Thursday, October 15, 2015

A jewel in the wind

Autumn, again
Blessed are we to live in a world where the change of seasons exist. I hope you are feeling the shift that occurred some weeks ago. We have now entered the Autumn season of the year in the Northern Hemisphere.

Color me wonderful
Although the sun shines brightly in the summer, the winds of winter blow on us, and the newness of spring is a spark, the Autumn is a time of great harvest and therefore a space for us to leap forward more than possibly any of the other times of year.  Autumn sprinkles our minds with orange, burgundy, yellow, and red, not to mention all kinds of warm and cozy foods, but the one thing I want us to consider this Autumn is the life of the pearl.

Pearls of wisdom
Pearls you say, what is that and how is it connected to the Autumn season? Well this season I urge you to think of the life cycle of a pearl and how it comes to be. First there is discomfort of some kind that leads to the small glimmer of change that over time becomes the beautiful pearl. For the duration of this season I ask us to see the discomfort as an opportunity to unearth blessings and beauties like no other time of year.

All up for change
My life this Autumn is surrounded by change, transition and shifts, but even so I think movement is such an appropriate vortex for re-examination and re-definition. I am charging myself with looking, agreeing, disagreeing, changing, accepting, and discarding all that makes up me. Now, no this will not be a big, public production, but rather in the quietest, stillest way. I am once again morphing, as I should.

Just a bit of help
So even though we are in this season there is always time to set forth what you will work on, so...Below are tools to take your steps, to make your intentions, and to basically get you to think about what you want this Autumn. See how these resonate with you and if other things spring up, ALL THE BETTER.  My wish for you this season is self actualization and action.

Autumn Totem - Ant
Meaning - Discipline


Am I designing my Life?

Am I expanded enough?

True Efforts = Real Rewards


Autumn Concept - Be Willing to Grow my Greatness


Comforting my Discomfort

Reveal the Ugly to see the Beautiful

I am the One who can Grow my Light

Autumn Mantra


Open my heart and mind this season to see the power I wield that is allowing me to architect my life,

Although there will be highs and lows I will stay my focus on turning all into my greatest good,

For this is my time and I will access love, compassion, and joy in all I experience