Thursday, December 10, 2009

Do it because there is love

This waning time finds us close to retrogrades (mercury and mars), a solstice, and the oncoming holiday seasons worldwide. So, what shall we do with all of this shifting? Well, with a Libra influence, which is Venus ruled, I say love it, love it all. That's right, take the good with the bad with indifferent. Mix it all up, throw away that which you do not need. Remember, waning time of the moon phase is for reflecting on what work has been done this cycle as well as releasing that which is no longer for us. And I must say, Venus type energy during releasing is a good omen. It does not mean that it will be all cute and cuddly, all day long, but it does set the stage for us to receive nurturing, support and an overall feeling of love during this process. We just have to be quick enough to tap that energy when in need.

As I skirt my way to the next new moon I am going to do all that I can to preserve my artistic vision. During those times when I am the most unsure of my art, its direction, and my role in it, I will sit still, know that Venus is love and say, YES IT IS. Without doubt my artistic path is there with purpose, I must walk it no matter how I feel at each moment. Having said all of this I know I am invoking in the universe a certain type of energy and I ask for your help in staying rooted in this fact.

Below are the Past, Present, and Future messages that were shared to focus on and around, during this Libran Waning Moon time.

Libra Waning Moon Messages

Past Message

Expand my idea of art

Present Message
Decide what I allow to permeate

Future Messages
Protection is always here
Move forward without hesitation

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Twoness twixing and turning

This full moon time in Scorpio should feel strong, vibrant, and full of energy. Now the kind of energy that may be surging is totally up to each one of us. Think of the full moon as a midpoint yes, but also a time of quiet constitution building. The colors of her lunar energy are strong and potent and often times we allow that excess of energy to thrust us into egoic and emotion driven fits of passion, pleasure, anger, jealousy, and the like, but I propose, we feel the great surge and breathe in its power to savor it for a time when we feel we have nothing left. It is then that we can benefit from this reserve of power we have built. Construct change, maybe, but things are different only when we say they are different, so say it's different and it is.

Now, I also want to recognize the Gemini sign that this Full Moon falls in, a sign that is quite dichotomous in nature. The surprise of never knowing which side of Gemini is the negative, but also the positive. There is balance to be made this Full Moon, let us grant it to ourselves. And please make no mistake, I am aware that this entire Scorpio cycle is ruled by energy that is strong, deep and often times submerging. Fit all things together, the power of the Full Moon, the beauty of the balance that Gemini can bring to us, and the wave of power Scorpio offers to us.

My personal pilgrimage from this Full Moon to the Winter Solstice is one of Blessing My Space; My Body, that is. I am seeking to transform what I think and how I respond to my body as a space that houses my soul. If I were to see her as a domicile or a structure, how would I clean, adorn, treat, and revere her. Only with this shift of thought will I move closer to some of my spiritual aspirations, which by the way are directly related to the treatment of my personal temple.

Full Moon areas to tap with this heightened energy

Full Moon Work

Love, Attraction, Passion


Blessing of Space

Courage of Heart

Inner Awakenings

Gemini Flower/Herb Essences
Anise-Harmony and Balance



Gemini Full Moon Messages

North Message
Art is waiting for me

South Messages
Meditate, then meditate some more
My questions and answers are in stillness

East Message
Do what I never thought I could

West Messages
Know my foundation
Explore my definition of independence