Sunday, March 24, 2013

Do it now, don't delay, it's the way

A few days in, but not that it really looks like or feels like Spring, but she is here, with us, blessing us each morning we rise and breathe.  As a child I always adored spring because of the colors and smells that it brings.  But, as an adult, the thought of reset, waking after the slumber of winter, and fresh dewy mornings are why I simply need Spring in my life.

With Spring bring balance back to our lives.  For some of us that may be saying no to requests.  For others of us that might be adjusting our daily lives for more self care time.  And still some of us may need to put in more face time with our loved ones.  Whatever it is that brings balance, love, and compassion to our lives, NOW IS THE TIME.  Don't put these things off any longer.  Use the natural high available from the budding leaves, flowering blossoms, and early rising Sun.  If you want to start a habit or re-pattern a part of your life, do it today, without delay.  This power will only be here for a while and then we will move more towards the pulsing, pushing, shining energy of summertime.

My walk this Spring will be rooted in balancing what I have with what I am given.  Also knowing that adjustments will come, they always do and the more I accept and see them unfold the better, cause ya know what, the waiting and stressing does not look good on me.  Also this Spring I am embracing gentleness and realizing that my fears are here to teach me to be a better me and make changes that might otherwise remain on my path.  So, positively I go, bopping my way into all of this.  I might as well, at least it's a fun way to do it, right?

Lastly, I can not stress enough, go outside! If you are not the wanna be part-time naturalist (sort of) that I aspire to be, just sit on a bench, buy fresh cut flowers, go pick fruit or veggies, any random act of being outdoors will heal you, nature, and those around you in amazing ways.  Trust me, you will see.


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