Sunday, March 20, 2016

With just a small seed...

credit: Amanda Clark
Just the beginning
...Spring will begin. As this day begins in the Northern Hemisphere we have passed another milestone in this year. The Spring Equinox has come and so has many new opportunities.  Be sure to mark this day, not only for the seasonal shift that is occurring in nature around us, but more importantly the spiritual spring board that is here for us to keep evolving.

Oh so new
Spring, a season associated with color, the return of the Sun and many beginnings must always be acknowledged as a time for growth. For us personally this growth has to be from the inside out or else we miss the things that are truly for us.  During this time of the year purposely be outside more, notice the growth of flora and fauna and tap into that action of renewal. The regenerative force that is Spring does NOT happen by osmosis, we must be willing to accept the gifts this season has for us. Are you ready? Am I?

Working it out
This Spring for me is about actively building what I am to have in my life. In the past few months I have had many transitions and that has taken time to settle into it, but now that period is over. Before me lies all the tools, resources and others that I need, the missing part is me. The call has been given, I have heard it and answered. Work this Spring will be where I will dwell. No advertising, no selfies, no brainstorming. Plain and simple, work. And ya know what? I am so looking forward to it. Keep me focused y'all. And when you see me getting scared (as that has been known to happen) remind me this isn't that season!

Making it so
Take the time to think about what you want this season. Marking the beginning of a shift in energy is to your benefit. By saying to the spirit world I recognize the changes that are around me you open so much to you and others. Below are spiritual/guiding tools to use this Spring. They are sketches of a blueprint, please feel free to use them, not use them or spring board from them. Most importantly, be intentional about what you want this Spring. That intent will take you farther than you know.

Spring Animal Totem - Hippopotamus
Meaning - Power

Initiations & Apprenticeships

Let water heal and bless me

Begin a new life cycle

Immerse myself in art and healing

Spring Concept - Change



 Change begins with a small, small seed

Have fear of Change and do it anyway

Change can be discomfort

The unknown is a part of Change

Change is the only constant

Spring Mantra


Place on my path this Spring the power to see the change that is for me,

And with this Change I will challenge myself to evolve especiallly at times with it is NOT comfortable,

All the while knowing that the Change that I am forging at this time will bless me, those around me, and this planet


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"Happy Spring"