Sunday, October 20, 2013

Caution: Retrograde Approaching!

The posted sign to the left is how most of us feel during Mercurial Retrogrades right?  My wish is that understanding when these periods onset will hopefully empower all of us to utilize the blessings that this often times tricky planet can bring us.

The planet mercury will go into a retrograde period at approximately 6:29am EST in the morning, its called retrograde because the way the planet is supposed to move and what we see moving are different actions.   When this happens, all forms of communication are off kilter.  To say the least. snail mail, email, cell phone, home phone, speaking to others, speaking to yourself, and don't even think of signing a contract or wonder why negotiations are not going well.  See the map below for a better idea of how all this takes place.  


For me, a person who's ruling planet is Mercury, I can only hope that my connection to the planet links me in ways that allow me to embrace it's energy, albeit contrary sometimes.  I will mark these dates and heed it's presence in my calendar year.  Hoping that you doing the same will glean some positively beautiful experiences. 

Word to the wise, do not negotiate or sign anything, be it contract, big deals or heck even a napkin deal.  Why you ask, well because more than likely there will be miscommunication or misunderstanding.  And for all of us thinking about buying a new, "supadupa" tech gadget, please don't.  The return process or malfunction will just make you ridiculously angry.  

Below is grid of when it begins, which zodiac sign it is in, Scorpio, and when it goes direct.  Forewarned is forearmed!

Turns Retrograde    ← Mercury travels between
→    Turns Direct
October 21, 2013
10:29 GMT
6:29 AM EDT
3:29 AM PDT

Scorpio November 10, 2013
21:12 GMT
  4:12 PM EST
  1:12 PM PST 

Saturday, October 19, 2013

The warrior who saves self

The real Full Moon
Yes that wonderful Full Moon has peaked, now what.  I am not sure about you, but for me this week leading up to the Full Moon has forced me to focus.  You see Full Moon time is not about werewolves and folklore.  What I believe it represents is a short time vortex where their is peak energy open to all of us and if we are deliberate, honest, and intentional we can truly craft our world into whatever we want.

The power that it is
What makes each of these Full Moons even more beneficial for us is when we know what planet rules while the moon enters into its fullest state.  Well, this cycle, although it is a Libra Moon Cycle, the sign that reigned when it entered fullness was Aries.  A quick side note - the full moon sign is always the zodiacal opposite of the lunar cycle sign, for instance Libra is opposite Aries.  So Aries, that strong, masculine, protective sign is ruled by the planet Mars.  Now when we think of Mars, yes the warrior image comes to mind, but how many of us know of the many ways a warrior can be viewed.  We are empowered when we know what kind of work to do and when to do it.  So let's make sure our individual trajectories are set to success.

Unexpected gifts
For the last three weeks I have been dealing with a muscular injury that at points has rendered me immobile and everyone who knows me knows immobility is not a part of my vocabulary.  But as with all things time, patience and care is healing my body, but the real blessing has been the spiritual health and awareness that has descended upon me like golden flecks of magical pixie dust.  After I stopped asking the how and why and started being still, many gifts were and are being revealed.  So for me this Full Moon is about seeing the unlimited possibilities that life has for me and relaxing into the loveliness that is my life, RIGHT NOW, with injury and all.  For if I can harness the magic in this moment and allow myself to be enveloped by a bit of mystery, well my eventual greatness is just a matter of time. Okay, I admit it, a bit more loquacious than usual about myself, but if my telling you more about me can inspire or even make you think, then it's all worth it.

Choose your greatness
Below are different ways to focus your energy over the next day and a half in order to make use of this enormously huge surge that we have right now.  I am listing the zodiac sign - Aries, its planetary ruler - Mars, and types of works that are successful during a Full Moon.  Choose one, choose all, make one up, but we must decide right now to take up our arms and save ourselves cause that is the essence of what a warriorr/ess is all about.

Work in Aries

Fire Magic

Barrier Shattering

Warrior by my Side

Work in Mars


Clearing Obstacles

Create & Protect

Work in the Full Moon

Transformative Time

Pursue Change

Archetype Alignment

Path Setting