Sunday, August 18, 2013

Time to cut back in order to grow up!

Happy to be waxing
Been away taking time for myself, but I think it's befitting that this post, which speaks to the waxing moon time, follows a post that spoke about the waning moon time.  Waxing is one of my favorite concepts.  It's that upwardly mobile reaching of our goals.  We are not quite there, but we are so far from where we started, not to mention that the feeling can be exhilarating.

The lessons for us
This waxing phase is during the Capricorn time.  Capricorn, a sign often associated with leadership and grounded earthiness is also ruled by the archetypical teacher, Saturn.  Saturn pushes us to get work done, invest in our own legacies, and evaluate the lessons we need to learn or unlearn.  Not the most touchy, feely time, but a good time for doing personal work.  For that, we can all be thankful.

It's Spring again, well almost
Now, back to why I am ga-ga over this waxing moon time.  Well first when the moon is waxing is represents basically the Springtime of the entire cycle and we all know how gloriously invigorating and motivating Spring can be, true?  So combine that with the generally expansive and nurturing energy we can all harvest right now and what we have is an equation for success in the lives of all of us.  Waxing moon time affords us all a shot of goodness that we can use to manifest almost immediate results.  Those of us from that instant gratification era will appreciate this.

Open to more and more
My personal energies will be on increasing my acceptance of the abundance that is for me.  Abundance in the physical, spiritual, financial, creative, and psychic realms.  There is so much more for me and I now know that any blockages have been of my own making.  Although I am upon the full moon taking this time to be fixated on expanding my capacity to receive the abundance that is available to me is such a great step.  For all of you who may know me, new things are on my horizon and for that I am grateful.

Select your path
Below are waxing moon concepts with a bit of description and a couple of questions below that.  Please look to these concepts, make your own concepts that speak to your needs, whatever you do, take advantage of this time.

Mental Clarity

A clear mind is something most of us assume we have, but to truly obtain and maintain that clarity it has to be tested and retested often.

How clear is my mind at this very moment?

What are the ways that I can clear my mind?


Mojo Power

The word mojo is often misunderstood or just plain villified when in actuality it is the personal power we all can wield if we are aware.  

Am I aware of what my mojo is?

Do I know how to properly call upon and and use it responsibly?


Restorative Work

There are points in our lives when we must slow down, take time, and just rest.  Our culture may not support it, but for us to remain powerful we must acknowledge that simple fact.

Am I truly restored?

If I am depleted when/how will I take time to restore myself?