Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Contract or Release, what are you going to do?

Where are we now?

Although it seems like we were just at this place, we find ourselves here again. The dawning of yet another New Moon in this lunar year. Well 28.5 days can be so magical. Okay, let's get right to it. This cycle will be in Sagittarius a bold and brave fire sign that is often associated with determination, profit enhancing projects, and clarity. All of these attributes are great however they are just a scratch on the surface of the true power that can be invoked at this time of the year and that is by the planet Jupiter.

Coming across Kingly Jupiter...

Ruling planet for Sagittarius, Jupiter serves as the ultimate King archetype. And when I say King I mean it in the truest sense of the word, a ruler who is in service to all of us.  I suggest we see Jupiter as the Great Expander of our flexibility.  We have the opportunity to stretch ourselves farther so what are going to do-Contract or Release on into it.  I know releasing can be scary, but if we already know where we are and we may want to move further on our path, what have we got to lose and expanding during a Jupiter ruled New Moon is a "no-brainer".   So push our fears out of our heads, take in a deep fulfilling breath, and STRETCH IT OUT!!!!!

Take advantage of the Solar Eclipse

Before I forget, let me remind us all that right after the New Moon dawns, there will be a Solar Eclipse. When an eclipse occurs there is perfect alignment between the Sun, Moon, and Earth. In a solar eclipse the Moon falls in line between the Earth and the Sun and is a good time to focus on material circumstances such as financial prosperity, identity, or power. Eclipses are gateways for great change and it's a time to use energy to suit our purposes.  

Work in Jupiter  


Removal of Negativity 


Sagittarius Lunar Cycle Animal Totem-Fox 

Adaptability & Swiftness 

Recognize the patterns around me and learn to Predict 

Know what excites me and do just that 

Flower/Herb Essences for the Sagittarius Lunar Cycle 

Cinquefoil - Protection 

Maple - Money & Abundance 

Sage - Wisdom  


Sagittarius Lunar Cycle Affirmations 

Words to speak daily, intermittently or when needed

Fortify my flexibility this cycle in ways unknown to me,

When I am challenged kick my adaptability into action, 

Reveal the patterns of my life and all things around me so I am the best navigator of my path 

Monday, November 21, 2011

Thankful for this Harvest Retrograde

Feeling like emails are slow? Has your cell fone been acting a straight FOOL? Not to mention, have you been having a conversation and realized none of what you want is really coming out? Well that is because the planet Mercury is nearing its retrograde period. The official dates are Nov. 23 - Dec. 13 but some of us have felt the effects as early as Nov. 5th.

When Mercury retrogrades, all forms of communication are off kilter, to say the least. Snail mail, email, cell fone, home fone, speaking to others, speaking to yourself, and don't even think of signing a contract or wonder why negotiations are not going well. We can not put life off during the retrogrades, but forewarning will help ya navigate through it.

Some strategies are:

1) Have more patience, it will only help your stress levels

2) Take more time to work internally on yourself rather than pour out your energy on external things

3) Revisit some old relationships or folks from your past that you know truly have your interest at heart.

Basically focus on things that will not waver if the communication lines get muddled.

I personally see Mercury as that ever creative trickster that is out to have fun at my expense, but never intentionally mean spirited. I also wonder sometimes if mercury wasn't in retrograde would I take the time I need for myself.

So a retrograde so close to a holiday could be a challenge for us, but you know in advance so just prepare, sit back enjoy your folks, and LAUGH at all costs. Let me know how it goes, Happy Harvest Day!

Mercury in Retrograde 2012

Below are the upcoming Retrograde dates for 2012, just as a heads up, I will do my best to point them out in advance in the coming blog posts. The dates are the start date and end dates for each set.

Mer R Mar 11 2012 23:50 06°Ar48' R
Mer D Apr 4 2012 02:12 23°Pi52' D

Mer R Jul 14 2012 18:17 12°Le32' R
Mer D Aug 7 2012 21:41 01°Le26' D

Mer R Nov 6 2012 15:04 04°Sg18' R
Mer D Nov 26 2012 14:48 18°Sc11' D

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A spark of fire to fire US up!

So, where are we

So we come to that midpoint of a Lunar Cycle. Yep! We are at the Full Moon place yet again. For some of us this time has flown by like a supersonic jet, but for others of us its inched by like an old sea slug. Either way, we are here and we have such a beautiful moon up in the sky waiting for us to do good works over the next few days.

This Full Moon in Taurus

This particular Full Moon is in Taurus, that robust and grounded sign, but even more fascinating and to our benefit is the fact that Taurus is ruled by the Queen Supreme, Venus. Yes, this goddess of beauty, love, and prosperity is more than meets the eye. Take hold of Venus' spark of creativity and fertility to grow some untended part of yourself. Use the lovely and sensual aura that is available to turn all of that magical mojo right back on ourselves. So instead of looking for a love or get-rich-quick potion, how about we create some real, lasting self-centered, but also self-evolving energy for us and for the planet, which could use some good vibes these days.

Now Venus rules Taurus so

Not sure where to begin? Not sure how to begin? One thing that should be noted about Full Moon time in general is that spirit work of any type that you choose to do should be more ritualized. And folks, ritualized in a way that feels comfortable to you. So maybe you write out what you want and place it on a dresser, or maybe you speak daily what you want to manifest, or further still, maybe you write yourself a note and mail it yourself to be opened at the end of the entire cycle. Whatever creative and energized steps you need to take to make this self learning more real, do it! Hey, what have you got to lose?

Personally I want Venus to

My own work this Full Moon will be centered around my understanding of what love is, what love I think I have, what love I want, and where do I get in my own way of understanding love. Now, love for me is such a huge concept, but it also can be the smallest of impressions. So I am looking to balance that understanding and also how to pull on it when I need it. Summed up, I am ready to understand, know, give, and receive love on a different scale. Will let yall know how it goes at the New Moon in a few weeks.

And what about YOU

Listed below are just areas to think about exploring at this time. With the Venus ruled Full Moon you may have better results or find more to workable objectives. Try out these areas or any variation of them. As always I always love to hear how these things work for you, sometimes its just nice to know I am not talking to air, LOL!!!

Work in Venus

Manifesting Dreams

Inner Beauty & Joy


Breaking Unworthiness & Incapability

Herb/Essences for Taurus Full Moon

Lemon Verbena (Air) - Uplifting

Passion Flower - (Water) - Peace

Spearmint - (Air) - Transformation

Candle Power

During this Full Moon time it can be awesomely powerful to burn candles to cement that which you are working towards. Below is information on candles that can be associated with the properties of Venus, the ruler of Taurus. Find safe candles, burn them as long and as much as you like. Fire is a creation tool use it to ignite yourself towards your goals this Full Moon.


Passion on a Physical level

Love on a Spiritual & Emotional level


Expanding and Rejuvenating

Tapping Spiritual and Physical levels