Monday, August 20, 2012

This lil' light of mines....

It's Leo time isn't it?

The Sun, that which we could not fully live without, has noteworthy spiritual significance and we see this quite clearly now when it rules lovely Leo, the latest Lunar Cycle we inhabit.  Another time to intention set.  Another chance to meet ourselves halfway on your paths.  Another chance to allow spirit to guide us in the best direction we ought to go.  Comfortably settled in? I hope so.  Leo, a time of great shine and public recognition, can be a springboard for true illumination and challenge of our inner shadows or limitations.

The L-I-G-H-T

The Sun offers opportunity after opportunity to get it right.  Hiding things from ourselves during a time when the Sun is key is like sitting next to a blade of grass in oppressive heat and expecting to be in the shade.  Yeah, I know, not a great image, but that's what we do to ourselves when we ignore the light that is being bestowed upon us during a Sun ruled Lunar Cycle.  In a word this Lunar Cycle should be about LIGHT. Light to show us the way.  Light to reveal the hidden.  Light we can offer to others who are courting darkness at this time.

When to light and how to light

Let's be sure to take up our torches, our matches, our flashlights, and our auras of light and shine like our existence depends on it.  So when a person angers you, shine your light.  When you feel a personal downward spiral approaching, shine your light.  When we know we are right but someone else will not give in, shine that light. To be clear, light is being the best you that is possible in any and all situations.  Often times we are light shiners until someone pisses us off or steps across a line.  If we can still shine, even in the face of ridiculous circumstances, that's us finding our light and shining it.  Last thing, door mat impersonations not necessary, be a light bearer but not a push over, you know the difference, act accordingly.

Write it, write it, write it

My personal light to shine this cycle is about embracing the creativity I have within me and putting that energy into action.  The action this particular cycle is writing.  Writing about me, writing about my various art-forms and just speaking less and writing more.  Tapping that fire for the written word and riding out the wave of creation will gleen me amazing results, but first I must write.  So if you see me, talk to me or catch me over technology ask me "How's your writing?" that will keep me focused and then some.  When I hear it enough I will get in line.  Hope some of y'all hold me to these words, TRUST I need reinforcement just as you do.
What's your light gonna be?

Below are good realms to work on when the Sun is prevalent.  Take these and go where they lead you, whether it be these exact areas to work on or your own areas.  Also, check in when needed, my hope is to create a space where not only I speak but others as well.

Work in Leo Lunar Cycle


Belly Chakra

Attraction of Success

Dispel Negativity

Leo Lunar Cycle Totem-Dragonfly "The Power of Light"


Air and Water realms

True Wisdom

Lunar Cycle Flower and Herb Essences




Leo Lunar Cycle Affirmation

I am open to the awesome power that light brings,

I will carry my light with every step I take this cycle,

remembering it has the power to heal others as well as me


Friday, August 10, 2012

Release, the verb or the noun?

As I embark on this entry so many things are swirling through my spirit, but at the root of all of it is Release. And release in the sense of am I living the verb or the noun form of the word each day.  Sure, I intellectually understand that this lunar cycle is drawing to a close and that a new one will dawn in about one week, but am I really releasing that which I do not need or that which does not serve me or my goals.  Have to give myself a B- or C+ grade on that.  I think that I truly do have all the best intentions, thoughts and ideas about release, but sometimes I dwell too much in being a release and less in releasing, know what I mean? Now granted I do not get stuck there as some others may, but I have to challenge and task myself to go beyond where I am now and LET IT ALL GO, especially when it clearly does not serve my greatest and best good.

Having gotten that out of the way, I can now say, welcome to the time of the Gemini Moon in this waning lunar cycle (happens at approx. 4:10pm EST 8-10-12).  When you read this hopefully the moon will still be passing through Gemini and this information will still hold relevancy, LOL.  Gemini, ruled by the planet Mercury, holds quick witted energy, so this would be the time to trick, jedi mind trick or reverse psych ourselves into letting go of things we no longer need.

Now, where to begin you ask? Well over the past few months one concept that has kept coming to my mind and lips is Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs .  Yes a human theorist I paid minimal attention to in school, but his findings have colored so much of my own life as I have grown and developed.  That and the fact that I have seen so much from us humans over the past couple of months that have kind of all stemmed from a glitch in these building blocks.  So a starting point this waning moon time would be to take a look at the chart below, see which one of the blocks either you gravitate towards or are a bit repelled by, that would be the one to focus on.  This of course is just a tool and not an absolute pronouncement of anything.  Our questions and answers are within us, we use tools and exercises to pull them out of ourselves.

My focus will be the self esteem and self actualization tiers.  Being okay with allowing myself to have exactly what I want and plainly accepting it, no explanation to myself or others.  I know for far too long my focus was on others and their well being, now I understand I must always "Put my mask on first" as the airlines have instructed us all to do for years--HA!

Although this post may be a bit out of sync with some of my others, I feel like this shift is just what I need, so maybe some of you out there might benefit from it as well.  I wish you all the best.  See ya next week, new moon post is coming!