Thursday, July 7, 2016

Step back to move forward

The figuring of focus
In this time of warmer days and more sunlight (in the Northern Hemisphere) we have come to another lunar cycle.  This cycle is under the auspicious sign of Cancer and is now in its waxing phase. After figuring out your focus for this phase, get right to work.

Where we enter
This Cancer cycle may feel like a rollercoaster, full of ups and downs. Or, it may feel like a soft, nurturing space, full of comfort and confidence. It truly will be about us staking claim to where we want to enter and exist during this time.  With all of the challenges we see in our world this cycle can represent a moment where we take back our peace, our sanity, our humanity for the ruler of Cancer is the Moon.

She, the Moon
The Moon, although we see it almost every evening, we definitely DO NOT take advantage of its power as much as we should. The Moon, often times seen as a manifestation of the feminine, is one of our greatest resources. She teaches us about cycles, she shows us that emotions will come and go, but truly the Moon is the manifestation of the inner self that we rarely show the world. This cycle, see that inner self, make friends with that inner self, and appreciate that inner self. My only suggestion would be to just simply observe the inner self, do not judge or try to change. I think it wise to do all of these things as baby steps.

I know, I know
My journey this cycle is around heeding my intuition when things are not as I had planned. Whether it be an appointment, a new direction in life, or how my day was laid out I must flow, no matter what. This flowing will bring to me gifts and blessings that are unimagined. Now, of course there will be loose structure to what needs to be accomplished, but I have to trust like at no other time. So even when I post or don't post to this blog, I must trust my inner knowing.

Manifest it
Please utilize this wonderful gift the moon is giving us this cycle by being in Cancer. And most importantly, choose for yourself. How will you focus this cycle? Do you have something that needs inner reflection? Is there some aspect of yourself that needs a bit more time? These and many more can be explored during this lunar cycle. Below are basic blue prints for where or how to begin. Take them, use them, augment them!

Work in Cancer Lunar Cycle



Long Term Plans

Love Endeavors

Cancer Lunar Cycle Concept - Walk Away


Step away from my Ideas

Trust time away will propel me forward

Release endeavors to my Guides & watch them flourish 

Cancer Lunar Cycle Herbs/Essences


Hibiscus - Water Element - Divination

Lotus - Water Element - Spirituality

Sandalwood - Water Element - Wisdom

Cancer Lunar Cycle Stone - Moonstone


Vision and Dream Work

Psychic Understanding

Opens the Inner Journey

Cancer Lunar Cycle Affirmation

Ground me Mother Moon in knowing when it's time to step back, step aside or step away,

For these steps lead me closer to fruition of my goals and ultimate success,

I have no fear and I embrace my inner guidance confident that all roads lead to my greatest and best good