Monday, March 30, 2009

Bounce in my walk and SPRING in my STEP!!!

This initial lunar cycle of spring is such a gift to us all. With her she brings, fire magic, courage to build our dreams, and that base chakra passion energy. But most of all, she has brought me insight. That's right, insight. For it is just now that I have wrapped my pretty little mind around spring, the lunar year and why I am eternally in love with this season. You see, spring is the Waxing Phase of the year. So, yes, many of us have trudged out of winter feeling a little groggy and sluggish, but our universal mother has a gift for us, SPRING!!!! And this here spring, comes with a rush of power.

This power is fostered by none other than Mars as it is the puppeteer behind the sign Aries. This cycle is a time to truly know your power and feel comfortable enough to wield it, mostly on yourself. Think self-direction, think creation (sometimes manifesting as sexual) energy, and of course think warrior. But warrior as never before. Be the protection and service that you seek. Push through all of the muck and dare to dream the most fantastic dream. Then, sit back and calmly watch it unfold. This time, the Aries Lunar Cycle is ours for the taking. All we have to do is want it. Truly want it and know you are worth it.

Below are a few areas that you may want to explore during this Aries Lunar Cycle.

Passion to Achieve Goals

Power to Build Dreams

Breaking Barriers

Flower/Essences for the Aries Lunar Cycle

Patchouli (Passion)

Rose (Transformation)

Tamarind (Love)

Aries Lunar Cycle Messages

Waste not my energy, protection is all around me
I am protected and served

I walk alone comfortably
Use independence as a foundation, not a destination

Release all that is not for me
Ask myself "Am I blocking the coming?"

The universe knows my desires before I do
Calls have been answered, LISTEN!