Saturday, July 19, 2008

Teach me, Teach me, Teach me

This seemingly quiet Full Moon is a pivotal time, whether we can see that or not, JUST KNOW IT. In these silences are such power, growth and development. Spoken like someone truly in the mist of all three of these factors. So, as we flow through our emotionally charged Cancer lunar cycle, we float towards the always beneficial sign of Capricorn during this full moon. Capricorn of course is a time to work on righting things in our lives through karma, cleansing, and perhaps breaking negative chains, but this sign is motivated by the great planet Saturn, who is a world all unto its self.

Saturn, our most devoted teacher stresses, efficient/productive work in our lives, no At this time things that need to be reigned in should be. Since Saturn is a time of teaching and learning, of course life lessons come right on in and take center stage in our lives. Listen, look, and learn them, cause honie chile if you don’t, you will be sure to see them again. Ask during this full moon time for revelations of those patterns/lessons that once turned around will propel you on to the next phase of who you are.

Personally, I made a commitment to be an “understander” of my cycle/rhythms during this lunar cycle, so at this full moon, yes, I ask for those patterns I find myself in time and time again to be brought right to my face and triumphed over. And like I can even deny them. All messages are pointing to these patterns from the insects I see, to cards I pull, to dreams I have, so I am thankful to have the ability to see them. Now, I must take up that courage that is so much a part of me (even when I feel vulnerable and exposed) and usher myself forward, right where I belong, only remembering this pattern circling as a faint dream. Shew!! Long winded, wasn’t expecting that, but yall know what it’s like when you get that epiphany.

So, here we are, what are your needs this full moon? Where are you in your work this lunar cycle? What patterns do you need to be revealed or removed? Go on, be honest and the more you reveal to yourself the more you are allowed to grow, ain’t that a grand course of events.

Check out areas of our lives that benefit from focus during the full to new moons:

Love, Attraction, Passion
Abundance and Prosperity
Blessing of Space
Courage of Heart
Inner Awakenings

Flower/Herb Essences



Full Moon Messages

With self-knowledge of strength comes triumph

Wisdom is within not without
I know what is for me to know

Breathe slowly and move forward
You are petals unfolding, beautifully

Sacred space is needed and necessary
Invoke sacredness in each step you take

Clear your soul now
Make room for something new and wonderful

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Mystery of the Mooning of the Moon

Well, another dawning of Mother Moon. Nothing but blessings are in store. This Cancer Lunar Cycle is a place of magic, mystery, and medicine. Look to this almost mid point in our lunar year as a gift from the Moon. That’s right there are just times in our lives when we are given boons, opportunities, and prosperity, just because. Now, this doesn’t mean that there won’t be work involved, but if any of you had the last lunar cycle like I had, work is something I am not afraid of. Focus on uplifting, reaching, attaining all those things that up until now, you may just have been apprehensive to try. Go got this and whatever you don’t have, guess who is right there behind you supporting you, THE MOON.

Now the reason I keep sending it back to the Moon is because capricious Cancer is ruled by not a planet, but rather the Moon. So yes, this lunar cycle the Moon will be dripping her divinely fabulous power upon us, if we are ready and waiting to accept. Cancer is a time for love, tenacity, and that emotive side of ourselves we try to hide. Be open, leap, head first, into a time when great strides can be made at becoming the evolved self that is waiting to take center stage in our lives.

My personal focus this cycle will be assimilating the cycles and rhythms that are me and the universe into my every moment's practice. Not just sort of recognizing something AFTER THE FACT, but rather walking right into a place knowing its a part of the cycle that is me. This way I empower myself to see beyond things that are occurring, not stopping on my journey for pieces that are necessary to the puzzle’s completing.

Below are realms the Moon may rule, think about what you want to concentrate on this especially powerful lunar cycle.

Work in the Moon

Inner Healing

Welfare of Children

Connection to Cycles

Casting off Illusions

Moon Herbs/Flower Essences



Water Lily

New Moon Messages

I inspire me
Being divine means self-care FIRST

Wavering is not an option
When I have intentions they are actualized
All aspects of me must focus on my goals

Receiving is active
Know the cycle of give and take

Leaping is true strength
Risk is an unfulfilled desire
Faith is an active attribute