Sunday, May 18, 2008

Walking like the Creator we all are

Many of you may know that I have recently returned from China and the quake epicenter was only a few short hours away from where my home was for almost the past year. When it came time to decide to leave, I, like most, felt the wave of doubt, fear, and questioning descend, but empowered by my community of journeyers and my relationship with the divine, I said, well its time and I shall not question, look fear and doubt in the face and move forward anyway, knowing all I need will be provided.

So as the ground shook I was making my way down after climbing the Great Wall triumphantly. Having looked upon Earth from a different perspective and seen, its massiveness, its beauty, its serenity and the reason we need to cherish it and ourselves in the process.

Know, WE MAKE OUR LIVES, each and every moment. Believe in yourself, your abilities, your love, and your power. All things are POSSIBLE....

This Full Moon will be such a plethora of culminating energy. As we travel through a cycle (Taurus Lunar Cycle) that sculpts the Creator within, this phase of the moon may challenge us. Be not weary or doubtful, all of our dreams will come to fruition, but we must believe that WE have the power to do that. Not an outside source, not an enlightened guru, us, simply, marvely, truly US.

Some of the intensity may on the surface seem to come from Scorpio (the sign this Full Moon falls under), one of the known fierce characters, but its ruler, Pluto, offers more empowering notions to grasp. Pluto's gifts to us offer true change, not that feel good in the movies change, but concrete, lesson filled, life altering change, the push in the direction we always need when we may be apt to accept ordinary, rather than push through for extraordinary in ourselves.

My personal work this Full Moon will center around understanding and taking the steps that help my Creator Self face my destiny. A little more of my making sure I am walking my talk. Below are a few of the domains that may work best during this Pluto ruled Full Moon;

Work in Pluto
Life/Death Cycle
Society rather than Individual
Facing My Destiny

Flowers/Herb Essences
Elder Flower
Full Moon Messages
To end is to begin again
Know that life is a series of cycles
Embrace the coming changes
Do all things confidently
My power lies in being me Freely
See the sunshine on my life
I achieve all because I believe I will
Brightness is waiting for me
Scarcity mentality is not an option
I am the supply I need
I will always have...

Sunday, May 4, 2008

And the Creator is....ME!!! Yes, that's right me.

This Lunar Cycle is already bubbling up like champagne, about to pop. It's something I want, but also need to brace myself for it, or else when it explodes I may not be ready. This cycle ruled by Taurus and more importantly Mother Venus is a time to embrace forces of creation and action they we are. Venus blesses us with not just beauty, but the reality that yes can, yes we should, and yes we must. Talk about a ripe time for just about everything. Capture and saturate yourself with thoughts of abundance, creation, fruition, and success.

Particularly this cycle I will focus on my creator self, that all powerful, all knowing, all loving, and all forgiving self that dwells just below the surface, but chooses when she wants to make an appearance. I have now realized that it is all a choice, each moment, each thought, each emotion, each acceptance, is a choice. And, I determine how everything plays out. Easily said, right. But looking life into its eyes, feeling the surges of power, dishing out solutions, and seeing results is what its all about.

So, make the decision, what kind of creator are you going to be? Decide, then step aside and let your journey do her thing.

Work to be considered during this Venetian time in Taurus is:

Unifying Heart and Creativity
Fertility/Bounty of Projects
Creator Energy
Overturning unworthiness and inability

Flower/Herb Essences




Lunar Cycle Messages

Have compassion for myself, then give it to others
Always release judgments
I have the power to heal, love, and make whole myself and others

I receive what I allow myself to receive
Refresh my "thank yous"
When I receive, it is more of what makes me powerful

I make a choice to be a conduit each time I breathe
Love is healing and loving heals

Know that I am one with time
The schedule I must keep is the one I am on