Saturday, October 22, 2016

Elementary My Dear

credit: wikipediacommons
And so we move
Although a bountiful moon captivates us in the sky, with a closer look at the moon you will realize that she is slowly but surely waning. We have presently made it to the waning moon time. And although there is much written and ritualized around the dark/full moons waning moon time does not have a much fanfare. So let's explore it together.

Why we wane
The full moon was about increased energy for intention achievement. Waning moon time is about moving even further in our intention which is centered on discarding and space making. Discarding isn't simply just throwing all things out, but more about figuring out what worked, what didn't work, and then permanently removing things from our lives we no longer need. Once all of these tasks have been done only then can we truly make space for all the goodness, gifts, and understandings that come along with any set intention.  This stage of the moon is the most important (as far as I am concerned) and I believe its the most forgotten. This waning time let's put that last piece of our puzzle together and see our intention set out during the new moon come to fruition.

Just let it go
My personal dictate is about daily recognizing the power I have access to when I discard and space
make in my life. Letting go is not easy for any of us including me, but what I know is that the more I embrace my power to release the more I receive and evolve. And you know what? Now I don't even worry about letting go I simply remember passed releases and see how that one action catapulted me onto the next. Sure I have trepidation, but I do it anyway.

Relax and release
As we settle more into this waning moon we must be reflective in order to release. Haste and pressure are not concepts that will assist. What will help is to draw on the strength, wisdom, and divinity of nature through the elements. Below is more information on elemental powers and how you can utilize them to create your release.

Waning Moon Concept - The Five Elements

Air - East Direction = Mental Clarity

Fire - South Direction = Passion

Water - West Direction = Change

Earth - North Direction = Wisdom

Spirit - Within Yourself  = Inner Self

credit: Pinterest

Symbols of The Elements

Air - Incense, Feather

Fire - Candles, Matches

Water - Water, Seashells

Earth - Stones, Flowers

Spirit - Paper, Journal

Elemental Meditation

Find time this waning moon to be still, build a sacred space, have near you things that represent the five elements and explore any, some, or all of the thoughts below.  The elements are here for all of us!

What is my element?

Find a one word a day to describe each element

How can I connect to the elements?

How do the elements increase my self-awareness