Sunday, January 22, 2012

Enter the Water Dragon

Dragon in Chinese
A recent funeral of a colleague opened my ears wider to the whisper of Spirit saying "Walk your life's path".  So in that same vein I am looking to this coming Lunar New Year and saying - "Yes!".  Yes, to the highs.  Yes, to the lows.  Yes, to the mundane.  Yes, to the truly jubilant.  Yes to the everything that there is for me.  The next new moon cycle, which is the premiere of this Lunar New Year, or the next coming 13 new moons, gives us the greatest opportunity to intentionally charge ourselves and our lives with what we are going to be about.  It's about deliberateness, self-knowledge and self definition.  Make this the Lunar Year you decide all by yourself just who you were, who you are, and who you will be.  It's that trinity of awareness that will bring about great strides in our efforts to do our works here while we are blessed with the time.

Now, this Lunar Year falls during the time when Aquarius (which is Uranus ruled) is shining on the moon.  So yes that idealism, artistic, and dreamer energy is available for us to harness this ultimately positive vortex and strive forward for ourselves and the planet like never before. And what better usher to assist in that striving than the amazing Water Dragon, the animal that leads this Lunar Year in Chinese Astrology.

The Water Dragon, coming for the first time in 60 years will add such power to all the magic and medicine that we access.  All the things we want to soar at this year, call on the water dragon.  All the situations that have stumped us in the pass, call on the Water Dragon.  All those self identified limitations we want to break beyond, call on the Water Dragon. Basically anything that is a challenge or seems impossible, call on the Water Dragon.  And then, sit back and watch the unexpected or should I say expected unfold.

Below are  suggested Lunar New Year tools for the first few days of this new year and beyond.  Feel free to devise your own as well.  My meditation for all of us this year is "we are the ones we have been waiting for".  We have the gifts, it's time to put them to use. 

Tools for a Lunar Year

Use these tools as often as you like or need: daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly.  Set the space, make the time, do the works.
  • Journal
  • Sacred Space (altar, ritual space)
  • Stones or Rocks 
  • Water or water related objects (shells, sand)
  • Sage or Rosemary smugdes or dried herbs to burn (clears the energy of spaces)
  • Written Intentions for the year as a visual, living, reminder
  • Candles colored to match your intentions
  • Spiritual tools or books that are helpful

Totem Meditation for the Year

Instead of providing a totem for the Lunar New Year spirit has led me to guide us all to do it for our selves.  You know...the give a fish or teach to fish allegory.  Find a quiet undisturbed space and do a meditation on asking for an animal spirit to lead you through this Lunar Year.  Do not prescribe any animal, be open and do this for as long or as short as you may need.  Once the animal has spoken to you check this site Linda's Domain to learn more about the animal medicine that revealed itself for perspective on the coming year.

Looking forward to your comments and successes this year.  Wishing us all the power of the Water Dragon..... 


Sunday, January 8, 2012

Moving forward while walking backwards

Checking in, once again

Can you believe it? We, that's right, all of us, have made it to the full moon again.  This is the time of the lunar cycle where things come almost to a climax of sorts.  It technically represents the mid point of our lunar cycle and naturally can be a check in point.  So, if you've set out intentions or tasks at the beginning of the cycle, do a bit of quality assurance work now.

Forward by way of backward

This full moon comes just as we have gotten out of the gate of this new year.  So I know, for most of us new year resolutions, plans, or speculating is all the buzz.  I am going to throw a bit of a monkey wrench into all of that and say.  Yes, we are looking to our futures, but how about we do that with some reveling in our past.  And mind you, my reveling is not reliving or romanticizing.  I am talking about cold, hard, focused absorption of a certain kind of energy and then coming quickly back to the present.  In our selves we have all the answers.  Our experiences have been our teachers and our lessons have been the footsteps we have taken closer to our actualized and greater selves.  So you see, the past will serve us well if we are willing to open truly and honestly to our inner knowing.

Absorbing what I already have

This particular full moon (in Cancer) is ruled by the Moon, so there is so much enlightenment, love, and nurturing available to us this time around.  My focus will be on finding the exact points in time when I exercised total confidence, self love, and motivation to conjure up the unimaginable.  Once I have those points I will actively absorb that power and transport it back to me in present time.  I know, sounds very Sci-Fi, but it's what we all have the ability to do, when we use the powers we're given.  So, will let you all know how it goes.

Nothing to it, but to do it.

Below are areas or domains that are good to work on during the Full Moon.  Select from this list or a derivative of it.  Also strike out on your own, it's lunar time so go inside figure out what you want to work on and DO IT! There's nothing else to it.  Do not let the magic of this full moon pass you by. 

Work in the Full Moon

Love, Passion, Attraction

Abundance & Prosperity

Blessing your Space

Courage of Heart

Spirituality & Inner Awakening

Candle Power

During this Full Moon time it can be awesomely powerful to burn candles to cement that which you are working towards. Below is information on the candle color that can be associated with the properties of Moon, the ruler of Cancer. Find safe candles, burn them as long and as much as you like. Fire is a creation tool use it to ignite yourself towards your goals this Full Moon.



Expansive Intent