Sunday, September 22, 2013

Blessed by the balancing act
Dawn of a new day
For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, we probably have felt shifts for the last few days.  At approximately 4:44pm EDT today we step gracefully into the Autumn Equinox.  This equinox occurrence happens just twice yearly, once in March and once in September.  There is lore galore about balancing eggs and many folk traditions, but the essence of what can happen is that there is balance unknown available to all of us on this planet.

The meaning of the season
Although we conceptualize Autumn as color palette changes, our clothing rotation, or even climate fluctuations, the beauty of this season is it gives us time.  Time in the sense that as we leave Summer we definitely have learned some lessons and do want to make changes, but the specifics of how all of that will happen is a bit fuzzy.  Well, in walks Autumn and her gracious gifts.  With this time during this season, we are meditating, listening and receiving the answers to many questions we may have.  I have just now, as a 40 year old woman spirit realized that the reason I love Autumn as much as I do is because each year it gives me that which I never seem to have enough of - TIME.

A seasonal gift
This Autumn, give to yourself the time you need. Time to process the lessons, time to hear your inner voice, time to heal from hurt and pain, time to forgive self of mistakes and lastly time to see your eventual life successes.  For if we don't take the time to imagine our greatness how else will we manifest it.  I am a bit excited and scared at once, but you know what, that shows me I am alive and making progress.

Making use of tips
Below are mere blueprints for how you can set out your time this season to craft your own reality.  Listed are starting points, feel free to journal, blog, photograph, fellowship, and ponder on how any of these below will benefit you this Autumn.  Pick one from each list, more than one or even make your own list.  I hope this is a spring board for you and all of us to make magic beyond our dreams.  The more fulfilled and successful each one of us are measures how collectively we can move forward.

Autumn Concept - Evolution

Change is the ONLY constant

Am I the architect of my future, if so act like it

Kindly embrace nature 

Transformation takes me to higher lights and heights


Autumn Stone - Serpentine




Thinking transformation

Autumn Affirmation

Bless my every breath this season so
I exhale unwanted aspects of myself and 
I inhale beautiful breaths full of 
provocative and stimulating ideas,

I am open to whole wisdom and I surrender
my attachment to specific outcomes of any kind
in all realms of my life, I rather visualize peace
however it comes,

To change is to be alive and I 
joyfully, lovingly and excitedly embrace
the changes in me and the world around me