Monday, October 29, 2012

Change has blown in!

What just blew in

As the rain and wind blows brilliantly outside my window, I am grateful, I am humbled, I am tasked.  This Full Moon has blown in like few before; this one is riding high on the wave of change, manifestation, and force.  Today's full moon meets us in the sign of Taurus, that ever loyal, ever progressive, ever loving enigma.  So fret not, these winds, rain, and chills are a nature-made line of demarcation for us.  Are we or aren't we?  We of course get to decide all the specifics, yet delaying is NOT an option anymore.

Taurus can take us there

Does all of this sound a bit hokey? Well let me put it to you like this.  Mother Nature never makes mistakes, nor does she miss her mark.  The fact that as the moon peaks in it's current lunation a heavy and powerful storm reaches our shores is no coincidence, it is a kismet, awe-inspiring turn of events that I believe we all shall soon not forget.  How can we use this you ask? Well, I say wash away all that needs cleansing.  Release all that has been hampering you down, no matter what it is, stand in the wind and the rain and toss it out.  Take that bold step you were just a bit too concerned to take yesterday.  Be brave, brazen, bold, and brash.  Nature shows us when we put enough force behind our intentions, the immovable will move.  Abudnance, Love, Employment these are all aspects that can be dramatically changed during this Taurus full moon by the power of the full moon and the extra dose of conjure we can expect to pick up from the storm.  So hop to it my loves, I know I am.

The power of patience

And speaking of me, if you've been a reader of the blog you know I like to myself on Front Street a bit.  Just to show folks, hey, I am in here trying to figure it all out just like you.  So my valiant focus will be on patience.  I must trust that nature's got my back in all that I do and I am going in the correct direction, albeit a bit slower than I may think it should be.  My efforts will always be rewarded, just as they should be, not as I think or even when I think, for that matter.  Ever patient, that is me!

Lest we forget our Ancestors

On October 31st, I propose we all reflect on those that have come before us and what they contributions to our lives have been.  Yes children will dress up (well not sure in all of this wind and rain), candy will be eaten and lots of commercialized products will be purchased.  The day known as Halloween is often celebrated as Samhain, a day of remembering the departed.  The following day November 1st is also a day closely related, but differently celebrated Day of the Dead.  Regardless of the day and the way we celebrate, let us all allow our ancestors room into our daily lives to learn from their mistakes, get information we would have otherwise missed, and generally revel in the fact that those who came before us sacrificed to change the lives we all have.

Samhain Bonfire


Day of the Dead Altar