Friday, January 11, 2013

The last lunar cycle this year

Now we are about to say bye
Today around 2:44pm EST the moon takes it's step into Capricorn and that my friends is our final Lunar Cycle for this Lunar Year.  I know it seems like yesterday that we welcomed in this Dragon Year (as called in the Chinese Zodiac), but alas we will journey forward.  The significance of this last lunar cycle can be huge for us, if we let it.

At the end a time for.....
This 13th lunation of the moon represents in some sense a culminating and benchmark of our progress over the last 12 months.  More than a usual check in, let's really assess our true steps on our path and see the progress and the lessons that are still to be learned.  For me I think of words like reflect, release, acknowledge, balance, appreciate, discard, uphold, reinforce, and lastly know.

Time for teaching
And speaking of lessons, this last cycle is in Capricorn, which is ruled by none other than Saturn, the ultimate representation teacher.  Saturn is all about giving us all of what we need and a bit of what we want, so be not discouraged if we are reworking, rerouting or detouring, it's all a part of the education of us.

See what I've received
For me this last lunar cycle of this year is really about amalgamation of the gifts, blessings, progress, lessons, and understandings I have received thus far.  And really, it's about me recognizing the strides I have made with regard to accepting.  My balance of give and receive was so off not that long ago and then my ancestresses spoke to me and told me that this was not their wish for me.  Well after I picked myself off the ground from the emotional falling apart I realized, hey, my spirits love me enough to tell me, you've got things to do and being a prisoner of your own resistance will not do.  So this past lunar year has been a real testament to me listening, being silent, practicing obedience and really just flowing.  Gotta say, it feels good y'all.

Your verb that helps you act
So, here's your chance.  What will be your focus? Will you reflect? Will you accept? Will you act? Be open to whatever verbs your inner voice has for you.  Below are areas that Saturn can shine upon.  Use them as a starting point.  It's the last time this lunar year, so what have we got to lose, it's about leaps of faith at this point.

Work in Saturn

Teacher and Student Paradigm

Ancestry (persons and land)

Protection of the Home

Recognition of Patterns

Dissolve and Revolve

Throat Chakra Energy

Capricorn Lunar Cycle Totem-Otter
Concept-Woman Medicine

Water and Earth connections

Female Energy (for male and female)

Halt of Worry Addiction

Joyous Receptivity


Herbs/Flowers of Capricorn Lunar Cycle

Cypress - Longevity

Patchouli - Fertility & Prosperity

Yerba Santa - Protection

Capricorn Lunar Cycle Affirmation

I am openly grateful for all that's been bestowed upon me,

I walk openly into receiving all that is destined,

Bless the powerful female energy I invoke with each breath