Monday, August 15, 2011

I move my magic or it moves me

Although the moon has stepped its way out of its full state, the power of what was just created will still be with us for a day or so or longer, depending on what we innervated during the full moon. So, let's recap! First off this full moon represents a mid point in this lunar year of the Hare. So now is an appropriate time to check back in, see if we are embracing or denying the intentions we may have set forth earlier in this year. Are we blocking or assisting in moving forward with our personal evolutions? Also, are we holding ourselves responsible or are we laying blame at the feet of other things or people. Really! We are powerful and intricate beings and we must not take for granted the gifts or paths we have in this lifetime.

As I am just stepping off my soapbox (LOL) I realized that I too need to understand the intense energy that is available to me which I have let sit by the wayside. Full Moon time is about ripeness, mid-pointing, a bit of reflection, use this time in this cycle and the entire lunar year to truthfully size up what's been going on. We should be looking back, restating our intentions, seeing where errors have been made and learning those lessons, hopefully for the last time. And how much more clemency can we be given than to do this during an Aquarius time, the sign of the true friend, the time when study, research, and intellect reign supreme. Even with its ruling planet being Uranus, curiosity and investigations are best done during this time. If we are challenged, like I know I frequently am, now would be a good time to ask Uranus for assistance on things unknown to us, whatever those things may be.

Personally, as I look back and see what this year is about, yeah, facing my fears and transmuting them, wow, tall orders and yes in some ways I believe I have been doing that, but in some other ways I have been playing it safe, now the kid gloves are coming off and I am into my second phase of the year of the Hare, so its now or never. Do or Die. I must embrace my true self and deal with each pain, delight, skepticism, fear, pleasure, joy, and unknown equally and faithfully knowing I am, I can, and I will. Really, I am not pulling punches with myself or with you. We have to do this, NOW!!

Below is a singular concept that can be given extra introspection with mantras or words to guide, but feel free to adapt, edit and devise your own focus for the moon's full energy.

Full Moon Concept-My Personal Magic

I am a creative being that conjures up the world around me

When energy shifts, its because I somehow allowed it, I must recognize that

Either I move or things are moved around for me, I make that choice