Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Don't have a Fall of follies

The planet mercury will go into a retrograde period tomorrow, September 17th.  A retrograde is when the planet is supposed to move and what we see moving are different actions.  When this happens, all forms of communication are off kilter.  To say the least. snail mail, email, cell phone, home phone, speaking to others, speaking to yourself, and don't even think of signing a contract or wonder why negotiations are not going well...

For me, a person who's ruling planet is Mercury, I can only hope that my connection to the planet links me in ways that allow me to embrace it's energy, albeit contrary sometimes.  I will mark these dates and heed it's presence.  This last retrograde of the year sits right up on the edge of the Fall season, meaning all of our harvesting and transitions could have the potential to go a bit helter skelter. My hope is that by knowing ahead of time it may glean some positively beautiful experiences.  

So if things seemed to be going oh so right, sit back, relax and let things ride over the next few weeks. Don't take things or people personally (especially yourself).  Most importantly remain open to the communication you have with yourself.  This relationship has the potential to grow at leaps and bounds during the retrograde.

Even as that God of Communication does his usual trickery, we can move forward, albeit at a totally different speed.  Take a look below at the days and times when the retrograde turns and when it goes direct again.  Also be sure to notice the planets and remember retrogrades can be felt up to seven days before its onset and sometimes seven days after it goes direct.  Good Luck! We can do this!!!

September 17, 2015
18:09 GMT
2:09 PM EDT
11:09 AM PDT
0°5' ↔ 15°55'
October 9, 2015
14:57 GMT
10:57 AM EDT
  7:57 AM PDT

Saturday, September 12, 2015

See the you that you are

She shines on Sunday
Welcome to your next chance to keep your growth going! On Sunday Sep. 13th at approx. 2:41am EST we enter our newest lunar cycle (new moon time) and it is in the zodiac sign of Virgo.  New moon time is a starting point to see yourself with clear vision, listen for purpose and then set intentions that can be focused on for the entire lunar cycle (around 28.5 days).

Set up for activity
This particular time of the year is always full of activity with schools beginning/returning, the change of seasons and not to mention in a few days Mercury will retrograde again (but let's discuss that more in another post). So set yourself up for success by thinking of how to utilize the power a Virgo lunar cycle brings to you.

Know the sign
Virgo, the actual mid point in the zodiac cosmology, is often represented as a young maiden. I suggest we remake Virgo to be that strong, independent, teenage self that most of us still carry around with us and that hard working, detailed oriented, gonna push through spirit that is associated with this sign will help immensely. If you subscribe to nothing else this cycle be committed, patient and open to seeing what spirit has for you to learn.

Be my own master
Wow! Where do I begin? I am grateful to see another Virgo lunar cycle which is my marker for another year of life and I can tell you being a woman born under the sign of Virgo can be quite a challenge, but I have settled into seeing the gifts this sign brings to me and subsequently the rest of the world.  Just yesterday the message descended upon me that it is time to stop apprentice-ing my life and begin Mastering it.  I have paid my dues and now I must step up, step out, and be the total, public, charged me that was meant for this lifetime. Yes, I am moving up and on, but most importantly I am getting closer to aligning the inside and outside me.

Chronicle your path
Below are thoughts, ideas and ways to contact your inner self. Make the connection, hear the messages, take action, and know you are loved throughout this process.  I highly suggest you journal with what you want, how you progress and where you end up.  Most times what we think is less than what we are able to do in the end, but rarely do we document it for ourselves.  Do it this cycle.  A journal, a file, note cards to yourself, whatever method, chart your evolution.

Work in Virgo


High Standards

Purpose's Precision

Building Foundations


Virgo Lunar Cycle Concept - Reflection


 Take a true look at myself

Observe all I see without judgement

Commit, be disciplined, stay focused

Looking will take time

Virgo Lunar Cycle Herbs/Essences


Anise - Air Element - Clairvoyance

Lavender - Air Element - Retention

Valerian - Earth Element - Balance

Virgo Cycle Stone - Turquoise

credit :

Earth and Sky connection



Virgo Lunar Cycle Affirmation

During this cycle I commit to taking time to truly see me without comment or question,

As I glaze upon myself I am open to all that I see and feel,

For this time will be a catalyst for great change, forward movement, and my continued evolution