Sunday, November 14, 2010

The crowing of a Rebirth

Well as we are already into this Scorpio Lunar Cycle, I have been totally compelled to share. Even if I did not want to, the spirit guides have urged that I do so. And we all know when they urge, resistance is a waste of time. So welcome everyone to the time of the scorpion and more importantly, Pluto, a planet I feel is often feared.

Pluto to me represents that rebirth time. That uncomfortable and sometimes painful time when we must depart of the old self and strive forward to that new self. And really, Pluto does it, whether we like it or not. There is a total cleansing/resetting cycle that happens when Pluto takes center stage. To run and hide or even deny is a waste of our energies. Know that the rebirth is coming and ground your self and prepare for it. Even with Pluto's somewhat dark undertones, know that the dimmer environment is also a plus.

So, do we all need this at this moment? Yes! Are we going to be jumping for joy to grow and expand? Maybe not, however knowing that this is where we are currently is worth its weight in gold. Really take stock of what is rebirthing it's self in your life, then quiet your life and midwife the entire experience, whether you be man or woman.

Personally, I am being challenged now in all facets of my life and the beautiful thing is these experiences (although they can prompt me to squirm) are morphing me right into the posture I must assume in order to truly rebirth. There is no choice, if I can read the writing on the wall, all is as it should be now so that soon all will be as it will be.

Scorpio Cycle Herbs and Flowers




Scorpio Cycle Animal Totem-Spider

I can change good and bad at any moment

Know that I can consume myself with fear and limitations

New alternatives are always an option

Recognize successes I have already fostered

My life is eternally expansive

To try to lead me and all of us towards our work this cycle I have decided to do a Lunar Cycle pull based on the past, the present, and the future, since I have been talking about all of this rebirth stuff. As always, take from this what you need it to be for you and spring board to wherever you are to go.

Scorpio Lunar Cycle Messages

Past Messages

Complete water rituals (big and small) daily

Seek guidance from water when challenged

Present Messages

My transformative source will evolve when I connect to my past

Current messages are clues to the this life

Future Messages

The best for me is yet to come

Brightness is here, even if I can not see it

Patience and letting go of worry will unlock my greatest future