Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Brazen, bold, and blasting like a Badger?

Dear ones we are back again to the lunar time of Pisces, that luscious time when we have all kinds of opportunities for growth, expansion, and new directions. For Pisces, which is Neptune ruled beckons us to be the best we can, step up to the plate, and make that move to the evolved human and spirit that we all carry inside of us. Now, this will not be a walk in the park, let me just say that.

Since Pisces is Neptune ruled, we can all expect some of the highest highs and potentially some of the lowest lows. For Neptune is the King of revealing things that have been hidden. Not to mention an overall symbol of deep, dark waters. So, how to proceed? Well, proceed as we always do, one foot in front of the other, one breath after the other. Knowing this lunation will be challenging in ways we never expected is a heads up and having that warning should at least give a few more seconds to cope when things get turned upside down suddenly. And they will, believe me, they will. Accept our roles as evolving, karmic beings and know that what we get from the cycle can be like a slingshot, propelling us forward.

Personally I am trying to harness all of this illuminative energy and just move forward, full steam ahead in all that I am doing. I must remove and sever myself from things or people who are not for me, in the best way possible. I am setting hard deadlines for myself and sticking to them. This cycle for me is about knowing what is best for me, my path, my works, my love and then removing anything that is outside of those things. There is no turning back and I must move forward knowing that I have all that I need already, its a matter of recognizing this and acting accordingly.

So below are some of the realms of life that might be good to take on during this Pisces Moon time.

Inner Psyche




Pisces Cycle Animal Totem - Badger

Be willing to fight for what I want

Aggressive healing and self-healing

Grounded and centered in the removal of barriers

Herbs and Roots for healing


Flower/Herb Essences


Pisces Lunar Cycle Messages

Be open to tell others my story

I've got tools, now use them

To teach is to know

Use what has been given or risk loosing what has been given