Wednesday, October 26, 2011

This path of darkness is really lightness

I woke up this morning around 4am and try as I might, I could not get back to sleep. So, what did I do, I sat before my altar and heard these messages that I am typing at this very moment. Sometimes spirit is just that direct, glad I am listening and being obedient. This morning let us venture onto the path of the new moon that will peak in Scorpio, a Pluto ruled sign, in a few hours. Pluto represents many things for many people, but most of all Pluto stands as a reminder that yes, we can change. Now will that change be easy as apple pie, ahhhh NO! Will that change come through like a bright shining sunny day, well maybe but not at first. And lastly, will change always give a warm and fuzzy feeling inside, definitely not. For me Pluto means change is on my horizon, but it will cost and Pluto really tests me to see how much am I going to pay. Know what I say to that? I am worthy of paying a big price for transmutation and true life change.

So if I have spelled it out right we are on a hard edged place, but a place that is nonetheless available to us. Think of it this way, what great souls we must be in order that we are given these challenges, obstacles, barriers, and ultimately accomplishments. Our ability to surpass the darkness of ourselves leads to light unimaginable. So, I step forward and I hope you all step forward with me. Easiness may not be our friend at first, but we have a whole lunar cycle to get what we need so time is there for us. As the mountain flowers bloom in the winter, so shall we, but first we must undergo our deepest dive into ourselves. 1, 2, 3 DIVE!

As always my journey with you all is one I can take gladly because you all are with me. This lunar cycle I will pull on the Pluto energy, in particular, to be still in the darkness & stay longer than maybe I have in the past. And when I say darkness I truly just mean the unknown-the unknown environment, the unknown understanding, the unknown me. I have had many quick glances of my unknown self, now I want to know more.

Below is work that can be quite successful when done during a time when Pluto is prominent. Although our lunar cycle is in Scorpio, I say to us, let us know the power of Pluto and work within that source.

Work in Pluto




Scorpio Lunar Cycle Animal Totem-Black Panther
Concept-Embrace the Unknown

Darkness is a healing part of us that leads to ultimate Light

There is no need to figure out the future at this very moment

Release fears that are my personal shackles

Be still in my discomfort in order to experience great things that are for me

Allow myself to hear my truths in dreams

Herb/Flower Essences for Scorpio Lunar Cycle




Scorpio Lunar Cycle Affirmation

Words to keep in mind while resting, meditating, writing, or dreaming

As I enter darkness my inner light will always illuminate my way,

My fears are not welcomed on this portion of my journey,

Fearless dark walking is what I am doing and will take me where I need to be

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Dream the possible dream, you dreamer you....

Well on this auspiciously Autumn morn I want to bring a small token of thoughts, questions, and dictates to all of us. The moon, in her Waning Phase has just entered Gemini, which is ruled by none other than Mercury. Now this Waning time is best for ridding one's self of things we no longer need as we finish up this lunar cycle and prepare ourselves for the next cycle. So, this time is for endings, purgings, tying up loose ends, and being totally honest with ourselves about the "real deal" around certain situations. In essence, we are given one last stretch to really allow magic to happen in our lives.

What does all of this mean for us? I know some of you know who Mercury is and what power Mercury can wield. Keeping that in mind, also know that aside from being the ultimate Trickster, Mercury represents communication. Yes, that is right, our efforts to dialog, understand, transmit, and receive all may be in peril right now, but these things may also be on the upswing in our lives. Take this possibly stressful thought of miscommunication or noncommunication as a time to do something different and that is DREAM. Why yes, I said it. Our dream time also offers us communication with a part of ourselves we rarely reach on a waking level. Go the distance, take the leap, do the work. It is Autumn season, a time we work possibly harder than we do other times of the year, it's okay, it will pay off. Dream that dream you were afraid to dream, dream that dream that did not come true before, dream that dream that seemed impossible. No matter what you do, JUST DREAM!!!!!

Okay, so always willing to put my money where my mouth is, I too need this Dream mandate. I, just like you all, am susceptible to the curve balls and loops that life throws, I had to be reminded in a dream that DREAMS REALLY DO COME TRUE. But first I must believe. So my energy during this Waning Phase will be focused on understanding the power of my dreams and getting out of my own way and letting them unfold. Period!

I suggest, if you feel up to it, keep a dream journal by your bed, just for the remainder of this cycle (over the next 11 days), write down as much as you can remember. Then pull out the main things you remember, a person, a place, or even things, these are the motifs. Look the motifs up here and just see what you come up with. I must warn you its quite a revelation and can be habit forming, LOL.

Below are areas that we can make great strides in when the moon is moving through a sign that is Mercury ruled

Work in Mercury

Balancing an Imbalance

Journeying (spiritual/physical)


Waning Phase Herbs/Essences

Sweet Orange



Waning Messages & Meditations

Know my shadows and let them walk with me

Pay attention to all of my dreams, be it night or day

My life can be previewed in my dreams and manifested when I am awake