Monday, May 18, 2015

Along came a snake

Taurus time
This morning we entered the Taurus lunar cycle. Welcome, we have lots to do and this is the PERFECT time to get it done.  Taurus, which is Venus ruled, is the best time to take on the triple P's: Perseverance, Patience, and Practicality.   This cycle should be about taking action, moving on our dreams, and putting in the necessary work to continue to evolve.  Since Taurus is an Earth Sign we need to find solace in grounding ourselves around what we will undertake.

A serpent's gift
Snakes. That's right the descendent of the mighty serpent.  In the image above what do you notice? Is it the color, the coiled body, the eyes or the skin?  And what feelings come to mind: fear, intrigue, excitement, or amazement? The snake/serpent is one of the most power symbols of the concept of Transmutation, something that is so timely during the Taurus lunar cycle.

Know the cycle
What is transmutation? Well, transmutation is the ability to intake something (negative or positive), ingest it, integrate it, and then change it into whatever you need at that time.  Simply explained yes but, much harder to put into practice.  With the power of this lunar cycle I challenge us to transmute the small things in our lives like traffic, tardiness, a spill on our clothes or the many other things that plague us daily.  Taurus is here to support and amplify our power to transmute. All we need to do is take that first, small step.  If we begin with the smaller things as the cycle progresses we can take on bigger more challenging occurrences in our lives in order to transmute as well. We have to start someplace and this is as benevolent a time as any.

GPSing myself
My personal work this cycle will be around knowing exactly where I am in the transmutation cycle whether it be intake, ingestion, integration, or transmutation.  I do understand the concept and have reaped the great benefits of practicing it, but I need to continue doing it. And for me I can be more Macro aligned than Micro, so my use of transmutation with the little things will greatly improve some of my day to day mishaps.  I am ready, are you?

Just do it
Please look below for ideas of ways, where, and how to work on transmutation this cycle.  Don't be afraid to dream big that is how miracles are granted.  As always what resonates with you either negatively or positively is probably what you should be focused on during this cycle. It's not rocket science, but we make it that way :)

Work in Sign of Taurus


Love Magic



Taurus Lunar Cycle Concept - Transmutation

Growth & Generation



Life - Death - Rebirth

Taurus Lunar Cycle Herbs/Essences


Benzoin - Air Element - Calming

Passion Flower - Water Element - Peace

Thyme - Air Element - Courage

Taurus Lunar Cycle Stone - Malachite


Stimulate Dreams


Transformation Stone

 Taurus Lunar Cycle Affirmation
With this cycle I ask that I am connected to my intuitive understanding and am able to make progress,

I will knowingly look my creators in their faces and see my own divinity reflected back at me and I will be humbled, confident, and charged,

The portions of myself that no longer serve me will be discarded and room will be made for learning about newer parts of me that are now waiting in the wings,

I will do all of this with grace, humility, and steadfastness