Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The Sheep I rode in on

It's a Sheep
This evening marks a new beginning for us.  No, not just a new lunar cycle, but rather the start of a new Lunar Year.  We have 13 more new moons where we shall live our best lives.  This particular Lunar Year (the eighth sign of the Chinese Zodiac) has come to us as the
Year of the Green Wood Sheep.  More than just an image or a symbol, the Sheep sets the stage for us in fantastic ways.

What we get
The Sheep, an animal we think we know, has many traits that we can utilize this Lunar Year.  Dearest Sheep gives to us kindness and compassion, but do not go overboard and become too passive cause that is not a good use of its energy.  We will find it easier this Lunar Year to take the high road and rise above our challenges, rather than battle them.  Those fabled horns of the Sheep will amplify our imagination, but only if we possess clear vision and are willing to put forth the efforts to make things shine through.  This is a time of great leaps, not the thought of it, but the doing of it.  Sheep has shown us that we don't need much space to jump, just the determination.  And one last thought from the Sheep is to take part in groups or teams.   Collaboration will hold lots of manifestation for us, this is not the year to DO IT ON OUR OWN. 

Wooded blessings
Before I forget, the significance of the words Green and Wood mean that much of our focus will be on grounding and centering ourselves in a very Earth based space.   There will be stability, prosperity, nature, renewal and the ability for things to become evergreen in our lives, if we are open and willing to work towards it. Surely these are trajectories we can all use.

My map for the year
My Sheep magic will come in the form of staying my course on my spiritual and personal paths.  There are so many things that can come and breeze by me, but I must keep stepping, leaping when called for, and JUST DO IT.  No more talking, planning or assessing.  2015 is a year of definitive action for me.  Looking forward to it, but also knowing rest and renewal has to be couched in there as well.

Hear what's for you
Below is more information on this Lunar New Year and a starting point on developing your own path for this year. Take a few moments over the next 7-14 days to really hear from within the messages that the Sheep has for you. Feel free to comment here or email if you want to share.

Lunar Year Totem - Sheep

Seek New Beginnings

Sensitivity and Perseverance

Imagination and Inspiration

Take great Leaps

Act upon my Ideas

Lunar New Year Elements

Please use these objects and let them help you access the true blessings that are a part of your path this Lunar New Year.  If other things find their way into your process, allow it. Acknowledging the Lunar New Year is all about understanding your individual process.  Happy New Year!!!

  • Journal
  • Sacred Space (altar, ritual space)
  • Earth related objects (crystals, stones, leaves)
  • Sage/Rosemary smugdes or dried herbs to burn
  • Written intentions for the year
  • Green candles (all shades)
  • Spiritual tools or books that are helpful


Monday, February 9, 2015

So long, farewell...

A final good bye
As we enter the home stretch of this cycle, the waning phase, I want to put us all on notice that we are not just entering the waning phase, but we are entering the final waning phase of this lunar year. That's right, we have almost come to the end of these thirteen moons and soon (like next week) we will enter another lunar year. So, there's no time like the present to do some serious and necessary weeding in our lives and in our spirits.

Recipe for release
While researching the phase it occurred to me that even before we make any changes we have to 1) pull up what truly needs to be discarded, 2) destroy whatever comes up, 3) extract it totally, and 4) plant what we would like in it's place. If this sounds familiar that's because this is essentially what farmers do and some of their tasks will begin soon as well.  Be intentional about weeding and planting yourself during this ending phase.  Although the work we do at this time may not seem to yield results, please know that all magic at this time is potent and will be amplified by the fact that this is the last waning phase in this lunar year. Go head, plant your future now.

Truly see
My waning phase is about seeing what has already been released. There are times when I will not recognize the process because the steps are not overt or obtuse, well this waning phase is about discarding that kind of thinking. My energy has to be about noticing, especially the miniscule.  Good-bye to my non-believer.

Make it your own
Below are tools to help you begin your waning phase journey.  Take the message/s that resonate with you and build from there. Also try to create daily meditations or practices to reinforce what it is that you want to focus on during this phase.

Waning Moon Concept - Prayer & Abundance

All I have asked is Available

I must Believe I am Blessed

There is no Lack, only in my Mind

To be given, I must Ask

Are any Negative Roots Remaining

Waning Moon Affirmation

Open my eyes to the things I need to discard,

Help me to release and make way for the new,
I am grounded in knowing my work has high potency


Sunday, February 1, 2015

Blessings are being bestowed

Dream your dreams
As the sun grows brighter in the northern hemisphere and we eek our way out of winter time we get a fabulous reminder of why we are only part of a greater whole.  The idealist and dreamy time of Aquarius is now upon us and it's just in time to save us from our own dark depths.  For those of us who feel like making our dreams come true is an uphill battle that's part of a long road there is a gift and this gift is one simple - Blessing.

Blessings calling
Aquarius is ruled by the planet Uranus and we can take that originality and stability in chaos energy and focus it just how we want it. I say let's bring into our reality the notion that blessings have and continue to be bestowed upon. Blessings that are as small as a bird singing a beautiful song or a blessing as large as moving one step closer to a life goal.  Both are recognition that yes our guides are hearing, and yes they give to us, but more importantly yes, our thoughts, our prayers, our wishes have been heard. Now to know we are heard and to have the exact moment when it may manifest is not quite the same thing. Someplace in all of that we have to exercise patience, gratitude and just plain ole common sense.  All things in good time is stated often cause it's true.

Wave my wand
This particular cycle for me is often like having a magic wand. I think it, I build on it, then POOF it manifests, almost with me doing very little of the work or at least that's what it seems like this time of the year.  Since this is the last lunar cycle before the Lunar New Year I think my jubilance springs from a place of, YAH, I have made it and WOW, there is more to come. Mainly I believe I am able to look back and reflect on the last 12 lunar cycles and know I have evolved, I have loved, I have been loved, I have experienced, and hopefully I have made a difference in lives and in nature.

Prepare yourself
With just a few more weeks left in this Aquarius lunar cycle begin preparing yourself and taking stock of this lunar year you have lived.  Know your highs and your lows and all that is in between.  As you do all of this below are tools to help you with all of this.  Be bold, tell your narrative just as you want to.

Aquarius Cycle Concept - Blessings are Bestowed

My Prayers have been Answered

Celebrate and Show Gratitude

Am I Obtaining Peace and Harmony

Aquarius Cycle Flower/Herb Essences

Amber - Water Element - Happiness

Copal - Fire Element - Consecration

Lemongrass - Air  Element - Growth

Aquarius Cycle Affirmation

In this time of idealism I am displaying joyfully my blessings 
that spirit has bestowed upon me,

I have a knowing deep in my heart that happiness 
is designed just for my life,

With the love and graciousness of this time I am balancing my sight, my gratitude 
and my comfort with receiving all that is for me.