Sunday, August 10, 2014

A moon, a sign, and a planet all make it Super!

Supa Dupa Full
Just earlier today someone asked where was the moon and in what phase. I was happy to say it had just gone into Full Moon status, this afternoon.  And this isn't just any moon, this is another Super Moon.  Meaning the moon will seem larger and possibly closer to us and it's power will be even more prevalent in our lives.  So that means, forewarned is forearmed.  Now, onto where the planets are lined up during this Super Moon.

The age of...
The full moon this cycle is in Aquarius and although we have latent images of hippies, peace signs and lava lamps, this time is altogether something different.  The time of Aquarius can be marked by being open to remember dreams, pushing forward with all artistic endeavors, and possibly a heightened sense of idealism.  All of these pursuits can be fruitful, but I find that going to the source of the sign, it's ruling planet, makes for a much stronger outcome of works.  And so since Aquarius is ruled by the planet Uranus, our focus may need to be things quite different.

Don't misunderstand
Uranus, often misunderstood or unknown can represent that ethereal Father Sky energy.  Look to this planet when uncovering origins of things, seeking to ignite your inventiveness, using electricity of any type, and revealing inner (self) mysteries.  See, don't get nervous, there is benevolence when work like this has to be done, we must open ourselves and know that the intentions we put forth will manifest.  That knowing, way deep down, is often times half the battle.

Just let it go
For me this full moon is about the ritual of letting go of unwanted anger and resentment towards others.  Although this work has been weeks in the making I still found myself in tears because I realized the amount of energy, time and personal resources I had used and how much more liberated I was about to become.  Well, that and the fact that I am grateful to be at this stage in my life, with these tools.

Your Full Moon practice
This full moon take advantage of that extra strong lunar force and burst through to heights you thought were just unreachable.  The questions below are just a starting point to other things you may need to find out about yourself from yourself.

Full Moon Questions

Do I understand Expansion and Creativity fully?
Have I remained open to new resources?
Is my "Spring Cleaning" complete and have I sealed it?
Do I need to complete any initiations or dedications?