Sunday, January 31, 2016

Me, the season 
On February 2nd we have the opportunity to mark Imbolc - a festival of the hearth and home, and a celebration of the lengthening days and the early signs of spring.  Imbolc is the dawning of the Sun as a source of power and light that is desperately needed on the planet not just for warmth or growth. Fire and purification are an important aspect as well.  So candles and fires can be a part of any celebrations. 

This particular Imbolc I suggest we hone our concept of hearth and home and make it an internal frame of reference. In essence the hearth and home we take care of is the one inside ourselves.  This Imbolc give energy and thought to YOU. Yes, just you! Although Imbolc is just February 2nd, I suggest we celebrate from Feb. 1st to Feb. 3rd, just to make sure we utilize the power that the single day has to offer.

Now in terms of how to celebrate, you be the judge. It can be a meal, a gathering of liked minded folks, a meditation, a walk in the woods or forest, a spa day, a day of reading, or a small gift. All acts of ritual and sacredness are welcome. The most important thing to remember is that our intent far exceeds any type of object or element that we can bring to mark this day. Below are questions to begin your exploration of hearth and home. Be free and see where these questions take you.

Questions for Imbolc

Do I know how to make me the focus of my energy?
Does my fire burn for me?
Am I willing to go farther for myself at Imbolc than before?
How do I access love and compassion for myself?

The Sun is returning and all things that you need to know will be revealed, you can count on that. Research, ask, and receive information.  Anything listed below is suggestion or springboard, your true focus will come from within you. See these symbols as pieces that help you construct your own puzzle for Imbolc based on self love, self compassion, ritual, and being blessed by spirit.

 Imbolc Symbols

Imbolc Goddess - Kwan Yin


 Imbolc Stone - Rose Quartz



Imbolc Flower/Essence - Redwood



Thursday, January 21, 2016

Wish upon a Winter Wolf

Full Moon breaks
This Saturday at approximately 8:45pm EST we will enter the Full Moon in the sign of Leo.  In this darker, cooler weather I am sure we all want to snuggle up and be blah, but this Full Moon presents blessings and magic that we can not ignore.

What it is
In general a Full Moon is that time during the lunar cycle when you check in or it can also be that time when an apex of intention may be reached, whatever the case I want us all to take note of where we are at this very moment then we can proceed.

Well, well Wolf
This particular Full Moon falls in Leo and its ruling planet is the Sun. That great beacon of light and hope always finds a way to bring that ray right back to us. So be careful with what you wish for cause these days are super potent. And while we are on the subject of potency, take note that this Full Moon is often known as the Wolf Moon. That's right the Wolf Clan is bringing us lessons, cohesion and strategy over the next few days so be open, be intentional, and be ritualistic when possible.

Waters of Wolf
On my meditation on this Wolf Moon I was told to be still, be strategic, and know that I hold all the power that the Wolf Clan has for me. This full moon I stand in my power, feel its vastness, and allow its energy to fall all over me like a waterfall.  Winter time is one of my favorites mainly because I give and accept some much, here is something else for me to take in.

Welcome the ritual
I suggest that with this Wolf Full Moon you create a ritual for yourself that you can complete for the rest of the full moons in this calendar year. Keep it simple or expand and make it grandiose, the choice is truly yours.  Ritual can be a meditation, a song, elemental materials (incense, candle, water, earthen object), movement, a walk, a meal. Please be open to creating what will bring you centering and closer to your spiritual self.

Making it more
Below I thought I'd give us all a bit of the medicine that the Wolf Clan has for us. Please see these messages as a doorway that you will open to find these things or whatever is there for you once you cross that threshold.  Be brazen, be humble, be beautiful, like the Wolf!

Wolf Totem

Meaning - Intuition, Ritual, Spirit 


My rituals are sacred

Order and harmony are a part of my life

I honor my family and younger people

I use all that is available to me

My inner voice is at the center of my decisions


Saturday, January 9, 2016

Barriers may be blessings

Again it's new
In this Capricorn new moon time let us take time to pause, listen, and hear all the things that are for us.  New moon time is a starting point to see yourself with clear vision, hear purpose and then set intentions that can be focused on for the entire lunar cycle (around 28.5 days).

Work of a Goat
Capricorn, a sign that is symbolized as the Goat, Mountain Goat, and even Sea Goat, opens the door for much work to be done.  In the time of Capricorn you can cleanse your body and surroundings or zero in your energy on your Karma and even work to set limits and keep them. That's right I said limits. These limitations talked about below are not the negative kind.

Sublime Saturn
This time of year that belongs to Capricorn is ultimately under the domain of Saturn. Yes Saturn, that planet known for it's legendary rings, always has an extra kick, just wait.  Saturn represents the quintessential teacher so learning will be jumping out at us in all shapes and forms this cycle, don't even trip over this reality.

My prescription
This cycle for me is about replenishment so that I may move forward. So in practical language that may mean, quiet days, journal entries, lucid dreaming, and even just wonderful stillness. I am not pulling my head into my shell but rather setting limits and keeping them because my gain is for my best good.  Work and life will be a challenge during this cycle, but each moment I get to enter my stillness I will take it, lap it up, and hope for lessons at every turn. I know I have what it takes, we will see :)!

Design your destiny
Below are suggestions of how to begin your own discovery of what the new moon has for you.  I highly suggest you journal with what you want, how you progress and where you end up.  Most times what we think is less than what we are able to do in the end, but rarely do we document it for ourselves.  Do it this cycle.  A journal, a file, note cards to yourself, whatever method, chart your evolution.

Work in Capricorn Lunar Cycle

Lessons Through Experience


Ancestors and Legacies

Protection of Hearth and Home

Capricorn Lunar Cycle Concept - Limitation as a Gift


 Scarcity vs. Abundance

Messages are hidden in let downs

Limits are temporary

No to others is Yes to myself

Capricorn Lunar Cycle Herbs/Essences


Eucalyptus - Earth Element - Mental Focus

Morning Glory - Earth Element - Protection

Spruce - Earth Element - Strength

Capricorn Lunar Cycle Stone - Lapis Lazuli



Spiritual Journeying


Capricorn Lunar Cycle Affirmation

I am a conduit, a vessel, a link in the chain that is my ancestry,

In order to receive what is for me I must take periodic replenishment,

During this cycle I know I am worthy, I am able, I am valuable and I must see limitations as blessings and not barriers


Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Hail, hail, calling all yellow candles

Four times the charm
Today, already the planet Mercury is not flexing that retrograde muscle. Posted here are the dates for this first and the remaining three periods this year. Yup, I did say three more times.   Take in mind although the dates are posted on this page can fluctuate one day back or forward, think an extra week on each side just to be safe.  Forewarned is forearmed, although in a retrograde ducking and taking cover might not be a bad idea.

And what is retrograde
The planet mercury will go into a retrograde period four times this year and when this occurs the way the planet is supposed to move and what we see moving are different actions.  When this happens, all forms of communication are off kilter.  To say the least. snail mail, email, cell phone, home phone, speaking to others, speaking to yourself, and don't even think of signing a contract or wonder why negotiations are not going well...Listed below are a few ideas of do's and don'ts, but I suggest you also make sure own up.


Mercury has lessons for us
For me, a person who's ruling planet is Mercury, I hope to connect to this parent planet by solidifying my link with myself and others that are already around me.  I make note of these dates and await the gifts that Mercury bring.  Oh, and if you want get that yellow candle to burn for the planet Mercury. Hoping that you doing the same will glean some positively beautiful experiences.  Even as that God of Communication does his usual trickery, we will progress, just maybe not in the directions we initially plan.  Also be sure to notice the planets and remember retrogrades can be felt up to seven days before its onset and sometimes seven days after it goes direct.  Good Luck! We can do this!!!