Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Welcome back to yourself...

Yes it has been sometime, but often things need to be given time off. So, I say to all of you who have been following or looking, the blog is back. This morning I have gifts upon gifts to bestow upon us all. Since it is the beginning of the Lunar Cycle, take these notes and devise your own set of intentions for this lunar cycle and check in on yourself when things get a lil rocky.

This new Lunar Cycle in Virgo is absolutely beautiful. It's the only word I could even think of to describe how amazing this time is right now. Virgo, which can be the time of organization and getting things in order, also represents a time for friendship and is the embodiment of the teenager. This all brazen, all bold, all bewitched period in life is usually marred by hormones, peer pressure and awkwardness, but to recapture that energy, that spirit, that reckless abandonment is a fine gift for those of us physically and spiritually (one hopes) past that phase.

As a teenager let us delve deeper into this phase and that leads us to the fairest of them all, Mercury. Mercury, at one time our biggest supporter and challenger is a time for unabashed honesty. A communication specialist, Mercury will help us to find out things we often do not want to know or remember. But alas, communication is communication and with Mercury it is often all or nothing, with a little tricks thrown in for fun. In this time and space I say to us all dare to think outside of the prescribed version of ourselves. See ourselves as the source sees us, great, amazing, gifted, and endowed. I am learning more and more that I am what I have been working towards. The only thing that needs to change is my perception of myself. Once I have mastered self perception, the rest is just child's play. So to us I bring forth the following messages.

Lunar Cycle Messages

Humbly stay at my knowing space

Accept, trust and know that truth is mines

As I simply be, all I desire will manifest

I am the total Wo/Man

Lunar Cycle Totem-Otter

As always I am finding messages and information from all corners of my existence, so this morning the animal energy that came up was the Otter. I encourage you all to research it for yourselves and find what speaks to you. Below are a few of the gifts that I thought the otter offered.

Make space for others in my life

Share my bounty

Enjoy the state of receiving

Flow with life

Lunar Cycle Herbs and Essences

The following herbs/essences can be used as incense, fresh cut flowers, aromatherapy oils, or a picture of that herb or essence. All I suggest is that you look to this natural being for inspiration and a reminder of those intentions you are setting at the beginning of this lunar cycle.

Clary Sage (Clarity & Wisdom)

Lemongrass (Passion & Uplifting)