Thursday, July 30, 2015

Once upon a moon so Blue

Take a look
Up, up in the sky the full moon is on high and this full moon brings such great boons, for the color blue imbues on you. These few words together express now the ecstatic feeling I have inside and out.  At approximately 6:42am EST we will officially be blessed with our Blue Moon or rather full moon.  A Blue Moon is simply put the second full moon in a single calendar month.  Although much lore and allegory comes from the Blue Moon very few of us harness this power and use it constructively.  Let's change that RIGHT NOW!

The cosmic keys
This Blue Moon in the summer of much unrest comes as a golden opportunity for us to collectively and individually move mountains. Dear Blue Moon peaks during the time of Aquarius, our truest friend. Aquarius makes room for supernatural power and bursting through the barriers we have accepted thus far in life.  With thoughts of cosmic energy and celestial bodies, this Aquarian time can be the game changer we need.

A father's gift
Now, having said all of that the real trigger for this Blue Moon lies in knowing that the power source behind Aquarius is the great and mysterious planet Uranus. Uranus, the archetypical Father Sky provides for us sight beyond the surface and allows for us to pull on inventive juices like no other time.  The concept of electricity and lighting things that are darkened is also another focus to take on during this Blue Moon.  What Aquarius has in store for us, Uranus will show us how to manifest it.

Simply dream
This Blue Moon for me is about entering the dream time voluntarily and listening. Seems simple right? Well there is consistency of entering dream time. Oh and yes the recording/writing of dream time messages. And lastly, the extension of these dream time lessons into my everyday. Although I know there are changes up ahead for me, I will only be as great as my connection to my dream time will allow. My charge has been set!

Take time to see
Please take time over the next 48 hours to authentically hear, listen, dream, see, smell and know the gifts this Blue Moon has for you. As you spend time alone, with family/friends, or even in public, see the messages that are right in front of you. When the veil is removed what can you see?  Below are a set of questions related to the work in the sign Aquarius.

Blue Moon in Aquarius questions

Do I connect with dream time?
If yes why? If no, why not?

Are there portions of my artistic self that needs a makeover?
What steps can I take now to begin that process?

Do I believe in idealism? Why or why not?
What can I do to attribute to more idealism in the world?

Candle Power

At the Full Moon there is an awesome amount of power available and a way to cement that power and your works is by burning candles.  Below is information on the color white (close to opalescence) associated with Uranus.  Find White candles that are safe and burn them as long and as much as you like.  Fire is a tool of creation that can ignite you towards your goals this Full Moon.








Thursday, July 16, 2015

Mother Moon makes a way

New Moon time
Last night we entered the Cancer lunar cycle.  This new cycle gives us about 28.5 days to set an intention and work on fulfilling it.  Now before we get out the gate good let's reflect on what we can expect when Cancer rules. Cancer may bring to mind images of a crab, a connection to our feminine power or even a heightened sense of emotional sensitivity, but it must be remembered that Cancer is ruled by the great celestial body, the Moon.

Going beyond
Mother Moon is more than nurturing and caring for our happiness is so much a part of what she brings to us.  The Moon helps us all go way beyond what we know to be true about ourselves.  We are given not only a mirror to see ourselves but a looking glass of sorts where our reflection teams up with our hopes and dreams.  At the core of what the Moon offers is knowing life's rhythms and cycles, you see there is a method to that madness that is our life.  Knowing how we ebb and flow is a road map to having a life sprinkled with success.  This cycle go farther, dream bigger, see beyond regular sight.

Showing it
My personal emphasis will be about knowing my balance and then living it.  No longer do I find a need to say I am balanced, but rather I will show I am balance/d (the noun and the verb form of the word).  My focus is about being rather than doing.  Although there will be temptations to speak or pontificate about true balance, the best thing I can do for me is to just know, sit with, and exude balance.

Design your intentions
What will you word towards? It is important to give some thought to your intention for this cycle and try writing it down so you can physically see what you want to work towards.  Also feel free to jot down notes in a journal or note cards, all ways you choose to mark this lunar cycle are going to support you.

Work in Cancer



Love Magic

Inner Child

Bring Order to Life

Cancer Lunar Cycle Concept - Harmony through Balance


Accept all about myself

I transform by accepting

I am empowered to balance my life

There is no good or bad

Cancer Lunar Cycle Herbs/Essences


Lemon - Water Element - Clarity

Lotus - Water Element - Higher Awareness

Sandalwood - Water Element - Calming

Cancer Lunar Cycle Stone - Coral






Cancer Lunar Cycle Affirmation

Open me this cycle to understand all that I am and all that I have at this moment,

And for things I would like to see in my life I accept they will come after I reach and maintain my balance,

True harmony is a gift I am grateful to receive