Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Release in order to retain

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And...we're back
Those 28 and a half days have slipped by and we find ourselves at the new moon, once again.  When the moon is dark or new it's the best time during the cycle to begin to set intentions and build towards our own successes.

The lion defined
This cycle, the Leo lunar cycle, represents recognition of all kinds, our public self (known or branded), and the use of control in our lives.  No matter how important all of these are the bigger impact of this lunar cycle is that Leo is ruled by the Sun and that's no small act to follow.

Gifts of the Sun
The Sun, although usually associated with illumination, also makes way for healing, protection of the self, the use of divination in our lives, and that wonderful gift: renewal.  So, hope these concepts have sparked you to really give it your ALL this lunar cycle.

Cut for more to grow
For me, this cycle is about some much needed cord cutting and cords, until very recently, I didn't even know were there.  So for me it's about daily setting the intention to release the cord and replace it with more life affirming energy.  My prayer is that this daily ritual sticks and becomes part of my personal rituals.  A girl's got to start somewhere, LOL.

Focus in order to soar
What's it going to be? Below are the areas that can sky rocket during new moon time, I suggest you start (if you haven't) already making those efforts on your behalf and for your behalf.  The only thing we have is ourselves and for this kind of work, that's all we need.

Work in the New Moon

Rest & Reflect


Quiet Time

Clearing & Removal

Breaking with the Past

Leo Lunar Cycle Herbs/Flower Essences

credit: fantom-xp.com

Acacia - Meditation

Orange -  Love

Tuberose - Centering

Leo Lunar Cycle Affirmation

I ask the Sun to help me recognize all the things 
I no longer need,

Give me the courage to actively purge & release 
all I have moved beyond,

All of this I do with great joy for love, compassion, 
& happiness are my destiny 


Sunday, July 13, 2014

Full Moons of 2014

credit: Tarot.com
Looking to align with and name the remaining full moons of this year? Well pictured above is a great visual with the full moons named out for us by the month.  I must say thank you to Helen Viksnins for this image.

For those of us on the East Coast of the U.S. how appropriate to call the July full moon "Thunder" since we have seen a lot of that this month.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Fire finding in fullness

More is more
Alliteration aside.  There is much power upon us.  At approximately 10:24am this morning the moon went into fullness in Capricorn.  The really great news is that this full moon is considered a "Super Moon", meaning the moon is closer to us, appears to be larger and ultimately lays more lunar power at our feet.  Are you down to explore what more power can do? I am. We have hit that time of this Cancer lunar cycle known as Full Moon time and frankly it should be our peak.  Below are a set of questions to ask yourself during this time.  Just try them and be open to the answers. I am not suggesting you ask all of these at once, but at least take one or two to really think about over the next day or so.  

Full moon Questions
  1. Am I creating the life I want?
  2. Is my attraction of love, prosperity and long term goal achievement where it should be?
  3. Which archetype am I aligning with and why?
  4. Am I where I should be on my spirit path

Learn by teaching
credit. blog.smu.edu
This particular full moon is in Capricorn, the sign known for cleansing, limiting and most importantly karmic work.  But, all of these things are overshadowed by the ruling planet, fair Saturn.  Saturn, the ultimate Life Coach/ Teacher, gives us lessons in two ways: the easy way or the hard way (usually we choose unconsciously).  Let's try focusing on either or all of the following: getting ourselves together, ancestral connections, or the gateway to life and death.  So, yeah these are not the easiest things to think about, but they are some of the best things to focus on when Saturn reigns supreme.

So very close to making it
To bring this all home, I had a very "come to Goddess" moment with myself this afternoon while meditating for this blog post.  My focus this Super Full Moon is to get over the last hump with regards to true self acceptance. And I am not just talking about surface self acceptance, but rather that deeper, pervasive acceptance that says no matter what "I am okay" just as I am. This has been a battle most of my life but I am SO CLOSE to winning and I want to exert the extra power of the full moon to create that reality for myself.  And you? Take the affirmation below as a starting point.  Make the most of this magical full moon time.

Full Moon Affirmation

I must know what motivates, inspires, and sparks my being,
I will use the full moon to question my passion, self, and drive

If I am not satisfied with where I am in life I must
use the fire inside me to cleanse, burn and re-emerge a new self

If I struggle I'll tap into my ancestors by seeing them through the flame of fire where the messages live for me

credit: fineartamerica.com