Sunday, April 20, 2008

Time to "Take it There!"

In furthering the warrior cycle we are immersed in, I challenge us all (that’s right, me included) to know that face of this warrior, accept the path we walk and yes, allow the transformation to be completed. And what better time than now, A FULL MOON to do this. A Full Moon is a peak time to work power, and not power in an external sense, but power internally, a place we shy away from for various reasons. The Full Moon can be seen as the concept Ripeness. During Full Moons there is increase in all sorts of energies and things occurring. And yes, there are many things one can invoke during this time, but know that the knowledge of the divine is great and if there is even a tinge of untruth, things put forth may not come to fruition as hoped. Be honest, be humble, be bold, all at the same time when evoking Full Moon energy.

This Full Moon ruled by Scorpio and more importantly its ruling planet, Pluto, is one of Transmutation, Transformation and Reconstruction. In order to transform, we all must make space. It is not an overnight, fast food, instant gratification process, its work, but work that includes awe inspiring components, if we are open to “taking it there”. For me, I have gained a greater understanding of the warrior energy I carry, now, I must give up the control and allow the completion to steps I have taken a while ago to manifest. Gone are the days of me giving and taking, I submit, wholeheartedly, without reservation. So, think about where are you in any processes of Transmutation, Transformation or Reconstruction. How will you proceed from this point on? And, what can you do, or not do, to usher it in graciously?

A few things that might glean themselves when approached during the full moon are the following:

Love, Attraction, Passion

Abundance and Prosperity

Blessing of Space

Courage of Heart

Inner Awakenings

Herb/Flower Essences




Messages for the Full Moon

North Messages
My task lies not in designing the path, but walking it
I am powerful when I know I am powerful
Don’t worry about hitting the mark, just shoot

South Messages
Find the present and the future in the past
Connect to the past beyond my past

East Messages
Understand my synchronicity with time
Appreciate the wholeness of each moment
Rushing is not acceptable

West Messages
Be open to miracles ALWAYS
Faith and understanding that the divine knows my desires is the key

Saturday, April 12, 2008

New Beginnings

Begin at the beginning, go on to the middle and then continue to the end. Seemingly easy steps, right, but inside this Mars ruled cycle, by now, for most of us, things have turned upside down. Well, this Waxing time can be that beginning, AGAIN. That is the beauty of life, each day is a new one and we are challenged to live it. So, let’s be about the business of living. We burst onto this warrior cycle strong and empowered, now there have been obstacles, but know they serve a purpose, mainly to test if we believe what we know (I suspect).

This particular waxing cycle is a time to plant those seeds we want to harvest before the next lunar cycle, so focus on a big, little, or continuous situation, anything that you want to begin again. I once read that humans are the only animals that continue to punish themselves for things over and over again. Learn to recognize that things gone wrong are a lesson that if not in our paths would hinder us from growing, progressing, and evolving. I know, a tall order when life is throwing a curve ball very fast at you and you don’t even have a bat.

So, be thankful during this waxing time when the moon in cancer, which is ruled by the moon. Pull her on ever nurturing, ever loving energy. Not to mention, hey we are warriors, and sometimes, no most times, the biggest battle we will ever encounter, is ourselves. Work on some of the following things that the Moon can affect,

Untangling situations with solutions

Face issues of inner uncertainty

Sight through illusions

In divine order, I was led to do a Triple pull, instead of the usual elemental pull, invoking the past, the present, and the future, all in line with discovery of the warrior we are at any given times in our lives. See these messages as communication from yourself to yourself. As time intersects always, see your past, present, and future as one entity.

The Past
Find agape for everyone and everything on this planet
My connection is vast and complete
Actively give and receive

The Present
Focus on life and love
Know the face of my warrior

The Future
Dance this life into existence
Learn new movements in all realms
Embrace the sweetness...

Friday, April 4, 2008

Warriors.....Come out and play...

Aries Lunar Cycle

That’s right, a line for a 70’s iconic movie. However, now that the nostalgia is gone for some of us, let’s get down to business. This new lunar cycle, in Aries, is ruled by that strong, persistent, and powerful planet Mars. So yes, we must make room for the warrior in ourselves. Yet, this wading in warrior’s waters may be a new trek for us. I say to us all to consider; What is a warrior? Challenge your concept of it! See all the dimensions of this part of yourself. The strategist, the patient, the compassionate, the protector, the intelligent, all of these combined are the warrior that is within. Do not limit your the increase in passion during this cycle, rather direct it to places you have rarely gone. Know the energy of warrior speaks of justness to others, but more importantly yourself.

Aries, represents the infant, capture all the wonderment, hyper-absorption, pure open-ness of an infant. See the warrior with in for the first time, be accepting of the paths you never dared take before now. Forge past personal barriers. Know that the best warriors were at their hearts an amalgamation of love, persistence & strength.

This cycle for me, will take an excursion on my warriorship. What is my journey about, where do I need it to take me, how can I transmute my concept of it, all the while developing its presence in my daily life. And not the harsh warrior, the one that uses all parts of me to overcome things.

Right now is New Moon time set goals, check-in, evaluate. Delve into quiet contemplation. Really be unafraid to face your inner warrior and put into motion things that will ripple well into your future. Below are some areas in Mars’ domain.


Clear obstacles for progress

Destroy in order to renew

Warrior energy

Flower/Herb Essences


Clary Sage



New Moon Messages

When I take a step, all my ancestors walk with me
Integrate all that was, is now, and will be
Knowing is not loud or boisterous, its quiet and strong

Strength and fortitude comes from knowing the well that provides

When I doubt, be still, and hear the small inner voice, giving guidance ALWAYS
Protect as I have been protected

My path demands renewal
Purification lights the way for evolution