Monday, April 4, 2011

Me and my mind Marching with Mars!

Well, I am sure that you are recognizing the moon is new and energy has dramatically changed; welcome to the Aries Lunar Cycle. This beginning zodiac sign, Aries, is full of the passion, sparks, and warrior-ness, but one fact about Aries that is often missed is that it can represent the head. That's right the brain, the face, the ears and all the other parts of our original proper topper. Having set all of this up, let's now look at what drives Aries, Mars.

Mars, the ruling planet of Aries is about creation and "lion" strength, so yes there will be lots of over the top emotional roller coasters, but I charge all of us to hanker down and ride out the storms that are sure to come, knowing that we have the tools, courage and blessings sitting right alongside us.

Although it has taken me longer to post I believe the first few days of this cycle has taught me that personally set boundaries and knowing how much I have evolved are going to be key points for me this cycle. Whether its what I speak to someone, a reflection I might have, or even the messages that are coming up in my dreams--which have been SUPER vivid this moon already.

My wish for all of us is to let things go to our heads. Don't be afraid to know that we know what we know. Lots of RAH RAH times ahead, yes, but do we need to oscillate like a fan on a hot southern porch in August, NO! Use the beautiful brains, minds, souls and spirits that we all were gifted with in this life. And of course, onward towards evolution.

Below are the areas that can do well during an Aries Lunar Cycle:

Aries Lunar Cycle Foci

Breaking Personal Barriers

New Territory

Fire Medicine

Aries Cycle Animal Totem-Armadillo


Define my space

Take my protection with me everywhere

Flower & Herb Essences


Rose Geranium


New Moon Messages

Open to vulnerability to strengthen

Rid myself of doubt

Free from self created "jails"

Don't hide, deflect negativity