Saturday, March 21, 2015

A Spring of sharing

Spring has sprung
I am getting chills just thinking about all that is happening.  So the beautiful season of Spring has just peaked her head in the Northern Hemisphere and we are all the greater for it.
March 20th was the Spring Equinox on the Earth based Wheel of the Year and represents a time when we are clearing, planning, planting, and brewing.  Now is the time of activity, sunshine and wind. Since we have been more reclusive and contemplative in the Winter season, now the sun is ready to shine on our faces, are we ready?

Share and share alike
This Spring I say let's share, in a way that maybe we haven't before.  Not sharing in the basic mode of giving of what you have to another. Sharing in a larger, more meta way.  Now that our days are longer and our nights are shorter, let's illuminate our love and compassion as we connect to other people,
places, objects, beings, and nature.  We should give often and frequently.  Please understand that this is not about material giving this is about giving pieces of ourselves in small and large ways.  Remember when we share we are giving to ourselves through others.  Think about that one for a moment.

Let them see it all
My mission this Spring is to be more open to sharing my successes. As one raised as an only child and a person whose core was built on self sufficiency I now know that to evolve I need to embrace the communality of sharing my experiences with others.  Now I am not going to go hog wild and put everything that happens up on social media (cause there are enough folks in that lane), but I am going to be more mindful about letting folks tap me on the back and say "well done" cause I am convinced that is the universe speaking through them and am I sooooo arrogant as to not welcome the voice of the universe? No, I am not.

What's it gonna be?
Take time to think what you may want to share this season.  Below are tools to assist in that process and be a step to help you develop the course your Spring will take.  Be open, be mindful, and share!

Spring Animal Totem - Crow

Concept - Sacred Law


Personal Integrity

Mindful Opinions and Actions

The Omen of Change

Convergence of Past, Present, Future

 Spring Concept - Sharing


Love and Compassion are Tools

Give to those who are open

See the crossroads of connections

Spring Mantra


This Spring I give to others, myself, and this earth

*** Try saying the mantra to yourself 108 times at each sitting the mala above can be useful and meditative.