Thursday, April 25, 2013

The death makes one stronger

If today has been twitchy, frenetic, and full of energy, it's not just your mind, there is a reason.  Today is one of those rarer than rare days when we have not only a Full Moon (in Scorpio), but right after that a Lunar Eclipse, so big waves of motion, life, and movement is probably afoot.

From the moment I awoke this morning til right now I have been over excited, moving at the speed of light (both inside and out), and just basically stoked.  Full Moon time is always a time to innervate - to supply with nerves is the definition of that word, how appropriate-and it has set up as such a natural midpoint in our lunar cycle.  So check in on those intentions set forth just two weeks ago or so.  Be bold and give yourself a grade on how you've done. 

This particular Scorpio Full Moon very well may bring to mind thoughts of self journeying, sexuality or even creativity, but as always we do ourselves so much better to understand that behind the Scorpion is the planetary ruler, Pluto.  Not necessarily one to play with.  Pluto at times seemingly harsh or acute with change does have an overall goal, our eventual evolution.  A pop culture icon of Pluto's gift is "Dr Who" - the hit Sci Fi show from the UK.  Regeneration is heard over and over again throughout the series when the face of the lead character changes, but what exactly can that mean for us here and now. 

I propose we see Pluto as the bearer of not just the normal life-death-rebirth cycle, but rather the higher vibrated life-death-stronger life concept.  So, as hard as things may feel right now, all the work we are doing is setting us up for boons beyond our imagination.  All of this sounds all wonderful, now comes the work.  And that work starts with just a thought, an idea, a first step, a determination.  I am not saying you have to figure it all out right now, but you may want to grab hold of this Plutoian dust to stabilize for what is to come.  I believe knowing I can make it through an obstacle motivates me just as much as getting over that obstacle.

Full Moon Work 

Attraction & Passion 
Objects, Realities, Persons

Financial, Opportunities, Creative

Inner Awakenings
Spiritual, Artistic, Ancestral

Candle Power

At the Full Moon there is an awesome amount of power available and a way to cement that power and your works is by burning candles.  Below is information on the color Red that is associated with the Pluto.  Find Red candles that are safe and burn them as long and as much as you like.  Fire is a tool of creation that can ignite you towards your goals this Full Moon.







Lunar Eclipse

An eclipse means that the three celestial bodies known as the Sun, the Earth, and the Moon are all in perfect alignment, which is a pretty rare event.   In a Lunar eclipse the Earth finds it's self between the Sun and a Full Moon.  During a Lunar eclipse work done is on our inner lives meaning it's all internal work. Below are questions that may add value to any work we do near or on (doing it as close to the time is a powerful step) this Lunar Eclipse.

What root causes have been stopping me?
Does anything in my past or ancestral past have a hold on me?

Do I have a good relationship with Karma?

What life patterns am I looking to hit the reset button on?


Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Oh my, my....war is an art?

Yes the symbol sitting here next to this text may be familiar to some and a complete blur to others.  This symbol in yoga is known as the warrior, thought it would be an appropriate image to go with our focus during this Aries Lunar Cycle; embracing our own warrior who will art of war our way through this cycle.

Aries, the first sign in the Zodiac pantheon, represents the infant that assertively demands and receives all that it needs and a lot of what it wants.  Become that youngling that boldly steps into the role of pioneer, charting your destiny like the adventurous souls of the Old West.  Now there may be those of us who either think they are or are not in touch with their inner warrior.  To all of us I say let's really restructure how, when, where, and why our warrior even emerges.  Perhaps we pop off at things that are unimportant and then slump down into quiet nothingness when we should be upholding some worthwhile.  The basic point of all this is truly CHECK your warrior energy, is it being utilized in the most effective ways that will edify your life path---pointblank!  Doing this for most of us (me included) will be a big step into that UNKNOWN we all know and love.  And? If we have come this far we might as well keep on stepping forward.

Okay, I was talking BIG JUNK, but the only way we contort, morph, and evolve is when we force ourselves to do it.  Rarely does metamorphosis occur without change.  And given that the planet Mars is the ruler of Aries time, we will have at our disposal some pretty large energy bursts.  No wonder Spring is full of new everything.

I am tasking myself with doing exactly what I am to do for me---NO EXCUSES.  I am the mistress of making miracles come just at the last minute, but hey, what if I am not at my wits end when a breakthrough comes? Yeah, that's a thought.  I am here to art of war myself into being my biggest worker bee.  As productive as I am for everything else in my life, I am purposely taking all that mojo and applying it to myself.  Doin' it, doin' it, and doin' it well -- for me (for my 90's song junkies, LOL).

Work in Aries


Being a Pioneer


Warrior Energy Emergence


Stepping into the Unknown



Aries Cycle Flower/Herb Essences


Basil (fire element) Peace


Ginger (fire element) Love

Rue (fire element) Consecration



Aries Cycle Concept - Moonlight

Below are just a few questions to scratch the surface of what we think is the power of the Moonlight


What does moonlight mean to you?


What beautiful and magical things may have happened to you during moonlight?


How can we as people benefit from the gifts of the moonlight?


Even now when the moon is dark, can I find the power of her light? 



Aries Cycle Affirmation

I am open to the blessings the Moon has for me this cycle, 


I accept the untapped sparks that will catapult me on this path,


I am grateful for the love, lessons, and light I will receive,


Knowing this I courageously and bravely say YES!