains (Corn, Barley, Millet)

Astringent Fruits (Apples, Pears, Berries, Prunes)

Lean Proteins, Egg Whites & White Meat

Bitter Vegetables (Brussel Sprouts, Cabbage, Asparagus)

Raw Honey

Spring Mantra

credit: SadhanaShakti.com

During renewal, ancestors lead me to the depths of me,

Allow me to access the power of silence & spirit there,

Ground me in knowing I have and am all I need.

--Shamanic Drea

Sunday, October 27, 2019

Release in Three

New Moon
With the change in weather also comes a change in the moon. Today, at approximately 11:38pm EST the moon moves itself into a new lunar cycle and into the sign of Scorpio. The new moon is the time when the moon in the sky gives the appearance of full darkness, but really is just far away.  This is the time to figure out what you will work towards over the next 28.5 days (a lunar cycle). See these few days as planning or incubation on what you will work towards manifesting. Now having said all of that, let's get into more of the nitty gritty of this lunar cycle.

New Focus
Scorpio is a sign frequently reduced to heightened sexuality and strong passions but it offers many more gifts. Namely embracing the subtleties of life, journeying homeward to find a better understanding of self, and completing severance that is necessary to move forwardMore than a mere mantra, severance or plainly put "letting go" has all the sounds of a self help guru's platform, but rarely is it as easy as it sounds. Lean into Scorpio and it's ruling planet Pluto for the power to do things differently. Let us travel inwards to simply listen and hear what needs releasing.

New Knowing
My own journey this cycle is pivotal as I am being asked to put my talk into my walk. My life has a way of hearing me speak and then she shows up and says "Ok, show us". So my letting go will reveal things to me I probably have hidden deep within. This lunar cycle will be steeped in introspection, noticing, awareness and action. Only when I am quiet will things be revealed.

New Intention
Take all things contained in here as ideas, not a roadmap. My goal is to connect all of us closer to the power of the moon, her beautiful machinations and all the bounty that comes from knowing when and what kind of work to do each lunar cycle. For this new moon you will know what is best for you at this very moment. Below are a few steps that I am working with as I let go of things unwanted. Feel free to use this, alter it or use some other means that may allow you to release.

New Moon in Scorpio Work 

credit: anna-jelen.com

Below are three small steps that could actually take much longer than a short lunar cycle, but I say to you (and myself), let this be the beginning of dumping unwanted things that take up space in our lives. Whether secrets from long ago or longings that were never received, we must release in order to receive. I would love to be kept abreast of how you are doing with your release. I will check in this cycle to share more of what I have learned.

Step 1 - Recognize
Often the hardest step, take time this new moon to focus on seeing the unseen. It's not what we know but what we don't know, remain open and see things in a new way,

Step 2 - Acknowledge
Upon seeing then we must wholly accept whatever it is before us, completely unabridged. Radical acceptance is a feat but is doable, settle in to new knowing,

Step 3 - Release
Finally we have to figure a way to relinquish all that we hold. Whether it be through ritual, mantras, a letter or sharing, put these things back into the universe that no longer serve you.

--Shamanic Drea

Monday, September 23, 2019

The way to find a way

credit: exploredeeply.com
Balancing Act
At approximately 3:40am EST we entered into autumn. Today is the Autumn Equinox meaning day and night are equal lengths and provide for us balance that only comes twice a year. Use this equinox and the days and weeks near it to bring about balance to all aspects of our lives. Forget a clear and concise plan or goal, just put one foot in front of the other and step purposefully on your own path this autumn.

Fear no fog
Be it love, abundance, spiritual understanding or social consciousness this autumn can be the clearing we need, without realizing it. Often times in my own life when I have feared or worried the most what's gotten me through my fog has just been one step, then another, then another until eventually I have reached the place I didn't even know I was meant to go. This picture above symbolizes what our lives look like we when are sort of on a path and sort of not. A path without definition and many parts ahead that are nowhere near clear, but we still must move on, knowing that all will be revealed in divine time.  Take steps, be afraid and do it anyway, and most of all know that nothing we do is truly in isolation for our ancestors and guides move through this life with us, especially when we feel the loneliest.

Anchor in a fog
My own fog lies in making decisions around what is next on my spiritual journey and how and where am I meant to show up. And guess what? It's really foggy for me now, but I am anchored in knowing this fog will clear as long as I am willing to step onto that path and know a journey awaits with an unknown destination. Am I up to the challenge, yes just like we all are, but I also will keep tabs on myself by journaling, being in nature as much as I can and being open to hear the messages from some of the most unlikely sources, cause frankly that's how my folks like to show up :)

A set up
On a cross quarter day like the Autumn Equinox I say to us all take advantage of the great power and thinning veil between spirit and physical worlds. Today is the start of something amazingly beautiful and we all have the chance to begin again. Set forth intentions (big or small) and see how they manifest over the season. And none of these have to be large or internet posts. I find my deepest self understandings come in the quietest of whispers that are fleeting and I often can not repeat their true meaning. Be good to yourself this season and also to others. Wishing us all a most fruitful Fall season.

Autumn Concept - Misalignment for Alignment

This autumn I ask us all to be comfortable with discomfort as a way to gauge just where we need to be and use that as a landmark on how to get to that place of alignment, comfort and joy. With all that is going on in the world right now happiness, laughter, and beauty are things we must not take for granted. So join me in getting it oh so wrong so we can work to get it just right. And clearly I do not want any of us to stay in misalignment but I ask you trust me (and my guides for that matter) to let your personal tracks in life come a bit off the rails in order to put them back. Perfection, precision and self doubt do not belong in any configuration of what I am asking you to do. On the craziest of days laugh it off, take a nap or hit reset (sometimes that's the only way). As Voltron needed alignment to totally activate all parts into a higher functioning unit, so do we (shameless 80's cartoon reference for sure).

Autumn Foods

credit: giveasyoulive.com

Root Vegetables

Cold Weather Greens

Raw Seeds/Nuts


Sweet and Heavy Fruits

Autumn Ritual

credit: kunc.org

To create your own autumn ritual follow these few steps below but feel free to add, take away or edit, this is a springboard for creating ritual, not a blueprint. As the picture above shows ritual is all around us and helps us through the unimaginable. Here's to a successful ritual.

                     Make time in the first few days of Autumn 

                     Find quiet and undisturbed time


                     Listen for Autumn intentions 

                     Write down your Autumn intentions 

                     Meditate, pray, or focus on these intentions                      


                     Revisit these intentions as needed this Autumn

---Shamanic Drea