Sunday, January 30, 2011

Now introducing...the Hare, here she is!

Converge, push forward, fight!! This Lunar New Year is a call to all of us. In this Year ruled by the Rabbit or the Hare, we are challenged to face fears in order to yield fruits. Hare, a symbol of great fertility and new life, can be a neon warning sign at times. If we are all unable to take courage and progress, just remember Hare is there to guide us. When we need to, we can ask ourselves am I using "what if"? And we must write down the things we think we are afraid of in order to usher those feelings in, only to over come them. Warriors get weepy, get tired, get scared, but they overcome these things in order to move forward and that is what we can thank dear Hare for. Now, if Hare is your Chinese Astro sign, well I suggest you look into this totem more for messages and signs especially for you.

Hare or Rabbit Totem Medicine

Discarding "what if"

Writing down fears to release them

Breathing Fears into Mother Earth

New Life and Fertility

Having said all of that, let us not forget or be unmindful of the fact that this Lunar New Year falls in the sign of Aquarius, the great Friend. Aquarius is always wielded by the planet Uranus, which is the Master of surprises, so we can imagine the great highs and lows that might appear somewhat manic this time of the year. We have the tools we need to break unimaginable bonds and forge ahead. Now will this come easily? Of course not. Are there going to be times when we want to throw in the towel? You better know it! But, the gift of energy at this time of the Lunar Year is it is a fresh start, we can redesign, we can reset, so to speak.

I know I am excited about these moments, hours, and times ahead. My personal journey that begins again is embracing my personal fears, transmuting them, and remembering the valiant warrior I have within, that although she does slumber from time to time, she is an active agent for change in my life and the life of this universe. For the first fifteen days leading into this Lunar New Year I am going to charge myself with the task of detoxing my body, mind, and spirit and journaling about that experience, hopefully this sacred time will bring up messages and knowledge I would otherwise miss.

Below are messages heard during meditation. Please hear them for yourself, allow these messages to spark others, and use this wonderful time of the year to be the warrior you are, no matter what.

Aquarius Medicine

Remembering Dreams and Visions

Make Dreams into Reality

Focus on Plans/Projects

Herb or Flower Essences


Copal (resin)


New Moon Messages

Messages from the Past

Seek strength from my past self

Get only what I need from the past but do not stay there

Messages from the Present

Multitasking may divide my focus

Messages from the Future

See Love with clarity

Open myself to receive that which is for me