Thursday, June 25, 2009

Mother Moon, May I....

Welcome again the time of Mother Moon. We are now enveloped in this Cancerian Lunar Cycle. What just peaked upon us earlier this week has already brought about such powerful wells of emotion, of all kinds. Do not take lightly the salient savory energy that we all have at our feet.

The Moon, which rules Cancer, is our mother, is the amalgamation of the feminine, is the holder of many truths for us. We, all of us, must strive to access that place of truth, of empowerment, of simply put, LOVE. Cancer time is for many things, but think about yielding long term rewards or supportive and nurturing love work. Moon time is not for the quick or the dirty. This time should be for steadfast, honest, inspiring works.

For this entire cycle I am putting me first and checking myself in every way possible, for I must take advantage of the healing for my internal that can be done at this time. So, might not be as "on the scene" as I usually am because I am taking time for me. And even in the mist of situations, I will take time, breathe, think about what I want and proceed from there. Rather than irrational explosions, I will allow that inner Moon Goddess to alert me to the next steps.

Now, what's your focus for this Cancer Lunar Cycle?

Work in the Moon

Inner Healing

Welfare of Children

Connection to cycles

Casting off illusions

Flower/Herb Essences for the Cancer Lunar Cycle



Water Lily

Cancer Lunar Cycle Animal Tote-Bat
Face fears and prepare for change

Even with transitions flight is possible

Listen to what is not being said

Cancer Lunar Messages

North Messages
All that I want is upon me
The universe delivers what I accept

South Message
Cleanse my mind

East Messages
Release my brightness
Success is my friend

West Messages
Love is me
Know that I can have all I desire

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Welcome Father Sun and Summertime!!!!

I hope you feel the energy shift that is occurring. We are at the seasons transition. We have left the newness, popping, and crispness of Spring. We are now headed straight towards the Sun and joys, gifts, and blessings that he will bring. The Summer Solstice is upon us, let us briefly concentrate on what it is and what an opportunity it can be for us all.

Technically, the Solstice is the longest day of the year when the time between sunrise and sunset is at its maximum. For those of us in the northern hemisphere this also represents the first day of summer, a time that is appropriate for purification, renewal of the self, a release of sadness, fears and pains from your life. Basically, we are blessed with a moment to renew.

Now, as beautiful a gift as the Solstice is, it will go unmarked, unimportant, and undefined if we let it pass with out taking a moment to stop, think about where we are, what we want and how we can harness this superbly solar energy.

Below are some domains that the SUN rules

Drive away Inner Darkness

Face Issues of Inner Uncertainty

Attraction, Renewal, Success

Use this extra light to bask in the sun, be happy, smile more, and just know that no matter what you may be experiencing at this very moment, the universe is handing you and all of us, a boon in the way of this solstice. DO NOT waste, minimize or squander this opportunity, this one only comes once during the lunar year.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

All that energy comes down to just me...

That intense feeling you have had that has been lingering is not a fluke nor is it anything to fear. It is the building and peaking of Mother Moon. We have come to the Full Moon phase again. And what a beautiful experience it should be for us all this time. As we make our way to the midpoint of this Gemini Lunar Cycle, we must pause to recognize the royalty, omnipotence, and force of this Sagittarius Full Moon. And since Jupiter rules Sagittarius, the regal theme is throughout this full moon. Know that balancing solutions, purification, abundance, and broadening our vision are all available to us at this very moment.

Another key point to take in mind when working at the Full Moon is the opportunity to invoke that Mother Archetype energy. Seek to work on things that develop that side of ourselves that is nurturing, powerful, giving, and receptive. All that we as people associate with the Mother figure, let that same energy be harvested in our thoughts, practices, acts, and understandings at this moment.

For me, this intense period will be centered around my understanding of purification, its role, its shape, and its presence in my life. As I continue on my quest for equanimity this lunar cycle, I want to see my purification path as one that at once challenges, grows, and soothes me. Normally those may be tall orders, but in this particular phase of the moon, all realities are possible for me.

Below are some domains that can be tapped during the Full Moon.

Work during the Full Moon

Love, Attraction, Passion

Abundance and Prosperity

Blessing of Space

Courage of Heart

Inner Awakenings

Herb/Flower Essences for Sagittarius Full Moon




Sagittarius Full Moon Messages

North Messages
My boundaries serve me and others equally

South Messages
Answers are always within
Be secure in my knowing
All situations need to be permeated and penetrated by my inner knowing

East Messages
Detoxification and cleansing moves me forward
Take the divine's hand and step steadily

West Messages
The journey is significant, beautiful, and necessary
Rush not the lessons