Friday, October 31, 2014

Remove the veil

Today marks the day
Today marks two significant spiritual days.  During this, the Autumn season, our gratitude should be focused and articulated during the observances of Samhain (Gaelic) and Day of the Dead/Dia de Los Muertos (Mexican).  Although from different parts of the world and manifested in different ceremonies both are hinged on the exultation of our Ancestors.  If Ancestor Reverence is something new for you, hopefully this will provide some perspective.

Who are they
Ancestors are described by the dictionary as - a person, typically one more remote than a grandparent, from whom one is descended - I suggest we acknowledge ancestors beyond our DNA.  To me, Ancestors are anyone who has impacted our lives and made us strive to be a better self, a better wo/man, and a better member of the human family.  The lessons they taught us, the battles they waged on our behalf, the protection they so selfishly gave to us, and the sacrifices they made knowing they may not reap their rewards, these are our Ancestors.  So though memories of them could bring a tear to our eyes, let's see beyond that wall of emotion to see what gifts are waiting for us.

Take the next step
Below are messages that came from a meditation on ancestral reverence I did recently.  I boldly asked what path I should take this year and I am glad to share it with you all.  See these words as guidance towards your own understanding of your ancestors and the space they inhabit within your life.  I'm telling you, once you remove the veil and see the resource you have you may ask yourself why you waited so long to utilize the power :)

Ancestral Concept - See Beyond My Sight

Look past the Facade

The Truth is always there for me

Intuition is my greatest Ally

Step back to see clearly

Ideas to Connect to My Ancestors

Cook Ancestral/Traditional Foods
Food is an automatic trigger for place, time, person, and space. Bring about memories, lessons and understandings, through the food/time you spend thinking about that ancestor.

Look at old Photographs
Since a picture is worth a thousand words, look at your ancestors, see things in the photos you've never seen before. Or, see exactly what you saw before and maybe understand that image differently.

Talk with Others about My Ancestors
Don't be afraid to reach out to others who knew your Ancestors, whether they are related or not.  Ever heard the idiom "Talked You Up", it exists for a reason. 

Use Objects/Wear Clothing 
Often times the things our Ancestors used daily still hold many facets of them. Walk in their shoes, use their old wooden comb, or maybe read their favorite book. Their "stuff" still holds a small pieces of them.

Write Letters to My Ancestors
Though a dying art, writing is one of the most cathartic activities we have been blessed with as humans.  Write to an ancestor, let them know you are here.  You may be surprised at what happens next.  

Lastly, for all of us who have lost a loved one recently, I say Ase to the souls of the newest ancestors. They are with us, we just can't see them with us and that is the biggest challenge.



Sunday, October 12, 2014

The focus of Fall

Fall is here
As the days shorten and the nights grow longer all of us see the musings and machinations of Autumn.  I suggest we harbor this magical time of year that is like no other.  Although the sun shines brightly in summer, the sparseness of winter wonders, and the newness of spring is a spark, fall is a time of great harvest and therefore a space for us to leap forward more than any other time during our year, at least I think so :)

Resistance is futile
I have had some personal resistance to actually posting this time, but as usual great resistance is always due to a message that is so timely and needed.  So, to this fall I say to us all be open to the true harmony that is available.  Harmony? Balance? What am I speaking of, well, ponder on these following thoughts.

To be or not to be Harmony
Harmony has always seemed to me like that see saw fluctuation that could be swung in either direction at almost anytime.  I can't say I have been a real fan or a success at reaching it either.  I, like most of you, have felt like I was either doing too much or too little. Or perhaps you have had some major set back and thought, okay, after this it will all be good when I do ____.  Yeah, neither of these scenarios ever seem to equal harmony.  I could go on, but I think we all know what I am talking about.
True Harmony is...
After receiving this message back to back I realized spirit was speaking softly and starting to raise her voice.  So I acquiesced and began writing.  Harmony is a choice we make each and everyday.  At the core of Harmony is acceptance of self, at this exact moment.  Not tomorrow or when you are a certain size, or even when your bank account has a certain balance. Right now!  And when we embrace Harmony, truly and completely, we are taking many steps on our paths to greatness. 

There will be work
Now don't get it twisted, Harmony does require work and is an active concept, but for each of us that first baby step of saying "I am okay just as a I am" is huge. And just think if we possess this energy and go out into the world and spread it, what a difference we can make.  So, dust off that courage, love up on who you are, and spread those arms and hug (metaphorically and literally) yourself, cause that is what will truly bring Harmony actively into your daily life.

Tools for the journey
Below are just a few tools and entities to call upon during your walk this fall with Harmony, if you are moved to focus on other things, do just that.  I find it is helpful to have guides on any path we choose to take, these are the ones I will call upon, use this or others, but definitely give yourself signposts along the way.

Fall Animal Totem - Turtle
Concept - Mother Earth


Longevity and Grounding

My relationship with Time

Use my Head to redirect my Path

Attune to Opportunities

Acknowledge my Connection to all

Fall Goddess - Ostara 
Concept - Fertility


Lift myself with new intentions

Let the light into my Soul

Use flowers for Encouragement

Embrace power in my Inner & Outer worlds 

Begin Anew

Fall Affirmation

With self and guides I step on the path
and accept me just as I am
no change is necessary

The harmony I achieve drives me
to create a new beginning that
is full of positivity, light, and love

As I move this fall I know that
my success is destined, protected and totally 
up to me; I choose acceptance 
and so it is


Wednesday, October 1, 2014

When communication can be chaos

Fore warn is to fore arm right? A retrograde for the planet Mercury is upon us, our last of this year.  Please use this heads up in order to minimize the possible tail spin or should I say tail chasing that can ensue while the retrograde is strongest.

The planet mercury will goes into a retrograde period three times each year.  When this happens, all forms of communication are off kilter.  To say the least. snail mail, email, cell phone, home phone, speaking to others, speaking to yourself, and don't even think of signing a contract or wonder why negotiations are not going well. 


For me, a person who's ruling planet is Mercury, I can only hope that my connection to the planet links me in ways that allow me to embrace it's energy, albeit contrary sometimes.  I will mark these dates and heed it's presence in my calendar year.  Hoping that you doing the same will glean some positively beautiful experiences.  

The retrogrades this year are three times the opportunity to show ourselves, ya know what, we can do this.  Even as that God of Communication does his usual trickery, we can move forward, albeit at a totally different speed.  Take a look below at the days and times when the retrograde turns and when it goes direct again.  Also be sure to notice the planets and remember retrogrades can be felt up to seven days before its onset and sometimes seven days after it goes direct.  Good Luck! We can do this!!!

Turns Retrograde    ← Mercury travels between

→    Turns Direct
February 6, 2014
21:43 GMT
4:43 PM EST
1:43 PM PST

18°10' ↔ 3°20'
Aquarius Pisces
February 28, 2014
14:00 GMT
  9:00 AM EST
  6:00 AM PST
June 7, 2014
11:56 GMT
7:56 AM EDT
4:56 AM PDT

24°23' ↔ 3°10'
Gemini Cancer
July 1, 2014
12:50 GMT
  8:50 AM EDT
  5:50 AM PDT
October 4, 2014
17:02 GMT
1:02 PM EDT
10:02 AM PDT

16°46' ↔ 2°19'
Libra Scorpio
October 25, 2014
19:16 GMT
  3:16 PM EDT
12:16 PM PDT