Monday, June 23, 2014

The season of the Sun is ready to shine!

As the sun shines on this beautiful Summer morning there is a well of gratitude I am carrying. I am carrying it for life this morning, for breath this morning, but most of all for the SUN.  Although our days are longer and our nights are shorter there is such a blessing in summertime and on these few paragraphs below I am hopeful I can express what I believe can be in store for us this summer.

The summer is a season ruled by the Sun, celestial body that is not planet nor moon but what it is something so significant that it totally colors our moods, attitudes and sometimes decisions. The true power of the Sun lies in it's ability to illuminate.  This illumination is not just of flowers, trees and plants, it all so brings light portions of ourselves we rarely, seldom or never see.  In this summer season I am asking us all to LET THE SUN SHINE IN.  And not just shine in on us but be a tool for healing and evolution for us.

The Sun will bring to the surface things we have never seen or didn't want to see.  It's kind of the ultimate flashlight we can use to peer into our souls.  So I think we can do this over the next some odd weeks, right? Perhaps what will be revealed may be uncomfortable or completely out of the blue, but just go with it for illumination has a way of buoying exactly what needs to see the light of day, even if we are totally unaware of it.

Always one to be the first to share here I will let you know I am working towards my relationship with change. It's something you have heard me say before, but this time I am letting go of my mind and allowing my heart and soul to wrestle to the ground how I truly view change. I intend to face any of my resistance, acknowledge it and then back up off of it.  Yes, the Sun may be a double edged sword, but when on a personal journey all knowledge is good knowledge.

Below are steps and suggestions of how and where to begin your journey to illumination this summer.  Please be as expansive or myopic as you need to be and feel free to use this pass to comment, question or share.  The more we share the more we all know.

Ideas to spark Self Illumination


Dream and Journal

Our dreams hold much power and information but by the time we are in the midst of our daily lives we forget.  I suggest you keep a journal on or near you at all times and just jot down images, people, thoughts or impressions. This can be either during the day or night because daydreams are just as powerful a nighttime dreaming

Old Photographs

A picture is worth at least a thousand words, so look at old photos of yourself, family, and friends, see if you can transport yourself back to that very moment. What were your thoughts? Was there anything lingering? Does the photo bring to mind an emotion? Whatever it is sit with it and let the sun do the work.

A letter to Yourself

Letters are an amazing spiritual tool, they help you iterate what it is that is on the inside.  Now when you turn that tool on yourself and focus on a younger version of you, the results are astounding.  I say take a stab at it and see where it leads you. Most of all don't attach any outcome to it, just be open.

Observe a Fear 

Yes our fears are there, but we can face them. This task is a bit more difficult because it calls for objectivity, which when is near is hard to exert.  When you have a fear that comes up, try to step back and identify the real root cause of it. Once that cause is there ask where it came from and when it began.  An inquiry into the origination of the fear is a step in the direction of letting go of that fear.

Summer Colors

Lavender - Awareness, Abundance

Orange - Encouraging, Identity

Turquoise - Uplifting, Self Attuning 

Summer Herb/Essences


Honey (Earth Element) - Balance

Marigold (Fire Element)  - Renewal

Rosewood (Water Element) - Connect to Higher Energies

Summer Affirmation

In this season of the sun I take up the charge of 
illuminating my past so I can truly know,

This knowing is purposeful, full of self acknowledgement and
eventual LETTING GO,

In the moments of challenge I hold to the love, protection, joy
and ancestors that constantly surround and support my success,

This summer of shining my light is here and I am grateful
and ready to SHINE!

With Sun and Joy,